12 Best Heated Jackets in 2018

As technology has gotten better, it has found ways to creep into our daily lives in interesting ways. That includes clothing, as you can find plenty of high-tech garments and footwear these days. That includes heated jackets, a nice alternative to regular coats on a blustery winter day.

Jackets with heaters inside may sound dangerous, but the modern versions are quite safe as long as you care for them properly and follow the directions on the tag. When it comes to style, even the best heated jacket money can buy won’t measure up to a designer brand off the rack although we found styles that should suit everyone’s needs regardless of gender or age.

Top 12 Heated Jackets Comparison Chart

DesignNameHoodedBattery LifeRating (1-5)
  1. Milwaukee Jacket KIT M12 12V Lithium-Ion Heated Front and Back Heat Zones All Sizes and Colors No 6 hours 4.5
  2. ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket Kit Yes 8 hours 4.4
  3. Cordless Heated Jacket Carbon Fiber Electric Heating Clothing Male Jacket Thermal Clothing No 7 hours 4.4
  4. ORORO Women’s Slim-Fit Wireless Heated Jacket Kit Yes 9 hours 4.4
  5. DEWALT DCHJ061C1-M 20V/12V MAX Black Hooded Heated Jacket Kit Yes 7.5 hours 4.1
6. ORORO Cordless Heated Hoodie Kit with Battery Pack Yes 8 hours 4.1
7. Bosch PSJ120M-102 Men’s 12-volt Max Lithium-Ion Soft Shell Heated Jacket Kit No 6 hours 3.9
8. Makita DCJ200ZXL 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Heated Jacket No 28 hours 3.8
  9. PROsmart HJ-27-50 Men’s Cordless 12Volt Battery Powered Heated Hooded Jacket Kit Yes 12 hours 3.8
  10. VentureHeat Battery Heated Base Layer Top No 5 hours 3.7
  11. Duran 5v/2a(power Bank) Heated Hoodie Yes 8 hours 3.7
  12. Volt Women’s Cracow Heated Jacket No 2-4 hours 3.4

Multi-Purpose of Just for Warmth?

Are you looking for a jacket to suit a particular purpose or do you just need to stay warm colder weather? That’s the most important factor when choosing the best heated jacket aside from the battery life and style. Many of the options on the market come from tool manufacturers, which is great if you want matching gear but will not work for everyone as some don’t come with batteries.

Another drawback to certain styles would be the battery size, and we’re not talking about its runtime. Jackets made to work with your tool sets often have large batteries, which may be uncomfortable in the jacket depending on the size and your build. There are also “base layer” alternatives, which are thinner and worn under regular clothing, hoodies or regular heavy jackets.

Battery Type and Lifespan

Have your eye set on a jacket style? Well, check and see what kind of battery it comes with first or if it comes with one at all. Again, tool set jackets may or may not come with a battery but will work with juice boxes from the companies kits. Others choose to keep things more compact by using power banks, which can also work to charge up other gadgets including cell phones in some cases.

Obviously, if you’re looking for a heated jacket, it needs to keep you warm. All of our picks will do just that, but some last longer than others. If you are outside for a full shift, you will need a battery that can go all day, or you may have to charge back up at lunch time. Pay very close attention to those charging times and the overall run time of the battery if you work on a job site with limited access to electricity.

Heat Zones and Extras

Almost every jacket on our list will have something called “heat zones” which is the area of the jacket that exudes warmth. Where those zone lie varies slightly from model to model, but there’s always one in the back and usually two up front for the chest. Higher-quality jackets also allow you to control the heat, so just like a heating pad; you may have options for low, medium and high.

When it comes to extras on heated jackets, there are a few things to look for. Vests can be an attractive choice for workers, and while we didn’t choose any heated ones, some of our options have zip out sleeves. That’s a major perk as are jackets with battery life indicators. When you’re working outdoors or doing construction, your mind needs to be on the task at hand, not on your battery life.

Top 5 Best Heated Jackets Reviews

1. Milwaukee Electric Tool M12 Heated Jacket Kit

Milwaukee has been cranking out hand tools and other equipment for decades, and they are no stranger to the cordless game. They are responsible for one of the better looking tool-based options on our list as well with the Milwaukee Tool M12 Heated Jacket.

This jacket has the style of a fleece but sans the stretchy elastic cuffs and waistband. The bottom has a loose fit which is great when you’re doing manual labor, and you’ll get Velcro straps to secure the cuffs. You will also get more heating zones that you’ll find on other jackets with one across the top of the back and four in the front for full coverage.

The battery pocket is located in the back, and the jacket is washable and safe in the dryer – just follow the instructions. Other perks with this one include a nifty battery indicator on the chest and a USB port so you can charge up your phone.

The Milwaukee Electric Tool M12 jacket comes complete with both a charger and an 18-volt battery which provides up to 6 hours of juice on blustery days. It’s available five different colors sized from a small all the way up to a 3X-Large.

2. ORORO Men’s Soft Shell Heated Jacket

This sleek, soft shell coat doesn’t look like it’s heated and is one of a handful that could be worn casually as well. That’s due to the style considering it looks like an ordinary hoodie although this jacket has a hidden heater inside.

Plan on being outdoors on a rainy day? Well, this is a great option for those types of conditions as this soft shell jacket is made to get the rain out to a degree. It’s water-resistant, not waterproof and that hood detaches in case it warms up outside, or you want to go a little more casual. The usual three heating zones are present with a battery life rated at around 8 hours depending on the heat level you choose. The battery doubles as a charger for other small mobile devices as well.

We love the overall style of this heated coat and the fact you can zip off the hood on a whim. The high neck is another advantage for windy weather although it has fixed sleeves so it cannot transform into a vest. ORORO’s jacket is only available in black size medium through XXL.

3. Knap Cordless Carbon Fiber Heated Jacket

Knap’s heated jacket is one of the simplest on our list when it comes to functionality which made it an easy choice for the best heated jacket. It has a small, but capable battery pack that slides inside and provides three levels of heat to keep you warm. Unfortunately, the sizes are limited with this coat, which rules it out for consumers with smaller frames.

This jacket is perfect for outdoor use whether you’re busy on the job site or just taking a leisurely walk at the park with a four legged friend. That’s due to the 4400mAh battery in the pocket, which is listed at 7.4-volts and provides 7 hours of relief from chilly conditions outdoors. There is a three-way temperature setting to go along with three heating zones as well with two in the chest area and one across the back. The jacket itself is far from unattractive although it’s not the type of jacket that will stand out in a crowd.

Knap’s heated coat is made from polyester and can be washed and dried as long as you yank the battery out first. As mentioned, the sizing is limited with this jacket as you can only get it in a large, XL or XXL and you cannot charge phones with this one despite its size.

4. ORORO Women’s Slim-Fit Heated Jacket Kit

Our second coat from ORORO looks just as sweet as the first, except this one is geared towards ladies. That means you’ll still get protection from the elements including light rain and wind, and not have to worry about awkward sizing.

Want to stay comfortable in colder climates? This jacket has you covered, and while it doesn’t have as many heated areas as the Milwaukee jacket, the three regions it does have will suffice for most. It’s also durable due to the overall construction and the fact it has carbon fiber elements inside the lining. In other words, you don’t have to take special care when washing although you can’t pop it in the dryer and it’s advised to use a laundry bag as well.

The battery life will get you a couple of hours on the highest setting but improves significantly on lower settings with 6 – 8 hours.

Ladies that need to stay cozy will want to seriously consider this coat. It performs just as you’d expect, which is smashingly and sits just a little below the waistline. The ORORO Women’s Slim Fit Heated Jacket is ready to winter and comes in three sizes with small, medium and large.

5. DEWALT 20V/12V MAX Hooded Heated Jacket

This jacket is going to get some compliments on the job site, and not necessarily for its looks. While the DEWALT MAX Hooded Heated Jacket is far from bad looking, the name brand says it all with this one, and it may even work with your matching DEWALT tools.

DEWALT’s heated jacket has a twill exterior that works well to keep water away although it’s far from waterproof. As the name implies, it’s built to work with both 12V and 20V MAX batteries from the company and comes with the DCB201 20-volt battery and charger out of the box. The juice box slides into an inner pocket and can be turned on with a stealthy button near the top of the shoulder. It can preheat as well, handy for days when you don’t want to climb out of the truck and into the cold air. The usual heating zones are present with the back pad set lower than most.

It may not have come in first, but trust us when we say this a very warm jacket to wear outdoors – even without the heater. The bonus is the fact it works with the slim line 20V batteries from DEWALT, which can give you around 7 – 8 hours per charge. This black jacket is available from a small to XXXL so there is truly a size for everyone.