12 Best Jogger Pants in 2018

Jogger pants are one of the biggest new trends to emerge over the past few years. They are fashion forward and practical, and you can wear them everywhere from the gym to a night out with your friends.

If this is your first time looking for joggers, finding the right pair may seem like a challenge. To help you out, we put together a straightforward guide to the best jogger pants on the market. We even include reviews of the five best designs around. Read on to learn more!

Top 12 Jogger Pants Comparison Chart

DesignNameColorsGenderRating (1-5)
  1. adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro 17 Pants 15 Men 4.6
  2. Champion Men’s Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant 4 Men 4.5
  3. ToBeInStyle Women’s Solid Print French Terry Jogger Pants 7 Women 4.4
  4. Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant 7 Men 4.3
  5. Victorious Mens Twill Jogger Pants 29 Men 4.2
6. Women’s Classic Soft Comfy Drawstring Jogger Pants S-3XL 34 Women 4.2
7. ToBeInStyle Women’s Heathered French Terry Jogger Pants 4 Women 4.1
8. JD Apparel Men’s Harem Twill Joggers Pants 38 Men 4.1
  9. Match Men’s Chino Jogger Pants 37 Men 4.1
  10. SweatyRocks Women Pants Colorblock Casual Tie Waist Yoga Jogger Pants 11 Women 4.1
  11. Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant 4 Women 4.0
  12. My Yuccie Women’s Lightweight Comfy Jogger Pants 13 Women 4.0

How to Choose the Perfect Jogger Pants

Finding the best joggers for your lifestyle is pretty simple once you have an idea of what questions to ask yourself while you shop. In this section, we will take you through the main things to consider as you figure out which pair is best for you.

Do You Plan to Exercise in Your Joggers?

Jogger pants originated as athletic gear, and for years they have been worn by professional soccer players during their warm up sessions. These days, joggers come in all sorts of fabrics that are suited for different uses. Before you start shopping, decide if you want to wear your joggers to the gym or sports matches:

  • If You Plan to Exercise in Your Joggers – Look for materials commonly used in athletic gear, such as cotton-spandex blends or polyester blends. These materials are soft and flexible, allowing you a full range of motion. Performance materials such as nylon will quickly wick sweat away, which is great for workout sessions.
  • If You Want to Wear Your Joggers as Day Wear – You can focus on fabrics with a higher degree of cotton. These joggers tend to be dressier and pair better with button downs and polos. You can even wear them to work if you have a casual dress code.

Are You Looking for Loungewear?

Not all jogger pants need to be worn in the gym or out and about. There are plenty comfortable enough to wear during a long weekend of relaxation at home.

If you want to wear your joggers as loungewear or pajamas, look out for the following design features:

  • Fleece – No material is better at conjuring up images of coziness. If you want to hunker down for a weekend of Netflix and chill, look for joggers made with fleece. Trust us – once you slip on a pair of fleece jogger pants, you won’t want to leave your couch for days.
  • Drawstring – Another key element of comfortable loungewear is a drawstring waist, rather than a heavily elasticized one. A drawstring will allow you to adjust the fit of your pants so they won’t dig into you after a big meal or if you’re sprawled out on the couch.

Are You Fashion Forward?

If you want to buy a pair of jogger pants to make a style statement, a pair of athletic pants won’t do the trick. Instead, keep your eyes peeled for joggers that come with design details such as the ones below:

  • Prints – A pair of joggers in a vivid color and unique print is guaranteed to set you apart from the pack. Marled fleece is a great way to venture into the territory of prints without going overboard. There are also plenty of styles in camouflage and other more neutral prints. If you feel really confident, go for a bright color like red or orange.
  • Drop Crotch – No silhouette is more modern than the drop crotch. It provides instant style cred. The waistline sits snugly at your hips, and the dropped gusset does the rest of the work. You’ll never have to walk around with your rear end hanging out of your pants to get the look you want.

Top 5 Best Jogger Pants Reviews

1. adidas Men’s Soccer Tiro 17 Pant

If you’re looking for the best jogger pants for athletes, it only makes sense to turn to the brand that really kicked off the trend – Adidas. Their Men’s Soccer Tiro 17 Pant is designed with soccer players in mind, but it’s appropriate for all types of wear.

These joggers have a classic fit that tapers along the length of the leg. The tapered silhouette allows you to sprint and dodge from side to side with the utmost agility. It also prevents any interference with dribbles, passes, and long-range kicks.

The climacool fabric, which is a blend of manmade performance fibers, is another selling point. The material is soft, comfortable, and flexible. You won’t find yourself overheating, even during a strenuous warm-up session.

The design of these jogging pants is definitely sporty. The famous Adidas triple stripes run the length of each thigh, and the Adidas logo is emblazoned on the front left thigh.

These jogger pants from Adidas are a great investment for anyone who wants a great pair of athletic wear. Get them in every color of the rainbow and work out in style.

2. Champion Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant

Another fantastic option in terms of athletic wear is the Powerblend Retro Fleece Jogger Pant from Champion.

These jogger pants are fabricated from a machine-washable blend of cotton and polyester. They have an elastic waistband that will stay in place as you work out.

Unlike the Adidas Tiro 17 pant which tapers all the way down the leg, these joggers look similar to retro sweatpants, all the way down to the cinched cuff. The difference is that the cut is much slimmer. You can easily run long distances in them without feeling chafed from an excecssive amount of baggy material.

These joggers are understated enough to be worn on the street as well as in the gym. They come in four wearable colors: black, navy, granite, and light gray. Try them in all four tones. We guarantee you will love them.

3. ToBeInStyle Solid Print French Terry Jogger Pant

Our top choice for females is the French Terry jogger pant from ToBeInStyle. Crafted from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex, these uber-comfortable pants are so cozy that you’ll want to wear them for lounging around the house as often as you wear them to the gym!

The silhouette of these pants is more refined than traditional sweatpants, thanks to their gentle taper down the length of the legs. They have an adjustable drawstring waist and elasticized cuffs to ensure a snug fit that isn’t too tight, regardless of your size.

These joggers come in an array of colors ranging from light pink to black. They are washable, so you can toss them into the machine as long as you take care to use cold water. If you want to preserve the pants as long as possible, you might want to consider hand washing them.

If you’re on the hunt for a pair of joggers that you can spend all weekend living in, you really can’t go wrong with this option from ToBeInStyle. Slip on your favorite cozy slippers, and you’ll be in business.

4. Southpole Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant

Southpole’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pant is a trendy option for fashion forward guys. These joggers can serve double duty, taking you from the gym to a casual night out. All you need to do is change up your shirt and shoes.

These joggers are made from 100% polyester, so they are comfortable and soft. The material stands up to a washing machine, which makes it easy to wear them in the gym and then out and about.

The best detail about these jogging pants is the color palette. The pants come in a marled print, which is both fashion forward and a life saver for covering stains. The print is applied across nine different color options, from gray to orange, so you can go as bold or as neutral as you like.

Two more great details that make these pants so stylish are the thick black drawstring waistband and matching elasticized ankle cuffs. They pair nicely with the marled print and add balance to the overall look.

Whether you want a new pair of workout pants or a great pair of fashion sweats, you’ll want to check out Southpole´s selection of Marled Jogger Pants. We think you’ll like what you see.

5. Victorious Twill Jogger Pant

The Victorious Twill Jogger Pant is a perfect choice for anyone looking to up their street-style game.

These pants are totally fashion forward, featuring a drop crotch that provides instant swag. The flat waistband and drawstring closure is also perfectly on trend.

The cotton spandex blend provides a perfect amount of drape and flexibility. You can wear these pants to school, out with friends, skateboarding, and even biking.

These pants follow the natural outline of your legs while leaving you room to breathe. They end in elasticized cuffs that sit perfectly over the top of your shoes. What better way to showcase your dopest pair of sneakers?

If you are into jogger pants that you can wear all year long, look no further than the Victorious Twill Jogger Pant. This style comes in over 30 colors and patterns, so your options are endless.