12 Best Fuel Additives in 2018

In addition to taking care of a vehicle’s exterior, it is also necessary to maintain the interior in order to keep the car in good condition.

Part of this process will be keeping the engine in good condition, which is a step that can also be useful for other appliances that comprise an engine, such as a lawnmower.

In many cases, simply adding a suitable compound to the fuel can be sufficient to maintain the engine and lengthen the life of the vehicle or appliance.

The best fuel additive will offer a number of different benefits and help prevent avoidable issues.

Top 12 Fuel Additives Ultimate Chart

DesignNameVolume (oz.)Multiple Vehicle TypeRating (1-5)
  1. STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer 32 Yes 4.8
  2. Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment – Concentrated Gas Formula 32 Yes 4.8
  3. Lucas 10003 Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner 32 Yes 4.7
  4. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment 16 Yes 4.7
 5. Lucas 10013 Fuel Treatment 128 Yes 4.7
  6. Red Line (60103) Complete SI-1 Fuel System Cleaner 15 Yes 4.6
  7. STA-BIL 22275 360 Performance with Vapor Technology 32 Yes 4.6
  8. Lucas 10020 Fuel Treatment 5.25 Yes 4.6
  9. Power Service 03080-06 +Cetane Boost Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive 80 Yes 4.6
  10. BG 44K Fuel System Cleaner 11 Yes 4.6
  11. Royal Purple 11722 Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner and Stabilizer 20 Yes 4.5
  12. Chevron 65740 Techron Concentrate Plus Fuel System Cleaner 20 Yes 4.5

Purpose of Fuel Additive

Fuel additives are available for a range of different vehicles and engine-powered appliances – any equipment that needs fuel to power it – and it offers a number of different benefits.

  • Clean the Fuel System – All different types of engine can be cleaned effectively with the use of a fuel additive by breaking down deposits and contaminants.
  • Maintenance – A fuel additive can be used to maintain the life of fuel while it is stored in a vehicle, ensuring that the vehicle will be ready to use when you need it.
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency – By keeping the engine of a vehicle clean, you can help to keep it running efficiently and ensure that it does not use more fuel than is necessary for its normal operations.
  • Reduce Emissions – For some people, driving a car is not compatible with their need to be environmentally friendly, so the reduction of emissions can go some way to providing satisfaction in this respect.
  • Limits Build Up – The repeated use of many fuels can cause the buildup of compounds, such as varnish and gum, that can result in the engine being sluggish. An effective fuel additive will prevent these from building up and allow the engine to run as it should.

How to Use Fuel Additive

From the outset, it is necessary to check what type of fuel the additive is suitable for, if it is not universal, and ensure that you get the right type.

The manner in which to use fuel additive varies according to its purpose.

If you require a fuel additive that is designed to ensure that fuel stored in a vehicle will still be viable after being left for an extended period of time, then there are certain requirements in respect of the fuel left in the tank.

For many additives, it is necessary to freshly fill the tank to about 95% of its capacity before treating it with the fuel additive. The cap of the fuel tank must then be tightly replaced and the vehicle can left be left in storage.

Fuel additives that are designed to clean the fuel delivery system can usually be added to the tank, which will enable it to do its job while the car is still being used.

Top 4 Best Fuel Additive Reviews

1. STA-BIL 22214 Fuel Stabilizer

Sta-Bil 22214 Fuel Stabilizer is a 32oz bottle of fuel additive that can be added to the fuel of a wide range of vehicles and appliances.

The benefit comes from allowing vehicles to be stored with the fuel remaining in the tank without it suffering any ill effects.

It is easy to use and negates the need to undertake any significant steps of preparation before putting the vehicle into storage.

When using Sta-Bil 22214 Fuel Stabilizer with a vehicle, it will not be necessary to drain the fuel from the tank first. The tank can be filled to about 95% with fresh fuel and the rest topped up with the additive.

This works to prevent the buildup of varnish and condensation.

It can be used in all gasoline blends and enables a vehicle to be left in storage for up to 24 months.

Sta-Bil 22214 Fuel Stabilizer is an ideal way to main fuel so that the vehicle starts first time after a long period of storage.

2. Star Brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment

Star Brite Star Tron Enzyme Fuel Treatment is a concentrated formula that is designed to treat 512 gallons of fuel, despite the bottle only containing 32oz.

It works by treating diesel and preventing water from building up, which will help the fuel to last and remain effective while the vehicle is unused for an extended period of time.

It also cleans the fuel delivery system by removing the carbon that can build up from the burners and exhaust, which helps to keep the engine in good condition and working as it should. This resulted in less emissions and clean valves and injectors.

It is easy to use as it only takes a small amount to work effectively, so it is also cost effective.

Star Brite Star Tron is the best fuel additive for an economical way to treat fuel with the use of a concentrated additive formula.

3. Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubrication & Injector Cleaner

Lucas 10003 is a lubricant that can be used as a fuel additive that works to clean and lubricate a fuel system.

It is suitable for all types of gasoline and diesel engine including fuel injected and carbureted, as it neutralizes the detrimental effects of low sulfur and offers the same benefit as lead with the detrimental effects.

It is designed to offer an effective way to keep a clean engine by working on the fuel, which allows the engine to work more efficiently.

By keeping the engine clean, it will be able to enjoy a longer life.

The conveniently shaped bottle allows for the treatment to be completed with little fuss and it contains 32oz.

Lucas 10003 is an easy fuel additive to use to clean and maintain all types of engine.

4. Sea Foam SF-16 Motor Treatment

Sea Foam SF-16 is a fuel additive that is a handy part of the maintenance regimen for any vehicle, and is safe for use every 5000 miles.

It is safe to add to different components of a vehicle, such as the fuel tank or carburetor, and the consistency of the additive makes it easy to use.

It is an effective cleaner as it removes existing sticky deposits like varnish and other contaminants by turning them to liquid.

It cleans all the valves and components of the fuel system to make it work more efficiently, and also removes water.

It is made from 100% petroleum and the bottle contains 16oz.

Sea Foam SF-16 has the ability to remove water and dirt from a fuel tank.