12 Best Jeans for Women in 2018

At one time or another, almost every woman has been on the hunt for the perfect jeans.

We all want to find a pair of jeans that’s the perfect balance of versatile, comfortable, affordable and sexy. Finding the perfect pair of jeans to fit our unique shape, size and needs is no laughing matter, however; most of us know that it can be a downright frustrating if not excruciating experience.

Most jeans are bound to be too short or long, too low-waisted (creating the dreaded “muffin-top”). They flatten the butt, are too expensive, too loose/tight in the wrong spots, or they bunch up at the waist.

You’re probably already are familiar with at least one of these!

We’ve created this guide for finding the best jeans for women to help you cut through the frustration of endless hours of fitting room frustration and long days of shopping. This list offers options for a range of body types, lifestyles and age ranges.

This guide will help you find the perfect jeans for your unique body type, budget and lifestyle. Here’s hoping it helps you find a fit that makes you feel fabulous!

 Top 12 Jeans for Women Comparison Chart

DesignNameCutBody TypeRating (1-5)
  1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women’s Skinny Jean  Skinny, mid-rise waist Any, curvy 4.6
  2. Eunina Women’s Relaxed Stretch Skinny Jeans Slight Distress Medium Blue Relaxed stretch skinny Any, curvy 4.5
  3. Style G208– Colombian Design, High Waist, Butt Lift Skinny, high waist (tummy control) Any, curvy 4.4
  4. Vibrant Women’s Classic High Waist Denim Skinny Jeans Skinny, high waist Any, slightly slimmer fit 4.4
  5. WallFlower Jeans Women’s Belted Luscious Curvy Boot Boot cut, mid riseAny,

athletic/lean frame, tall

6. NYDJ Women’s Marilyn Straight Jeans Slimmer fit, slightly higher waist Any, Mature women 4.3
7. Lee Women’s Easy Fit Frenchie Skinny Jean Slim fit, high waist Any, taller women 4.1
8. Lee Women’s Classic Fit Monroe Straight-Leg Jean Straight leg, high-rise Any, Mature women 4.1
  9. Calvin Klein Jeans Women’s Curvy Skinny Jean  Curvy skinny, mid Rise Curvy 4.1
  10. Wrangler Women’s Aura Instantly Slimming Jean Mid-rise, relaxed, boot cut Any, older women 4.0
  11. Curvify 764 Women’s Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans Skinny, high rise Any, curvy 4.0
  12. Levi’s Women’s 505 Straight-Leg Jean Relaxed fit, natural rise Any 3.9

How to Find the Perfect Jeans for Your Body Type

Finding the most flattering jeans for your shape and lifestyle is easier when you understand the types of factors that make for a good fit.

  • The Butt – If you are a little flatter in the behind or have an athletic or lean build and want to add some more curve, choose fitted jeans with back-pocket detailing rather than baggy jeans with a boyish cut. If you want to minimize your posterior and hips, go with a darker jean in a flare cut to balance out your bottom curves.

Tapered and skinny jeans tend to enhance hips and thighs.

  • Rise, Waist and Hip Measurements – Women with more hourglass shapes tend to find that their jeans “bunch” at the back of the waist. If you have a lower waist-to-hip ratio (a small waist and larger hips), you will probably want to jeans meant for curvy women (note that this is not the same as “plus size”).

A higher rise works on most curvier shapes, as it both flattens the tummy and minimizes the lower body.

  • Length – Have no fear, short and tall friends! Many brands come with tall, petite, short, or ankle-length options these days. Remember that it’s all about shape, though—capri pants might be shorter, but they are meant to sit on the hips and thighs in a certain way.

If you are petite, try to find jeans that are shaped to fit petite women. Likewise, tall women should be shopping for jeans that are specifically designed for taller frames.

  • Fabric – Most stretch jeans come in some blend that is about 75% – 98% cotton. The amount that they stretch out over time depends on the blend and weave. You should expect them to stretch out somewhat after several washings. The best way to avoid this is buying them slightly tighter and washing them in cool water and hanging to dry.

Most denim will lose its shape the more often it is in hot temperatures. Usually, you’ll pay premium prices for thicker, sturdier jeans, which may not seem as forgiving at first but are likely to last longer.

  • Wash – Many jeans come in an array of colors these days. Why not try something other than blue to liven up your wardrobe! Many jeans come in different colors and shades like Bordeaux, white and gray. Pastels are also very hot this season! Each of the different washes will probably fit slightly differently, so it’s good to note this if you are thinking of ordering some jeans in different colors.

In general, the darker a jean is, the more slimming it will be. Very dark blue and black jeans are usually good dressy options for all body types. Also, the darker the wash, the more likely the dye will be to rinse out, so be sure to wash them on their own the first few times. Wash them in cold water and hang to dry.

  • Cut – Straight cut, boot cut and skinny jeans in darker washes tend to be the most slimming options for most body types. Shorter women can add a little height with a boot cut and nice heel. If you’re looking for something a little less on the “skinny” side, these slim, straight leg jeans go the extra mile in creating a sleek silhouette without being uncomfortably tight. 

Top 5 Best Jeans for Women Reviews

1. Signature by Levi Strauss & Co Women’s Skinny Jean

If you are looking for an inexpensive and comfortable jean, Levis remains a classic go-to brand that is always very affordable.

Their signature skinny jean comes in a lighter and darker wash with distressed patterns. Levis carries a range of this style of skinny jean, including slim-cut, shaping, and curvy.

These are made of 77% Cotton, 21% Polyester and 2% Elastane, and their shape holds up for quite a long period. These offer a classic, versatile look and are quite slimming, specifically for those who are a little on the curvy side. The neutral look is great for dressing up for dressing down, and they’re thin and light, so they’re great for travel.

2. Eunina Women’s Relaxed Stretch Skinny Jeans

While it may seem like an oxymoron to name a jean “relaxed skinny,” we were pleasantly surprised to find a pair that truly fits this description. If you’re looking for something with a bit more of a relaxed fit and a cozy cotton feel, these are likely to fit the bill (and the butt) perfectly.

Made with 98% cotton, they offer a super soft feel with just the right amount of stretch to fit almost any body type perfectly without being overly tight. The fabric is medium-weight, with plenty of give to move around in but not so much that they bag out in the wrong spots.

Plus, the medium-wash, classic distressed look gives these jeans an urban edge that goes from day to night, plus the ankle-length works well for ladies with shorter frames.

3. Style G208 Colombian Design Skinny Jeans

Now, these are some super sexy booty-loving jeans! With just enough stretch (76% Cotton, 22% Polyester, 2% Spandex) and a few different washes to choose from, these tone, tighten and lift in just the right places.

There are four buttons at the high waist, which creates an excellent tummy control effect for those with a little muffin top or people with post-pregnancy pooches. Special stitching around the derriere gives you a nice little butt lift.

You can wear these with pretty much anything, but be warned that this particular style is the junior style, so you’ll want to order a size or two up. These are a super comfortable and versatile option for those women who can’t wait to show off those glorious curves.

4. Vibrant Women’s Classic High Waist Denim

Finally, a pair of high-waist jeans with an actual high waist that don’t fit like “mom” jeans! Here’s a proper stretchy tight jean that actually holds it all in.

These jeans come in a beautiful dark wash, a lighter one as well as a vibrant blue that could be a fabulous addition to your spring or summer wardrobe. These are super affordable jeans that offer wonderful coverage around the waist, hips, and thighs. The higher waist is fantastic for ladies who are worried about a little extra pooch.

Try them with a tunic, a blazer or a cozy sweater – they’ll look good pretty much any which way. They do fit quite tightly so you may want to order one size up.

5. WallFlower Belted Luscious Curvy Boot Cut Jeans

Here’s a pair of affordable, classic boot cut jeans built for almost any body type. If you’re a little on the less-curvy and tall side and love how a little flare creates a little more curve on a boyish body, you should definitely try these jeans on for size.

The detailing on the back pockets does wonders for enhancing a flatter booty, and the length and cut are great for wearing with heels to show off those long legs, plus they work well with belts.

Cute and comfortable with just the right amount of stretch, these are the perfect weekend or anytime jeans that hold their fit through the day. We also love that they come in a range of different washes, so be sure to take a look through them all and find the one that you love the best.  

Final Thoughts

Finding the best jeans for women has always been a little tricky, but thank goodness there are a huge range of affordable options to choose from these days, with plenty of options for those with a little extra curve!