12 Best Garment Bags in 2017

In all honesty, airline travel is not one of the most comfortable experiences, especially for your belongings. Bags are tossed around everywhere, get stuffed in cramped places and can turn your traveling into an absolute nightmare.

This may also happen if you commute short distances and you need to store your clothes. The wrong garment bag may just make your clothes get smelly, wrinkly, and an overall professional disaster.

The best garment bag will be able to withstand all of this torture, ensuring that you go from point A to point B without wrinkling your clothes.

This guide will show you how to choose them depending on your personal preferences.

Top 12 Garment Bags Comparison

DesignNameTypeMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Mercury Luggage Executive Series Tri-Fold Garment Bag Duffel Polyester 4.6
  2. WallyBags 40 Inch Garment Bag Traditional Polyester 4.4
  3. New Breathable 54″ Suit/Dress Black Garment Bag by BAGS FOR LESS Traditional Polypropylene 4.3
  4. Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag Duffel Polyester 4.3
  5. Samsonite Luggage Lift Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag Rolling Nylon 4.2
  6. Hangerworld Black Breathable 60″ Suit or Dress Garment Bag Traditional Traditional 4.2
  7. Travel Bag – Suit Traditional Nylon 4.2
  8. World Traveler 40 Inch Hanging Garment Bag Traditional Polyester 4.1
  9. Samsonite Silhouette Sphere 2 Softside Deluxe Voyager Garment Bag Rolling Nylon 4.1
  10. 39″ Business Garment Bag Cover for Suits and Dresses Clothing Foldable w PocketsTraditionalPolyester 4.1
  11. Travel Select Amsterdam Business Rolling Garment Bag Traditional Polyester 4.1
  12. Olympia Deluxe Garment Bag Traditional Polyester 4.0

How to Find a Great Garment Bag

You don’t want to show up to any important event with wrinkles on your clothes or dirty spots from a bag. This can lead to you delivering the wrong impression about yourself, and the “I didn’t have anywhere to iron them!” excuse won’t work.

To avoid this, you need to buy the best garment bag to protect your clothes from any “accidents.” Granted, it’s not an easy task, but it’s crucial to do this if you tend to travel a lot.

Choosing the Fabric

There’s a pretty wide variety of fabrics to choose from. Not only do they differ by aspect, but by functionality, as well. When you select the garment bag, you need to consider where you plan on storing it and how far away you intend to be from home.

If you only need to store your clothes for a short time in the closet, a garment bag from a thin material may be just enough for you. Depending on the accessories of the bag, if it’s only a “cover,” you may be able to store it in a suitcase for traveling.

On the other hand, if you need to be away for a longer time and already have your carry-on full, you may want to choose a garment bag from a denser fabric. Usually, it boils down to these:

  • Polyester – Depending on how thick it was made to be, a polyester garment bag can be highly resistant and extremely water resistant. It’s also a more affordable option to other expensive fabrics, which makes it friendlier on your wallet.
  • Nylon – Nylon is similar in looks to polyester, but it’s of a higher quality. A nicely-made nylon garment bag will be more durable and waterproof than any polyester bag you may buy. At the same time, it’s also the more expensive option.

If you tend to travel a lot and pass through airports on a weekly basis, you may want to go for a denser fabric, like that of a suitcase.

Traditional Garment Bags

Traditional garment bags were made to be a comfortable fit inside a square suitcase or on a closet hanger. Still, there are many people using them as supplementary bags that are carried around on their own.

In that aspect, many companies come up with improvements to the traditional garment bag by adding separate handles, zippers or pockets. Basically, once the bag is in “compact mode,” there’s no visible difference between this one and a regular briefcase.

Consider a Rolling Garment Bag

If you need to be away for more than a weekend, the chances are that you will have to take a good deal of clothes with you. Your luggage will, therefore, get pretty heavy, and it will not be very comfortable to carry around.

In those instances, you may want to go for a rolling garment bag. This way, you will be able to support the weight on the ground while not putting a strain on your arms and back.

If the weight is not that big, but you still need the extra space, you can go for a duffel garment bag. While they may not have the “slim look” that traditional garment bags have, they can be very spacious yet compact depending on the number of folds.

Top 5 Best Garment Bags Reviews

1. Mercury Luggage Executive Series Garment Bag

Imagine that you’d have to take your suits to the dry cleaner every other week, where they would get them nice and clean and wrinkle free. Now here’s the trick: you live on the other end of the city, and you have to commute a long way.

Cramped trains, weird smells; you reach your home and come to the realization that your suit needs another cleaning, and this is exactly why this duffel garment bag can save you of this kind of hassle.

The bag has a tri-fold design that makes it seem very compact. It won’t look any wider than a briefcase or a regular duffel bag, and you can easily carry it over your shoulder using the shoulder strap.

Despite the fact that it looks small, it can fit a lot. You can put two suits in there, hangers included, and you will still have some extra space for a couple of dress shirts with some room to spare.

The construction is great for the price. Made from very thick polyester, this garment bag is fairly water and wrinkle resistant. The zippers are sturdy, so you will not have any problems with them breaking or getting stuck. You will surely recommend this garment bag to a friend.

2. WallyBags 40 Inch Garment Bag

Made from 600D polyester, this garment bag was meant to last.

Having a sturdy construction, you can take this Wally bag with you on long plane trips, without worrying that clothes will get wrinkled or damaged.

If suitcases aren’t your thing, then this bag will fit your belongings just great. You can pack three suits and still have some place to spare for other garments.

Plus, it is space-friendly, since it doesn’t have any unnecessary bulges of fabric or compartments.

The advantage of this bag is that it can easily be unfolded and attached to a hanging rod in a closet. It’s a very practical addition to every household, especially if you tend to wear a lot of wrinkle-prone clothing.

3. BAGS FOR LESS 54″ Suit/Dress Garment Bag

This is the kind of traditional garment bag that everyone will want to have in their household. Made from a sturdy polypropylene recyclable material, this bag is lightweight, and you will literally only feel the weight of your clothes when you are traveling around.

The full-length centered zipper allows you easy access to your suits, without the risk of wrinkling. It can be easily folded and placed into a regular suitcase; as opposed to placing the suit without the garment bag, this won’t leave any awkward lines on your clothes.

The material from which this bag was made is highly breathable, so your clothes will not catch any awkward or musty smells. They will feel fresh, just the way you stored them.

It’s also very spacious, so you won’t have any troubles carrying a couple of suits with you.

4. Code Alpha Hybrid Garment Duffel Bag

Manufactured from 600D polyester, this duffel garment bag can withstand any travel torture you may throw at it.

This fold-out garment bag was meant to withstand military use because we know how serious sergeants are about the uniforms of their cadets.

Aside from it being very spacious, the bag is also pretty well organized. It features two interior pockets where you may store various accessories. The bag in itself literally holds a ridiculous amount of clothes; two suits, two dress shirts and you will still have room to spare.

The shoulder strap also makes it easy to carry – which is perfect if you are always on the go.

If you tend to be away a lot and need to keep your clothes in top shape, then this is definitely the bag for you.

5. Samsonite Luggage Lift Garment Bag

When it comes to choosing a durable garment bag, you definitely cannot go wrong with nylon.

Known for its durability and waterproof ability, it’s no wonder that this Samsonite bag is among the traveler’s favorite.

The garment bag is very spacious, and it can easily fit about two or three suits, along with their dress shirts and a couple of other clothing items. And although you may have a lot of clothes in the bag, it still seems easy; that’s because the construction was meant to be lightweight.

The wheels are also a healthy addition to the traveler. If you are prone to experiencing back pain or tired arms, the last thing you would probably want is a bag that you would have to carry up. This bag, on the other hand, has sturdy wheels that will allow you to carry the weight behind you.

You’ll definitely love using this on your travels.

Final Thoughts

When you purchase a garment bag, you first need to consider these questions: Do you need it for a short distance, or do you plan to take it on a journey?

A thin garment bag may not be the best choice if you plan to go away for a couple of days while experiencing airline traveling. On the other hand, if you only have to commute a short distance, you probably won’t have to take a whole travel suitcase with you.

So far, the best choice is from Mercury Luggage, but there are some other reliable alternatives as well. Simply consider the environment along with your personal style, and you’ll have the best garment bag.