12 Best Floor Jacks in 2017

Working on your car involves having the best tools at your disposal. It’s true that mechanical knowledge is of vital importance as well; however, by embracing patience and listening to your gut, one can successfully care for his/her car as expected.

Nonetheless, we couldn’t say the same when it comes to tools. If one utilizes inadequate gear, one is prone to encounter a multitude of unwanted problems. On that note, if you’re a mechanical savvy yourself, you should depend on the best floor jack.

This tool is most frequently used in the case of safety related accidents. To make sure that you make the right decision, you should have proper background understanding. Fear no more; our guide aims at taking you through the essential steps you should follow for purchasing a suitable product.

Top 12 Floor Jacks Chart

DesignNameItem WeightCapacityRating (1-5)
  1. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack 59.1 pounds 3 Tons 4.6
  2. Compact Aluminum Racing Jack with Rapid Pump 31 pounds 1.5 Ton 4.6
  3. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack 56 pounds 3 Tons 4.6
  4. Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack 97 pounds 2 Tons 4.6
  5. JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack 49 pounds 4,000 pounds 4.5
  6. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack 85 pounds 4,000 pounds 4.4
  7. Neiko Pro 20272B Premium Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack 57.3 pounds 3 Tons 4.3
  8. Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack 46.4 pounds 3 Tons 4.2
  9. Torin T10152 Scissor Jack 7.7 pounds 1.5 Tons 4.2
  10. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack 85 pounds 3.5 Tons 4.0
  11. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack 30 pounds 2 Tons 3.9
  12. Torin T83002 Pro Series Heavy Duty Floor Jack 84 pounds 3 Tons 3.8

Types of Car Jacks

  • Hydraulic Jacks – The hydraulic jack is acknowledged as one of the most attractive alternatives of floor jacks. That is primarily due to their convenience. Generally speaking, a hydraulic floor jack embodies a trolley with four wheels that consists of a hydraulic cylinder.

The fundamental advantage of this type of jacks is that they are effortless to use, and lifting a vehicle using this gear doesn’t involve a significant amount of effort. Apart from that, these typically have a high maximum weight.

That facilitates you to lift a car much higher than other similar gear would do. As for the disadvantages, hydraulic jacks tend to be more on the expensive side, and are heavier than other products.

  • Scissor Jacks – Scissor jacks are typically offered by automobile manufacturers with the acquisition of the car. They are convenient since they are lightweight and space efficient. That is why drivers choose to carry this type of jacks on the road, in the case of a flat tire or any other kind of inconvenience.

These are suited for changing a tire, at the very least. That is because they won’t get a car high enough as to enable one to deliver more elaborate car repairs. So, these aren’t fitted for garage use, considering that they aren’t quite versatile.

  • Bottle Jack/Piston Jack – A bottle jack consists of concentric cylinders, which function similarly to a typical floor jack. The first advantage to these types of floor jacks is their small footprint. That comes as a great pro when you have to cope with limited space and uneven surfaces.

Nonetheless, the first downside is that they deliver a high free height. In other words, when fully compressed, they don’t go as low as a typical floor jack would. That’s why these are difficult to use on lowered cars, sedans and sports cars. Still, they deliver the highest lifting capacity value in contrast with other types of jacks.

Things to Consider when Choosing Floor Jacks

  • Lifting Capacity – The first thing you should consider when you’re in the market for the best floor jack is the lifting capacity. Bear in mind that you won’t need to lift the whole weight of your car, just a corner. Still, we advise you to choose a floor jack that holds more weight than you need. That is recommendable for safety reasons.

In the case of small cars, coupes, and sedans, a 2-ton jack will deliver excellent performance. Nonetheless, regarding larger vehicles, you should look for a 3-ton jack. Your choice comes down to this: selecting the product that molds after your needs.

  • Design Profile – Another equally important aspect is the design of the floor jack. You should make sure it fits your car’s specifications. Is your vehicle low or high above the ground? After you have answered this question, you’ll know which profile to choose.

The greater majority of floor jacks are low profile which makes them suitable for vehicles of different sizes. Still, if you intend on using the jack on trucks and cars with high lifts, a jack with a high profile may be better suited.

  • The Materials – Generally speaking, manufacturers utilize aluminum and steel, or a mixture of these two. Aluminum jacks tend to be on the pricier side; however, they are really lightweight, which makes them doubly convenient due to portability reasons.

On the other hand, steel is considerably heavier, but it is more affordable. That being said, if you’re on a budget, choosing steel may be a decent option for you; nonetheless, if you want to select a portable floor jack, a product manufactured with aluminum will serve its purpose best.

Top 5 Best Floor Jack Reviews

1. Powerzone 380044 Garage Jack

This floor jack is a high-quality product, made of durable aluminum. Weighing only 59 pounds, its maximum capacity reaches 3 tons, which makes it a great option for many car owners.

The lifting range varies from 4’’ to 18.25’’. It is featured by a split padded handle which enables the user to achieve the necessary leverage for lifting the automobile.

In the meantime, while testing the product, we noted that this jack is easy to stow.

Another great feature is that it encompasses a rubber pad that safeguards your automobile from damage. The finishing touches, overall performance and build quality of this floor jack are excellent.

When it comes to the price quality ratio, we believe this is one of the very best products on the market.

It delivers every feature you would expect, and the price is genuinely attractive for the savvy home mechanic.

2. Compact Aluminum Racing Jack

If you have a mid-sized or small car, we consider that this jack will be just right for your needs. This has been constructed particularly for small vehicles; as a result, it is portable and lightweight.

If you’re looking for these features in your jack, we believe you will be satisfied with this product.

This is small enough to fit in your car’s trunk or garage. Still, don’t let the size of this tool mislead you: this is a sturdy, efficient product constructed of aircraft aluminum that facilitates durability and strength.

It is also featured by a secure aluminum handle that enables you to lift your car ASAP.

On the whole, this is one of your top choices of floor jacks for low-profile cars.

3. Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack

This floor jack is crafted for lowered, sports and imported vehicles. As the owner of a lower vehicle, you ought to acknowledge that most jacks may not be suitable for your car’s specifications.

Nonetheless, choosing a product with a lower minimum lift height doesn’t mean you should compromise on quality and features.

Having a reinforced lift arm, chassis torsion control and thick frame side plates, this is a durable item that will meet your highest expectations.

It consists of a double pump piston design that delivers a fast and efficient elevation. That is translated into less manual pumping.

The saddle pads have the role of protecting your car frame from damage.

By and large, this lightweight floor jack is easy to operate and convenient to keep in the back of your vehicle.

4. Arcan XL2T Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

This low-profile jack encompasses dual pumps that facilitate fast lifting, which equals time-effective repairing.

Due to its low profile design, you can use this jack to get into 3.5-inch clearance areas while still delivering 18.1-inches or lift.

The steel frame boosts your safety while working under the vehicle. At the same time, the built-in overload protection assists you in deterring any accidental damage that may occur.

The only downside to this product is that it is considerably heavy for a small jack, as it weighs about 100 lbs.

5. JEGS Performance Products 80006 Floor Jack

This low profile jack is a great alternative for drivers that are on a budget. This product is made of high-quality, durable aluminum. That makes it surprisingly lightweight. In other words, we recommend this to you if you want to purchase a portable jack.

Only throw this in the back of your car, and you’ve got your back covered, in the case of unwanted incidents.

It is featured by a padded pump bar that enables you to raise the car as little as 3.5 inches to 19 inches. So, we can testify that this is a truly versatile jack.

As for the padded saddles, they are genuinely useful and convenient. These safeguard your car’s paint from scratches. As a bonus, this looks well-made and qualitative.

Final Thoughts

Every home mechanic on a budget should consider purchasing the best floor jack for his/her needs. On that note, we hope that we have provided you with sufficient information regarding this subject so that you can make a thoroughly informative and educated choice.

The good news is that there are numerous alternatives on the market. Each of the products reviewed and mentioned in this buying guide presents a promising performance and will deliver the results you expect.

Which of our recommended products seems to be best fitted to your specifications? What other elements do you consider when it comes to making such a purchase?