12 Best Floor Mats for Trucks in 2017

Many people spend quite a lot of time, money and resources into the beauty of their vehicle. Regardless if it’s a new paint job, new seats, tinted windows – they want to make it look nice and fresh, yet one thing people never seem to consider is changing the floor mats.

Floor mats are essential for keeping the truck clean and for preventing any future damage. So, if you are searching the best floor mats for trucks, then this article will give you a few ideas of some popular choices so as to help you with your decision.

Top 12 Floor Mats for Trucks Comparison Table

DesignNameMaterialTypeMain ColorRating (1-5)
  1. Car Wash Soap and Conditioner Concentrate with Chenille Microfiber Wash Mitt Carpet & Leather Novelty Black 4.9
  2. FANMATS NCAA Ohio State University Buckeyes Vinyl Heavy Duty Car Mat Vinyl Novelty Black 4.6
  3. OxGord 4pc Rubber Floor Mats Universal Fit Front & Back Driver & Passenger Seat Heavy Duty Rubber Standard Black 4.5
  4. Armor All 78840 4-Piece Black All Season Rubber Floor Mat Rubber Custom Black 4.5
  5. BDK MaxDuty Rubber Floor Mat for Car Rubber Custom Black 4.5
6. Chevy Factory Style Trim-To-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats – Set Rubber Custom Black 4.4
7. Front & Rear Car Truck SUV Floor Mats Heavy Duty Vinyl Vinyl Custom Black 4.4
8. BDK Camouflage 4 Piece All Weather Waterproof Rubber Car Floor Mats Rubber Novelty Green 4.3
9. BDK MT-466 Black Printed Tiger Floor Mat Carpet Novelty Blue 4.3
 10. WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit Front and Rear AVM Rubber Standard Black 4.3
  11. Husky Liners 51072 Semi-Custom Fit Heavy Duty Rubber Front Floor Mat Rubber Custom Gray 4.1
  12. BDK A Set of 4 Universal Fit Plush Carpet Carpet & Vinyl Standard Black 4.1

Things You Should Know Before Getting a Floor Mat

One thing that you should be aware is that floor mats aren’t the same thing as floor liners. While floor mats contain a soft and malleable material, floor liners are made of a harder material.

Therefore, a floor mat will be easier to clean than a floor liner, since it will be simpler to remove. It does not cover as much surface as a floor liner, but most of them are made to withstand heavy foot traffic and regular use.

Types of Floor Mats  

Each floor mat is unique in its own way. After you have decided on the color of your choice, you should know the types of floor mats that you can opt for:

  • Standard Floor Mats – These floor mats are generally used throughout all seasons, regardless of the weather conditions. They can be easily cleaned and do not have anything that makes them stand out. They are just universally functional.
  • Custom Floor Mats – Some companies will provide floor mats for certain kinds of cars; so they’re not just the standard products. Some trim-to-fit floor mats were also made to be easily redesigned by the owner in order to fit pedals and smaller places.
  • Novelty Floor Mats – Some people like their floor mats to be more than functional. They want them to be fun and intriguing – they want crazy models to add a splash of color or character.

The right model can not only look interesting and easy to clean, but it can also be affordable and a good protector for your vehicle.

Floor Mat Materials  

The type of material needs to be chosen in accordance with your weather conditions and the interior of your car. Before deciding, you need to consider what you need to protect:

  • Rubber and Vinyl Mats – Designed especially for wet conditions, these types of floor mats will keep the water away from the upholstery. They’re perfect for heavy duty traffic since they can be easily cleaned and dried.
  • Carpet Mats – Suited mostly for light use, this type of carpet is more convenient for dry areas. They are the more stylish alternative to rubber mats, but they might be more difficult to clean than regular floor mats.

There are many brands and models for you to choose from. The best floor mats for trucks are those that will protect your car from outside factors such as mud, dirt, and moisture.

Top 4 Best Floor Mats for Trucks Reviews

1. BATMAN Front & Rear Plush Carpet & Leather Trim

Who doesn’t love having the symbol of Gotham city’s protector in their cars? Made from plush carpet, these floor mats are the stylish alternative to regular floor mats that fans will love.

The leather trim will prevent shredding so that you can enjoy them for a longer time. They are pretty easy to clean, and once they are in your car, Batman will no longer protect only Gotham – he will protect your vehicle.

This novelty floor mat will protect your interior from any spills and damage, and the anti-fading technology will keep the floor fresh for a longer time, making it look like new. You will look forward to getting in the car every day!

2. FANMATS Vinyl Heavy Duty Car Mat

Designed to provide protection against all types of weather conditions, Fanmats created these heavy duty mats that are not only functional, but also intriguing (and supportive).

The models on these mats have logos from all Ohio State University Buckeyes, regardless if it’s MLB, NFL, NCAA or NBA teams. The fit is universal for most vehicles, going from personal sedans to heavy duty trucks.

The vinyl is sturdy enough to last throughout the years and prevent any leaks from getting into your car. It’s skid-resistant, so you will have excellent traction while getting in and out of the vehicle. It will be a great birthday present for those loving the teams.

3. OXGORD Rubber Floor Mats Universal Fit

Standard isn’t always bad. Some people like their floor mats to be functional – and this is exactly what these mats are.

Their waterproof qualities are superior, and there is no chance that moisture will ever ruin your factory carpets.

Since they are made of rubber, they will be perfect for every season. So regardless if you are exposed to sunny days or heavy rain, your car interior will always be protected.

They are also very easy to clean; all you will need is some soap and a little water, and you will be good to go. The dirt trapped in the construction will easily come out when cleaned with a sponge or a hose.

4. ARMOR ALL 78840 Black All Season Floor Mat

These floor mats are a combination between standard and custom floor mats. They aren’t cut by the factory, but they can be customized by the owner to fit any kind of vehicle.

The anti-slip backing will provide proper traction so that you can safely get in and out of the car.

Moreover, the rubber material was made to be highly resistant. This means that it will not crack, curl or harden in extremely low temperatures. Your mats will be safe in the long term, and so will your vehicle.

After reading this article, it is easy to choose the best floor mats for trucks out of the options we’ve mentioned above. You need to know, however, that the mats can also represent you as a person (especially the novelty ones) – so choose accordingly.