12 Best Hawaiian Shirts in 2018

Whether you are preparing to go on holiday, or like to add some color to your wardrobe while at home, Hawaiian shirts can be the way to go.

Fortunately, you do not have to be in Hawaii to wear the shirt, though it would be a nice thought.

Many people find loose fitting Hawaiian shirts one of the most comfortable items to wear, and knowing what qualities to consider will help you to obtain the right one.

Though the shirts – also known as Aloha shirts – originated in Hawaii, it does not mean that it is not possible to get the best Hawaiian shirts will help you to ensure that you get the right one.

Top 12 Hawaiian Shirts Comparison Table

DesignNameMaterialLargest SizeRating (1-5)
  1. La Leela Hawaiian Print Mens Aloha Beach Shirt Synthetic 4X 4.7
  2. La Leela SURFERS Hawaiian Miami Beach Button Up Camp SMART Fine Shirt Orange L Synthetic 3X 4.6
  3. Pacific Legend Parrots Beach Border Hawaiian Shirt Cotton X Large 4.5
  4. Green River 3XL, Green, Black, XXX-Large, Johari West Cotton 3X Tall 4.5
  6. Jungle Parrots Men’s Hawaiian Shirts Red L Cotton 4X Large 4.4
  7. Geometric Forest Cotton 3X Tall 4.4
  8. Pacific Legend Men’s Elegant Tropical White Wedding Hawaiian Shirt White 2X Cotton 4X 4.4
  9. Pacific Legend Tropical Floral Hibiscus and Plumeria Hawaiian Shirt (M, Blue) Cotton 4X Large 4.3
  10. Pacific Legend Flamingos Hawaiian Shirt Cotton 4X 4.3
  11. Pacific Legend Men’s Hibiscus & Palm Hawaiian Shirt Cotton 4X Large 4.3
  12. SSLR Men’s Flower Buttondown Short Sleeve Shirt Cotton 2X Large 4.1

Qualities of Good Hawaiian Shirts

  • Loose Fitting – The essence of a Hawaiian shirt is that it is loose fitting, so in addition to considering the size on the label, it is worthwhile taking the time to try it on to ensure that the size is right.
  • Material – The material from which a Hawaiian shirt is made will dictate whether your skin is able to breathe and how beneficial it is for certain environments, such as in warm weather. Some materials are also easier to take care of than others. As some materials can mimic the qualities of cotton, it is worth checking the label before making a purchase.
  • Components – A traditional Hawaiian shirt will have a fold down collar, a button down front, short sleeves, and a straight hem, as it is designed to be left loose rather than tucked in. Many will comprise a breast pocket, or buttons that are made from natural materials, such as wood or coconut shell.
  • Color – Hawaiian shirts can often be found in bright, vibrant colors, though the variety available means that there will also be shirts available in more muted colors.
  • Pattern – A Hawaiian shirt has a distinctive pattern that will mark it out as such, which originates from traditional patterns. However, there are also Hawaiian shirts available with patterns that are reminiscent of a tropical island even though they may not be traditional.

How to Choose a Hawaiian Shirt

Start by thinking about how distinctive you want to be and whether you want to stand out. Traditionally, Hawaiian shirts are worn as an alternative to a formal shirt and tie, which can be inappropriate in hot weather. In this case, loud colors may not be the best option.

For example, if you require a Hawaiian shirt for a smart casual look at a traditional wedding, bright colors with a tropical theme may not be appropriate.

Make sure that you consider whether the style of the shirt is appropriate to the occasion.

However, if you want Hawaiian shirts to wear on holiday, you are more likely to have free reign on the style.

A Hawaiian shirt is usually required for wearing in hot weather, which will mean that a breathable material will allow you to feel more comfortable. Though many Hawaiian shirts are made from cotton, there are examples that are made from synthetic material so this needs to be checked.

Though Hawaiian shirts can be considered to be unisex, the women’s version actually has a deeper V-neck than the typical neckline.

Top 4 Best Hawaiian Shirts Reviews

1. La Leela Shirt Likre 999 R_Blue

This man’s La Leela Miami Hawaiian shirt has the appearance of one that many would consider typical of a Hawaiian shirt. Its design comprises bright colors and a copyrighted image of an idyllic Miami beach scene.

The background color graduates downwards and leaves the scene in silhouette to create a striking image that makes for a shirt that stands out.

This shirt has all the components you would expect to find in a Hawaiian shirt, such as a pointed collar, full front buttons, and a left breast pocket.

The La Leela Miami Hawaiian shirt is made from a synthetic material that is soft on the skin and easy to take care of. It does not require any special treatment for laundering as it is machine washable and did not wrinkle after being hung up following a cool cycle.

It designed to be a loose fit and has side vents.

The La Leela Men’s Miami Hawaiian shirt is ideal for men who want to stand out and look stylish.

2. La Leela Shirt Likre 999 Orange

The La Leela Surfers Hawaiian shirt has a design that is made for people who like something a little unique and do not mind attention.

This is due to the fact that the colors are vibrant and the design begs for closer inspection due to the detail in it.

There are several colors that make up the design, but they complement each other well and form the backdrop for a silhouetted scene of a beach, complete with an enviable surf and people.

It is cut true to size to allow for a relaxed fit and has a traditional straight hem so it is designed to be left hanging loose.

The synthetic material is soft and very lightweight so it is comfortable to wear in sunny conditions, though it is not sheer.

The La Leela Surfers Hawaiian shirt is for those who like to look bright and stylish.

3. Pacific Legend Parrots Beach

The Pacific Legend Parrots Beach Border Hawaiian shirt is made well as it comprises a fairly detailed design that contains many different elements, which could easily have gone wrong if not dealt with properly.

However, it has been done so well that the image presented is eye catching and is not disrupted by the buttons along the front, which is made from coconut shell.

The design creates a situation where the main color is blue, from the sky and the sea, but there is a range of other colors from the parrots, flowers, and foliage decorating the hem.

It is made from poplin cotton, which is akin to the canvas, so it is light and ideal for holidays when only light clothing is required.

The Pacific Legend Parrots Beach Border Hawaiian shirt is ideal for those who want a shirt that is like a picture postcard.

4. Green River Batik Shirt by Johari West

The Johari West Green River Hawaiian shirt is cut on a traditional basis, so it has a straight hem and side vents. It also has a basic breast pocket and short sleeves.

The collar is sharp and it buttons all the way to the top.

The swirled green design is hand printed and the buttons work well with the color of the material so that they blend in.

It is made from 100% cotton, so it is not only easy to wear, but it is easy to wash and dry.

The Johari West Green River is one of the best Hawaiian shirts as it provides a stylish, tailored look with a casual touch.