12 Best Induction Cooktops in 2018

Everyone has a preference when it comes to the cooktop, but if you have already tried gas and electric without much success, then perhaps it is time to give the induction cooktop a try.

Induction cooktops are electric, but the technology beneath the glass surface is much different from that on a regular electric cooking surface.

Wondering which manufacturers offer the best induction cooktop units and how to go about choosing one? Continue reading, and our experts will show you how in this helpful guide.

Top 12 Induction Cooktops Ultimate Table

DesignName# of BurnersTypeRating (1-5)
  1. GE PHP900SMSS Profile 30″ Stainless Steel Electric Induction Cooktop 5 30-inch Fixed 4.7
  2. Bosch NIT8666UC 800 36″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop 5 36-inch Fixed 4.5
  3. NuWave PIC Pro Highest Powered Induction Cooktop 1 Portable 4.3
  4. Secura 8100MC 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner 1 Portable 4.3
  5. Frigidaire FGIC3067MB 30″ Induction Cooktop 4 30-inch Fixed 4.1
6. True Induction MD-2B Mini Duo Portable Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop 2 Portable
Side by Side
7. Max Burton 6200 Maxi-Matic Deluxe 1800-Watt Induction Cooktop 1 Portable 4.1
8. Rosewill RHAI-13001 1800W Induction Cooker Cooktop 1 Portable 4.1
  9. True Induction TI-2C Cooktop 2 Portable
Side by Side
  10. GE PHP9030DJBB Profile 30″ Black Electric Induction Cooktop 4 30-inch Fixed 3.9
  11. Inducto Dual Induction Cooktop Counter Top Burner 2 Portable
Side by Side
  12. Cuisinart ICT-60 Double Induction Cooktop 2 Portable
Side by Side

How Does Induction Technology Work?

The main appeal of induction cooktops is how quickly they can heat things. Pots of water have never boiled so quickly!

Unlike regular electric burners, induction cooktops use electromagnetism to heat a pot or pan.

Under the glass cooktop, there is an electromagnetic coil. When you turn on the burner, an electric current passes through this coil and creates a fluctuating magnetic field. Bring a pot or pan on the surface and that magnetic field will cause the electric current to flow through the pan.

The cooktop itself generates no heat; it is generated once the current flows through the pan, so in simple terms, the pan is the one creating all of the heat!

The result is that pans heat more quickly and your cooking time is significantly reduced.

One thing that first-time users will notice is that some induction cooktops “hum” softly when turned on. It isn’t loud, but it does take some getting used to if you have never used this type of cooking surface before.

Induction Cooktop Sizes

When searching for the best induction cooktop, most consumers think of the fixed units that you can install directly on a countertop. There are also portable units with one or multiple burners.

Which one do you need?

  • Fixed – Fixed units usually come in 30-inch or 36-inch widths. They are ideal for islands or in kitchens where the stove is not located directly under the cooktop.

The 30-inch cooktops usually have four burners while the 36-inch units have five; if you love to cook and have space, we recommend the 36-inch cooktop.

  • Portable – Some portable units feature a single burner while others have two burners.

Those with two can either be situated side by side or vertically, which is something to take into consideration as you shop.

Is your countertop deep enough to accommodate a vertical unit or wide enough to rest a cooktop with two side by side burners?

Features You Might Appreciate

Many prefer induction cooktops because they heat pots and pans so quickly and because they are safer than traditional cooking surfaces. The fact that the induction elements only flow in the cookware means that the heat is concentrated there rather than surrounding surfaces, so it is less likely for users to burn themselves while using one.

Most have a child safety lock feature that will prevent the unit from being accidentally turned on as well as a pan presence sensor; this will allow the surface to heat only if a pan is sitting on the burner.

Be Sure to Use the Proper Pans

Not all pots and pans are suitable for use on an induction cooktop, so avoid a catastrophe by making sure you have the proper cookware.

  • Induction-Safe Materials – Include cast iron and pots with a magnetic stainless steel base.
  • NEVER Use – Glass pots, ceramic pots or pots with an all-aluminum base on an induction cooktop.

Top 5 Best Induction Cooktop Reviews

1. GE 30-inch Induction Cooktop – PHP900SMSS

GE is one of the leading brands when it comes to full-sized induction cooktops, and this model is one of their most popular.

It features four burners, including two that have a 7-inch diameter, one with an 11-inch diameter for wider pots and pans, and one with a 6-inch diameter. They also programmed a child lock feature and a pan presence sensor so that burners will only begin to heat when they sense the weight of a pot or pan on top.

The measurements are approximately 29 ¾ inches wide by 21 3/8 inches deep. It is the perfect unit to install on a kitchen island or a wide countertop. It runs on a 40-amp circuit, so make sure that your current wiring will accommodate this unit.

Using it is very straightforward and simple. When you turn a burner on, it automatically goes to the medium heat setting 5, and you can adjust it up or down in half increments.

If you have experience with induction cooking and would like a quality cooktop in your kitchen, opt for this one from GE.

2. Bosch 36-inch Induction Cooktop – NIT8666UC

If you need something a little larger with an extra burner, then consider Bosch’s 36-inch induction cooktop.

They designed it with two 7-inch burners, one 9½-inch burner, one 6-inch burner and one 9-inch burner. It is also a 40-amp unit just like the GE model.

The features are quite similar, including a child lock system that will prevent it from being turned on by accident and it will lock the temperature settings if you are cooking on it in case some little fingers reach up to press the buttons. The pan sensor feature also understands when you have a pot on the burner and when you leave small utensils by accident, so it will not turn on if there is a fork or a spoon accidentally left on it.

One thing that we really appreciated was the type of glass that Bosch used. It has a slight texture to it, so it doesn’t scratch as easily as some other glass surfaces we have used.

While it is noticeably more expensive than the 30-inch GE model, it is probably the best induction cooktop on our list in terms of quality and performance.

3. NuWave PIC Pro Induction Cooktop

Do you prefer a small, portable unit that you can bring out when you need an extra cooking surface? If so, go with the NuWave PIC Pro Induction Cooktop.

They designed it to function as a 7-inch burner or a 12-inch burner, so you are really getting two burners in one. You can simmer sauces in a smaller pan or boil water in a larger stock pot if need be.

Rather than fixed induction cooktops that have a number system to indicate the heat level, this one features actual temperature readings. You can regulate them in increments of 5 degrees, and it will reach a maximum temperature of 575°F! They also programmed it so you can read the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

We have tried quite a few single burners, and this is by far the best one. It is a bit more expensive, but worth the investment if you will be using it regularly.

4. Duxtop Secura 8100MC Induction Cooktop

Those who are new to induction cooking and would like to try an entry-level model will find the Secura to be a “secure” purchase.

The minimum temperature is 140°F, and the maximum is 460°F with a total of 10 different temperature settings. While this doesn’t allow you to achieve as precise of temperatures as the NuWave, it is enough for basic cooking.

The built-in timer is handy, as is the pan detection feature that will automatically turn the burner off after 60 seconds if no pan is present.

It is a basic model that packs a punch. We find it to be especially useful for users on the go or when you want to boil water or other liquids in less time rather than relying on your regular cooktop.

5. Frigidaire 30-inch Induction Cooktop – FGIC3067MB

Frigidaire’s 30-inch model is the least expensive of the fixed models in our top five.

It has four burners, including a 7-inch, 6-inch, 10-inch and 8-inch sizes and runs on a 40-amp circuit.

All in all, it functions just like any other cooktop; however, in this price range, the quality is mediocre. Consider it an entry-level fixed cooktop if you can’t spring for the high-end models that perform well in the long run.

This unit works well, but it does seem to experience more mechanical issues than the other two fixed units we tried, and the risk of technician costs seems to be much higher with it.

Would we still recommend it? Yes, but just don’t expect all of the bells and whistles that the other units have. There is no child safety lock feature and no pan sensor feature.

Final Thoughts About Induction Cooktops

Many who try induction cookware for the first time rave about how wonderful it is. We went a step beyond that by considering the features and overall quality of each product when reviewing them to help you determine which one will suit your needs.

Fixed units that offer the pan sensor and child safety features are ideal if you want something permanent for your kitchen counter, and portable units are great when you have limited cooking spacing or need to cook on the go.

GE is a top contender in the fixed units, and NuWave is by far the best portable induction cooktop that we tried.

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