12 Best Hybrid Bikes in 2018

Hybrid bicycles are not necessarily new, but something that can easily become confusing to customers looking to purchase a new bike.

Before we talk about what to look for, you will want to understand that the term is used very loosely. Hybrid can mean several different things depending on the manufacturer in charge of the bike.

Some are “hybrid” in a sense they offer mechanical assistance in the form of electric or gas power, but that is not exactly what we are shooting for with this particular list.

Others refer to bicycles that can fold for extra portability or come in odd form factors. Well, we are not going to travel those roads either as the best hybrid bikes on our list are ones that will give you a great ride on city streets, dirt roads, and even grass.

Like all bikes, some are going to excel in certain areas and fail miserably in others. Finding the right hybrid to suit your riding habits is no easy feat, even when the options are a bit sparse. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best hybrids around for both men and women.

Top 12 Hybrid Bikes Table

DesignNameMen’s or Women’sMultiple Colors?Rating (1-5)
  1. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bicycle Women Yes 4.8
  2. sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men’s 26-Inch 7-Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle Men No 4.7
  3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike 24 Speed Shimano Disc Brakes Men No 4.5
  4. Schwinn Capitol Women’s Hybrid Bicycle 700c Wheel Women Yes 4.4
  5. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Vital 2 Complete Hybrid Bike Women No 4.2
6. Ancheer 27.5 inch 21 Speed Hybrid Bike Men Seeker Mountain Bike Men Yes 4.2
7. Critical Cycles Beaumont-7 Seven Speed Lady’s Urban City Commuter Bike Women Yes 4.1
8. Diamondback Bicycles Insight 2 Complete Hybrid Bike Men No 4.1
  9. Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike Women No 4.1
  10. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women’s Clarity 1 Complete Performance Hybrid Bike Women No 4.0
  11. Schwinn Men’s Siro Hybrid Bicycle 700c Wheel, Medium Frame Size Black Men No 3.8
  12. Northwoods Springdale Women’s 21-Speed Hybrid Bicycle Women No 3.8

Hybrid Buyers Guide

The best hybrids all have one thing in common; they can be ridden in various types of terrain. The Frame, tires and other components come into play as well, but let’s first consider where you plan to ride your new bike.

Road Bike or Mountain Bike?

You don’t have to settle for one or the other with a hybrid. The bikes on our list are built to give you an awesome ride on almost any surface with the exclusion of snow and sand. They do have tires and accessories for those however if you want to get wild. As with most products, some bikes will perform better than others in key areas, which means there are a few things you want to consider when looking for the best hybrid bike including where you plan to ride.

All the bikes on our list will travel well on the street and are great for casual rides. If you feel like you are going to be off-road more than on, then you will want something with a few more gears. Some offer only 7-speeds while hybrids that lean more towards the mountain bike side will have 21-speeds.

  • Frame – Step-through frames are made for both men and women. They offer a classic style and a bike with a low-slung frame that is easy to mount and dismount. While comfortable, they are a perfect fit for casual rides or even taking on trails if it has a strong frame and the right handlebars. They have also been used in various professions for years and are still favored by bike messengers and others that want to keep things casual on any terrain.

There are also variations of the step-through frame. Some models have a dual top tube that runs all the way back to the rear axle for added stability; this is referred to as “diamond frame” geometry and is stronger than single tube models. Hybrid versions of the straight frame with a lower top tube are also quite common with hybrid bikes.

All of the bikes on our list will use an Aluminum frame or some exotic alloy to make them light and strong, but the way they are constructed can make a major difference.

  • Tires – Tire size is important and “700C” is a term you will see quite often with hybrids, which is the size of the tire included with the bike. That size is ideal for many conditions, but not for everyone as it all comes down to you in the end. Most of the bikes will also come with semi-slick tires or all-around wheels that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Depending on where you plan to ride, you may want to have a set of backup tires on hand in case you do not dig the stock ones. In most cases, they will be just fine but riders in areas with heavy rain would want a different tire, and the same can be said for those that prefer trails to sidewalks. The all-purpose moniker does not always live up to its title.

  • Extras – Due to the construction and tubes of some hybrid road bikes, you may have to do without a few accessories. Your favorite water bottle may be a bit too low on a step-through or those shiny mudguards may not be your cup of tea. Some bikes come with racks and guards built-in, and while they can usually be removed, it is something to keep in mind beforehand. On the flip side, installing aftermarket parts can be a pain on some models so check the bike you like against any accessories you simply can’t stand to live without.

5 Best Hybrid Bikes Reviews

1. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Step-through Hybrid Bike

If you are in the market for a hybrid bike that has plenty of style and will provide a comfortable ride on any terrain, you will want to check out the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney bike for Women. This model is very similar to the one geared for men but with one huge difference. It is a true “step-through” bike with the classic frame and all the dressings. It will catch some attention on the street, and step-through models are often quicker to dismount and easier to ride if you are a bit older.

While built for ladies, you will get the same components as the boys. In this case, that means a Shimano 7-speed internal hub, 26” wheels and 2” semi-slick tires. Staying true to the style, this model comes with fenders, a back rack, and dual front hand brakes. It is an amazing hybrid bike for beginners and is available in Teal, Navy, and Cream.

2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7-speed Hybrid Bicycle

The men’s version of the Sixthreezero EVRYjourney 7 is not as colorful as the ladies version but will give you the same smooth experience on the road. It also does not have the same step-through frame although its tube is lower than a traditional straight frame. The chain guard, rack, fenders, and handlebars all basically remain the same, but you will get a smooth matte finish on this blacked out hybrid bike.

This 7-speed bike is made to ride just as easy on the sidewalks as the trail with semi-slick tires that are wider than normal. It sports the “upright” riding position as well and an extra-wide cruiser saddle seat which ensures a nice ride.

It may be a bit more expensive than some of the other hybrids on our list, but it is well-made and worth the investment if you’re serious about the quality of your bicycle.

3. Vilano Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Road Bike

The hybrid umbrella covers a lot of ground including this mixed breed bike from Vilano. The Diverse 3.0 Performance Hybrid Bike is a step up from our first two entries, and you will be able to zip down the streets quickly with 24-speeds and a Shimano EF 51 3/8 speed shifter. That company takes care of the derailleurs on the front and back as well with their Tourney TX series components.

As you will be able to pedal with more power, you will also want to be able to stop on a dime. The Vilano Diverse has responsive disc brakes which ensure those big 700c Kenda tires will quickly come to a halt. Other top-tier features include an upright handlebar and a strong 6061 Aluminum hybrid frame and fork. This model is only available in Black but in two different sizes with 53cm and 57cm.

4. Schwinn Capitol Hybrid Bicycle 700c

Schwinn is by far one of the most recognizable names on our best hybrid bikes list. Their Capitol Hybrid Bike for women also features the retro step-through frame, but in a more exaggerated style. The frame on this one drops down lower than any of the other models, and the handlebars are of the swept-back variety. They adjust but may take some getting used to depending on how you are used to riding.

As it is geared for a woman, the Capitol is smaller with a 16” profile but still sturdy thanks to its Aluminum Comfort Fit geometry frame. It is also faster than most models with a 21-speed Shimano EZ-Fire shifter and a Shimano rear derailleur to help you slide through those gears. The braking system is solid as well thanks to alloy linear pull brakes. The Schwinn Capitol Hybrid will arrive with 700c wheels and is available in Lavender and Purple.

5. Diamondback Bicycles Vital 2 Complete Hybrid

Diamondback has a bike built for almost anyone including consumers looking for the best hybrid bicycles. This beauty is very similar in style to the Capitol with a low frame although the bars are closer together on the Vital 2 Complete. It will be extremely durable and a joy to ride thanks to its upright design and suspension which offers up 63mm of travel.

As mentioned, the Diamondback Vital 2 is sturdy and will ride just as good on a trail as it will on the street. If you take the former route, you will be thankful for the DB Kraton grips which act as mini shocks for your wrists and shoulders. The 21-speed drivetrain will keep you rolling across all types of terrain with a bit of help from the Kenda tires and double tunnel aluminum rims. The Vital 2 is available in two sizes with 15” and 17” model.