12 Best Friend Sweatshirts in 2018

Most of us have had a best friend in our lives at some point, and if you are reading this, you probably have one right now. Your bestie can be a guy, girl or even your spouse if you’re lucky. Actually, it can be anyone including Mom or Dad, and everyone can use a good sweatshirt. Well, unless they live in the desert.

If you have a pal and want to show them how much you care, our list of the best friend sweatshirts can lend a hand. While some of the designs won’t be for everyone, we have included a nice mix of shirts for friends that are both serious and humorous.

Top 12 Friend Sweatshirts Ultimate Table

DesignNameSingle or SetMultiple ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. She is My Best Friend- Matching Couple Hoodies Set Yes 5.0
  2. Artix God Made Us Best Friends Single Yes 5.0
  3. Funny Matching BFF Sweatshirts for Best Friends Set No 5.0
  4. BFF She Thinks I’m Crazy & I Know She is Crazy Set Yes 4.8
  5. Coffee Tall Best Friend: Unisex Jerzees NuBlend Crewneck Sweatshirt Single Yes 4.7
6. BFF Because Everyone Else Sucks Set Yes 4.6
7. Matching BFF Sweatshirts for Best Friends Set No 4.6
8. BFF Accessories BFF Pullover Sweaters Set No 4.6
  9. Don’t Go Bacon My Heart Couldn’t If I Fried Matching Hoodies Couples Sweatshirts Set No 4.5
  10. Artix Best Friends Eternity Unisex Hoodie Sweatshirt Single Yes 4.1
  11. Burger and French Fries – Matching Couple Hoodies Set Yes 4.0
  12. Matching BFF Black and Grey Sweatshirts for Best Friends Set Yes 3.9

Buying Info for Best Buddies

If you think finding a good sweatshirt for your best friend will be simple; think again. Unless you want to risk buying a bad gift, follow our tips below.

Consider the Friend

Unless you want to lose your bestie, consider their tastes along with their sense of humor. Let’s face it, most of the best friend sweatshirts on our list are humorous. If your friend is not going to get a kick out of cartoon characters with fun phrases, then you are going to want to go another route. We have that covered as well.

Sometimes simple is more, and a stylish sweatshirt or hoodie with a simple phrase is the best route to go; this lets the world know who your best buddy is, and doesn’t make the wearer look like a fool. Obviously, if you’re buying a set, it’s a good point but something to consider for solo sweatshirts.


This one is also tied into the whole “keep your best friend” line of thinking. Your best buddy will not be thankful for their new gift if it breaks them out within an hour. Some colors can fade more easily as well. Want to keep that fancy logo on the shirt? Well, that may be the first thing to go if it’s not embroidered and graphics or a screen print is applied.

As for the materials themselves, most of the sweatshirts to make the cut are made from good old fashioned cotton and polyester. That means there are no silk sweatshirts (they do exist) on our list or any other exotic fabrics. You will still need to consider how it needs to be washed and dried however and if the fabric used has been preshrunk.


This may be tough for guys as Women are more apt to know their best friends clothing size. Guys, when in doubt ask a relative or spouse. If it’s not a gift, you can ask them straight out, but more often than not these types of sweatshirts are given as gifts. If all else fails, consider your build compared to theirs and the size you wear.

Again, many women “borrow” outfits which sometimes never return. That means you know what fits, and what won’t in most cases. Finding the right sized sweatshirt should be a breeze, but the same rules above apply if you don’t know their size.

Top 5 Best Friend Sweatshirts Reviews

1. Couples Apparel She is My Best Friend

Remember when we talked about keeping it “classy” if you’re best buddy doesn’t dig cute kittens or quirky phrases? Well, these sweatshirts will certainly do the trick as they are stylish and sans anything your bestie may consider too wild. Hopefully, you feel the same way about the design as these best friend sweatshirts come in a set and are not sold in singles.

These sweatshirts feature the same graphic which simply tells the world, “She’s my Best Friend” so everyone will know how you feel about each other. Obviously, they are not geared towards guys. They are thick and comfortable however made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester and are hooded with a drawstring at the neck. The manufacturer says no special care will be required as you dry on low heat and simply wash inside out to protect the graphics.

As we all know, friends come in all shapes and sizes so buying a matching set of sweatshirts can be difficult at times. That will not be the case with these as they range from Small all the way up to 3XL so there should be a size for everyone. You can even choose separate colors for each sweatshirt if you don’t want to look like twins.

2. Artix God Made Us Best Friends Unisex Sweatshirt

It’s safe to say not everyone wants to match their best friend when it comes to clothing. Sometimes you just want to give a gift that shows them you care, which is where the Artix best buddies sweatshirt comes into play. This shirt is only sold as a single and says, “God made us Best Friends because he knew our moms couldn’t handle us as sisters.”

The message is sweet and simple on this sweatshirt, and the same can be said of the graphics. It is another classy shirt that can be worn anywhere assuming it’s actually cold enough to wear a sweatshirt. If it is, you’re in luck as this one is hooded and should be warm with a blend of either 70/30 or 50/50 cotton and polyester depending on the color you choose. Artix may be responsible for the overall package, but Gildan made the sweatshirt so it will hold up through multiple washings as long as you follow the instructions on the tag.

This sweatshirt is sized from a Small to a 3XL is said to be preshrunk with air jet yarn which means less piling. There are currently 13 colors available as well including Black, Grey, Orange, Pink, and White just to name a few.

3. Funny Freak and Weirdo Matching BFF Sweatshirts

Are you and your best friend the types that tend to draw stares when you’re out and about. We’re not talking about your good looks, but the way you act together – like a couple of nuts. If that is the case, your buying decision has become easy thanks to 365 Printing and their quirky little sweatshirt set.

These sweatshirts come in a pair, with one for a “Freak” and the other geared towards all you “Weirdos” out there. While the text looks good and is colorful on the shirt, we hope you like Black as that is the only color you can get it in. That said, the company will let you adjust the coloring of the lettering for an additional charge if you contact them beforehand.

Having to be locked into one color is a downer, but really the only one for the Freak & Weirdo sweatshirt set. These are going to be softer than others as well thanks to a blend of 80% cotton and only 20% polyester. The usual size ranges apply and range up to a 2XL.

4. Couple Apparel BFF She Thinks I’m Crazy Hoodie

The BFF Crazy Hoodie set from Couple Appeal keeps things simple. These loud sweatshirts have bold graphics and talk about how you and your bestie are absolutely nuts. Well, one of you “knows” it while the other one just sort of “thinks” it – you get the drift.

The sweatshirts themselves are of the hooded variety and made from a blend of 50% cotton and 50%. While sold in a set in the listing, the manufacturer will sell a single if you contact them beforehand and specific your color and size. That is a perk if you want to go the gag gift route, and they can even be customized across the back with the year of your choosing to go along with the text set on the back. If you want it left plain, that is an option as well.

The She Thinks I’m Crazy sweatshirt set is available in several different colors including Black, Green, Purple, Red and Charcoal among others. You can get both sweatshirts in the same hue or mix and match depending on the sizes needed.

5. Tall Best Friend Coffee NuBlend Sweatshirt

When Men want to go out for a few hours, they are likely to have a beer. While Women tend to prefer Wine, a trip to good old Starbucks is in the cards more often than not. If you and your best friend enjoy getting coffee together and just happened to be of different heights, we have the perfect set of sweatshirts for you.

Customized Girl has produced the “Tall Best Friend” sweatshirt which has the phrase along with a picture of a tall cup of coffee. While not sold in a set, there is a “Short Best Friend” shirt as well so you can both get in on the fun. Both shirts are lightweight and made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester with a ribbed spandex waistband, cuffs, and collar.

This double-stitched sweatshirt will last for years to come and is available in two colors with White and Ash. Sizes start with Small and go up to 4XL in both colors and on both styles of shirt. These are the perfect fit for coffee lovers, but not necessarily well suited for anyone else unless you have got an extreme height difference and are wearing them in a set.