12 Best Headbands in 2017

Headbands are great for adding a bit of color to your wardrobe, as well as for an easy way to hold your hair out of your face.

As with practically anything else in the market though, headbands come in a huge variety of colors, materials, and styles. In order to help you choose out of the absolute best headbands for you, we’ve compiled a list of our 12 favorites.

Check out the list below to be well on your way to buying that new headband

Top 12 Headbands Table

DesignNameSizeStyleRating (1-5)
  1. Hipsy Women’s Adjustable Cute Fashion Headband Hairband Multi Gift Pack Adjustable size Variety pack 4.5
  2. Original Buff Headwear Stretchy, one size fits mostTube headband 4.5
  3. Kenz Laurenz Cotton, Soft and Stretchy Elastic Yoga Fashion Headband for Women Stretchy, one size fits most Tube headband 4.5
  4. A&S Creavention Cat Ear Cosplay headband fair accessories Not stretchy, one size fits most Hard headband with teeth 4.4
  5. Sparkling Rhinestone and Dots Wide Elastic Headband Stretchy, one size fits most Tube headband 4.4
  6. Headwear – 16-in-1 Headband to Protect You from the Sun Stretchy, one size fits most Tube headband 4.4
  7. QING OUTDOOR Premium Double Dry Headwear Sweat Wicking Headbands Stretchy, one size fits most Tube headband 4.3
  8. Topwedding Rhinestone Wedding Tiara Headband Bridal Tiara Crown Prom Pageant Headpieces with Pendant Not stretchy, one size fits most Hard headband with holes to place bobby pins to secure it 4.3
  9. Ever Fairy Women Elastic Turban Head Wrap Headband Twisted Hair Band Stretchy, one size fits most Turban headband 4.3
  10. Mens Headband – Guys Sweatband & Sports Headband for Running Stretchy, one size fits most Tube headband 4.3
  11. ELAN – Headband for Women Material, Sweat Wicking, Best Looking Head Band for Fashion Stretchy, one size fits most Turban headband 4.2
  12. Scunci Effortless Beauty Skinny Plastic Headbands Not stretchy, one size fits most Hard headband with teeth to secure it 3.9

Important Details

As you look through the headbands, there are a couple details you should keep in mind as you search so you can decide on the absolute best headbands for you out of the options.

  • Material – The material of the headband can greatly effect how well it fits you. If the material is a stretchy type, it’s likely to fit well to the shape and size of your head without causing you any pain.

If the material is hard and unbending it may end up either being too tight and hurting you, or too loose and sliding off. Hard headbands can still work quite well, but you need to keep in mind your own personal preferences and scalp sensitivities.

  • Sizing – This leads us into sizing. Most headbands are one size fits most. However, some are adjustable.

If you have scalp sensitivities or if your head is a bit smaller or larger than the average head, it may well benefit you to choose a headband that is adjustable in size or at least is stretchy to accommodate your head.

  • Style – Also, pay attention to the style of headband. Not only does the type of style it is affect how it looks, but it also affects how it fits and what it is typically used for. We’ll go into different headband styles in more depth below.
  • Color and Pattern – Similar to the style, it’s also important to pay attention the color and pattern of the different headbands you’re considering. When you’re wearing something on your head for everyone to see, you want to be sure to like how it looks!

Understanding Headband Styles

Although headbands are all similar in that they are all some sort of band that goes around your head, the different types of headbands do differ enough to warrant making sure you carefully choose the right type to fit your preferences.

  • Tube Headbands – Tube headbands are exactly what they sound like. They are an unbroken circle (or tube) of material made to slip over your head.

These are excellent for keeping hair out of your face and are often made with a stretchy cloth material. Some of the most comfortable headbands are made in the tube style. They are almost always one size fits all.

  • Turban Headband – Turban headbands are very similar to tube headbands. The difference is that turban headbands have some sort of a knot or twist in the middle of the band. This usually is just for appearances, however, at times turban headbands are adjustable by letting you tie the knot to make it tighter or looser.

Usually though, the knot is just for looks and cannot be untied to adjust. Usually these headbands are also made with a stretchy cloth material, similar to tube headbands.

  • Hard Headband with Bobby Pins – Hard headbands are, obviously, hard and not made with the soft stretchy material of tube or turban headbands. This type of hard headband is secured with bobby pins. It has a small hole at the end of each side of the headband, making it possible to slip a pin into each hole to secure the band.

With these you need to make sure you either have your own bobby pins or check to see if it comes with pins already. This type is usually quite decorative and won’t likely do much to hold back your hair.

  • Hard Headband with Teeth – Similar to the previous headband, this is another hard type. However, Hard Headbands with teeth do a bit more than the preceding headband to hold back your hair. Also, the teeth in the headband make it easier to keep the band in place than if you had to secure it with bobby pins.

Top 5 Best Headbands Reviews

1. Hipsy Women’s Adjustable Cute Fashion Headband

If you want new headbands, this is an excellent choice! It’s a pack of several different options including both tube and hard headbands. The hard bands in this pack are a bit different than normal in that they don’t need bobby pins or have teeth, instead the have an adjustable part to make them secure. They have textured velvet back where the teeth generally would be.

They come in several different colors and patterns and are hand washable.

They are high quality and a beautiful choice! Their nonslip grip and adjustable fit make them a comfortable, headache free way to keep the hair out of your face and to add a bit of excitement to your wardrobe.

2. Original Buff Headwear

This next choice is a tube headband. It is extremely comfortable, made with soft microfiber polyester that is both gentle on skin and durable for outdoor use. It comes in over forty different colors and patterns so you’ll be sure to find one (or several!) options that fit your fancy.

The headband’s material is breathable, wicks moisture, and dries quickly. You can hand wash it quickly and have it dry again in no time.

You can even use it as a last minute sleeping aid if you’re ever wanting to nap when it’s still light out. Just pull it down over your eyes and sleep all you want!

3. Kenz Laurenz Fashion Headband

This option is another tube headband. It’s made out of a comfortable cotton band. This particular product is a pack of 12 black headbands, however they also have some of the same exact style in different colors

One idea with a pack this large is to customize them if you have need of headbands for a sports team. You can use heat to transfer vinyl over the black background. Or, keep them all to yourself to update your wardrobe! They are very versatile, comfortable, and don’t slip out of place.

Whether you’re wanting to keep your hair out of your face while you’re exercising, or you’re wanting a bit of something new for some of your outfits, this is an excellent quality choice.

4. A&S Creavention Cat Ear Cosplay Headband

This is by far the most unique item we have listed in this guide! If you want kitty ears to add to your wardrobe, this is the choice for you. This headband is a standard hard headband that is kept in place by teeth, topped with cat ears made from artificial fur and decorated with bells and bows.

It’s cute, comfortable, and a sure way to stand out! If you prefer the headband with just the ears and not the added bows and bells, you can easily snip them off with a pair of scissors without damaging the ears. With or without the ribbons and bells, these ears are an adorable way to perk up your style!

5. Sparkling Rhinestone and Dots Headband

This final choice is a tube headband studded with sparkling rhinestone gems. This particular one is brown, but it also comes in black, white, tan, pink, blue, red, and purple. The material used to make the headband is cotton and spandex, giving it an easy “one size fits most” fit. The band is quite wide, and can easily keep your hair out of your face.

One thing to be careful about with this option is that the rhinestones can fall off at times when it is washed. Just be sure to wash it very gently by hand if you do so.

Overall, another beautiful, comfortable choice!

Final Thoughts

There were plenty of great headbands we looked at but only you can determine which is truly the best one!

If you’re looking for something practical to keep the hair out of your face, then the Qing Outdoor headbands or the Kenz Laurenz headbands are an excellent choice.

Those of you who want to add an dash of glam to your hairstyle might prefer the Hipsy headbands and if you happen to be in need of something for a costume, then the A&S cat ear headband is rather fun!

Our guide gives you a thorough look at some of the top products and provides you with all of the info you need in order to choose the right one for you.