12 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners in 2018

A car requires many processes in order to operate effectively, including a fuel injector to facilitate the flow of gasoline. However, there is no point in having a fuel injector if it does not operate properly.

The ability of your vehicle can be disrupted if the fuel injector is not working properly, which may only require the use of the best fuel system cleaner rather than anything more drastic.

The ability of your vehicle can be dictated by whether it has a fuel injector, which will need to be properly maintained to ensure its usefulness.

By using the best fuel injector cleaner, you can help make it possible for your car to operate at its optimum level.

Top 12 Fuel Injector Cleaners Complete Table

DesignNameConcentrateVolumeRating (1-5)
  1. Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner No 32oz 4.7
  2. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner No 15oz 4.6
  3. Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron Gasoline Fuel Injection Cleaner No 300ml 4.6
  4. Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive No 80oz 4.6
  5. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner Yes 20oz Yes
  6. Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer No 20oz 4.5
  7. BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner No 11oz 4.5
  8. Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment No 5.25oz 4.5
  9. STP 78577 Super Concentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner Yes 5.25 4.5
  10. Berryman 0116 B-12 Chemtool Carburetor/Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner No 15oz 4.5
  11. ACDelco X66P Fuel Injector and Upper Engine Cleaner No 16oz 4.4
  12. 3M 08813 Complete Fuel System Cleaner Bottle No 16oz 4.1

Benefits of Using Good Fuel Injector Cleaners

  • Reduce Maintenance Requirement – By making use of a fuel injector cleaner, you can limit the amount of maintenance required by the fuel injector by ensuring that it is kept clean.
  • Increase the Life of the Fuel Injector – A fuel injector that is cleaned regularly is more likely to last for the period of time for which it has been designed rather that failing early.
  • Optimum Performance – By keeping the fuel injector clean, you can help ensure that it does what it is supposed to and delivers fuel in an efficient manner.
  • Ease – A fuel injector cleaner that is easy to use and can be readily be purchased will prevent the need to attend a garage in order to have this work completed.

Purpose of a Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is a system that is designed to deliver fuel into an internal combustion engine and comes in several different formats.

It is particularly necessary for diesel engines, but can also benefit petrol engines as an alternative to the carburetor.

It enables the smooth operation of the vehicle in which it is used by increasing fuel efficiency and output.

The injection can be made at a single point, or from multiple points, to deliver the fuel.

During the normal course of its operation, a car’s fuel injector will inevitably gather debris from the particles in the fuel that passes through it.

Accordingly, fuel injector cleaner should be easy to use and effective after the first use, which will avoid the necessity to use it regularly within a short period of time. This step will help the fuel injector to continually boost the engine’s ability.

Top 4 Best Fuel Injector Cleaners Reviews

1. Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant

This Lucas 10003 injector cleaner comes in a 32oz bottle, which is enough for the treatment of 100 gallons of fuel, whether needed for gasoline or diesel.

The bottle is a size that allows it to be held in one hand and it has a tapered neck, which makes it easy to use when pouring it into the engine.

Not only is it designed to clean fuel injector systems, but it also has the added benefit of being a lubricant that would suit other types of engines too.

Lucas 10003 contains a number of components, like oils and additives, which are designed to clean the fuel injector.

It negates the effect of low sulfur diesel fuel and reduces emissions. It is particularly useful for cars that use leaded fuel because it offers the same benefits as the lead without the normal emissions.

Lucas 10003 is the best fuel injector cleaner for an effective way to clean the injector system.

2. Red Line Complete SI-1

The Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 is a single treatment fuel injector cleaner system as the bottle contains 15oz. However, it is also available in a multipack of 12, so you can have some on hand for when they are required at a later stage.

The liquid is concentrated so it is only necessary to use one bottle to achieve the full extent of the benefit.

The size of the bottle and the nozzle make it easy to pour the liquid into the engine.

It is made up of detergents that are specifically designed to clean fuel injectors as well as valves, carburetors and combustion chambers, and it is effective at doing so as the difference is noticeable after one treatment.

After using Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1, the engine felt distinctly less sluggish and remained that way for a significant period of time.

It is a synthetic formula that is safe for repeated use, so there will be no issue in using it again when needed.

Red Line 60103 Complete SI-1 is an ideal fuel injector cleaner for those who want an effective in one easy shot.

3. Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron

This Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron looks like the type of product that you would expect to find in a mechanics toolbox. However, it is easy to use at home without the need for any professional skills in vehicle maintenance.

It creates a situation where the combustion process is made cleaner, which benefits the running of the engine by making it smoother and reducing the amount of fuel necessary of the vehicle.

The Liqui Moly 2007 Section is also capable of removing carbon deposits and those that can be left in the fuel pipe and within other components of the engine.

It also helps keep the intake valves clean and reduces the level of pollution that is produced by the vehicle.

The engine was quieter after it was used and did not stutter.

Liqui Moly 2007 Jectron is a great fuel injector cleaner for those who want an effective way to ensure the accuracy of the fuel injector system.

4. Power Service 03080-06 Diesel Kleen

The Power Service 03080-06 Diesel Kleen comes in a big 80oz jug, which ensures there is plenty of cleaner for several treatments.

The handle is positioned conveniently to make it easy to pour.

It is designed to improve fuel economy by up to 8%, which allows you to spend less on fuel.

The liquid cleans the fuel injector system and prevents any components sticking, which helped make it easier to start the car in cold weather.

It helps the engine to run smoothly and without the sluggishness that it suffered before the Liqui Moly was used as if it had been given a boost.

This fuel injector protects as well as cleans, ensuring that the pumps and injectors are protected to limit the amount of wear they suffer.

Power Service 03080-06 Diesel Kleen is an effective fuel injector cleaner for drivers who want to clean the engine as well as protect it.