12 Best Flip Flops for Walking in 2017

When the weather is hot, no shoe provides more relief than the classic flip flop. While old school rubber flip flops don’t exactly provide much support, these days there is a huge variety of flip flops that are downright comfortable. You can wear them all day long, even when you are walking long distances.

There are so many flip flops of varying quality on the market, and since you probably don’t have time to look through all of them, we put together a handy guide to help simplify your search.

We also include reviews of the five best flip flops for walking around in all summer long. Read on to learn more!

Top 12 Flip Flops for Walking Comparison Table

DesignNameGenderSize RangeRating (1-5)
  1. OOFOS Ooriginal Thong Unisex 5-16 Women

3-14 Men

  2. Clarks Women’s Arla Glison Flip Flop Women 6-10 4.7
  3. Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Move Solstice Flip Flop Women 6-11 4.6
  4. Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop Women 5-11 4.6
  5. Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal Men 4-17 4.5
6. Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Pizazz Flip-Flop Women 5-11 4.5
7. OluKai Kiai II Sandal – Men’s Men 8-14 4.5
8. Teva Women’s Olowahu Flip-Flop Women 6-11 4.4
  9. crocs Crocband Flip-Flop Unisex 5-15 Women

13 Men

  10. Footminders BALTRA Unisex Orthotic Arch Support Sandals Unisex 6-14 Women

5-13 Men

  11. Aurorae Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop Women 6-10 4.2
  12. Telic Unisex VOTED BEST COMFORT SHOE Arch Support Recovery Flipflop Sandal Unisex 6-12 4.2

How to Choose Flip Flops for Walking

Finding the best flip flops for your lifestyle and foot type is pretty straightforward once you know what to look for before you start to shop. In this section, we will discuss the key things to consider, including fabrication, sole support, and extra details that make certain designs stand out.


The material your flip flops are made from is a personal choice, as there are high-quality options crafted in all kinds of leathers and fabrics. Details regarding some of the more popularly used materials are described below:

  • Leather – This material is incredibly comfortable and durable. Leather softens over time and gets really smooth, providing a comfortable, durable fit that will last for years on end.
  • Synthetic Fibers (Manmade nubuck, Nylon, etc.) – These materials are super durable, and are great for reinforcing flip flops that are going to be used and abused. Synthetic fibers are also a terrific alternative for vegans or anyone else who prefers to avoid leather products.

Sole Support

Flip flops are great because the straps offer a universal fit for most people’s feet. Nonetheless, if you want to wear flip flops for hours on end, you should check to ensure the sole of the sandals are a good match for your foot type so that you get the support you need all day long.

To ensure your comfort, check that the flip flops you are interested in have the correct amount of arch support, depending on your instep:

  • High arches – If you have a high instep, you are going to need a pair of flip flops with built-in arch support. Look for models with orthotic arch support soles, or at the very least, a molded instep, so that you don’t suffer from pain after a few hours of walking.
  • Flat feet – If you have low arches, you will be able to get away with wearing a wider variety of flip flops, including designs featuring flat rubber soles. Nonetheless, if you plan to do a lot of walking, look for designs that have padded insoles to add extra cushioning to the balls of your foot, your midsole, and your heels.

Extra Details – Consider Ankle Support

Most flip flops feature a standard thong that slips between your toes, with two straps that flank each side of your foot. However, if you’re looking for an extra layer of support for your foot, or an extra design detail to dress up your flip flops, look for a pair of with extra straps that wrap around your ankle. The extra straps can take a standard pair of flip flops to a whole new level.

Top 5 Best Flip Flops for Walking Reviews

1. OOFOS Ooriginal Thong

OOFOS makes some of the best flip flops for walking long distances, and the Ooriginal Thong is perhaps their most perfect design of all. This flip flop is crafted to keep your feet happy and last forever.

The Ooriginal Thong has a fabric upper that wicks moisture away from your feet, keeps odor at bay, and withstands all kinds of tugs and pulls over time. Its synthetic sole is similarly water resistant so that you can wear these flip flops at the pool, on the beach, and even in the shower.

Additionally, the soles of these flip flops are ergonomically designed to reduce strain on your feet. You will feel the difference instantly, and other parts of your body, such as your lower back and your knees, will thank you as well.

Thanks to their thoughtful design, these shoes are perfect for anybody with plantar fasciitis, body soreness, or even for athletes who want to slip into something comfortable after an exhausting workout.

If you are serious about finding a comfortable and durable pair of flip flops, give this brand a try. You won’t regret your choice.

2. Clarks Arla Glison Flip Flop

Clarks has enjoyed decades of fame as a purveyor of high quality, comfortable footwear. Their Arla Gilson flip flop is a fantastic option for women seeking an elevated flip flop design with advanced levels of support.

The key to these flip flops lies in the rubber sole. The EVA sole absorbs shocks from rough pavement and uneven surfaces and provides support for sensitive feet. The insole is soft and pliable, so you enjoy lasting comfort even after being on your feet for hours on end.

The fabric upper is both comfortable and durable, so you will be able to wear these sandals all summer long without them suffering wear and tear.

Whether you are a longtime fan of Clarks footwear or have never tried their shoes before, you will love the Arla Gilson flip flops. Give this design a try – we guarantee you will become a Clarks convert in no time.

3. Skechers Performance Go Walk Move Solstice Flip Flop

Skechers has been highly popular with young adults and the young-at-heart for decades, thanks to their affordable, on-trend designs. Thankfully, they offer a great selection of stylish, comfortable flip flops. Their Go Walk Move Solstice flip flop is one of the best models they have to offer.

This design is extremely lightweight, despite featuring a 1.25-inch heel that offers just the right amount of height. You can literally wear these flip flops for hours without feeling weighed down.

In addition to being lightweight, these flip flops offer serious pampering for your feet. The midsole features Resalyte cushioning, which keeps your arches supported all day long. You won’t even notice how long you’ve been wearing them!

The fabric upper keeps your feet cool and comfortable. The thong slips between your toes comfortably, and the metallic logo plate adds a dash of style, in true Skechers fashion.

If you’re seeking a fun, fashionable pair of flip flops to spend your summer in, go with a great pair of Sketchers and wear them to the pool, the beach, and everywhere in between!

4. Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Flip Flop

Another incredibly comfortable option for walking around in all summer is Sanuk’s Yoga Sling 2 sandal design. These are flip flops taken to the next level, thanks to their unique crisscross design that wraps around your ankles, providing extra support and style.

The stretchy straps ensure a more customized fit for your foot than most flip flops, which is great for anyone with narrow feet that blister easily in looser-fitting thong straps. The straps are also fantastic for anyone with broad feet that chafe in too-snug sandals.

The sole of these sandals is a dream come true. The insoles are crafted from the same material as yoga mats, and they are so cushioned that you will feel like you are walking on pillows. They are an excellent choice for anyone who suffers from chronic foot pain after years of wearing unsupportive shoes.

Best of all, this design is much more stylish than a standard flip flop. You can get away with wearing these with your dressiest summer outfits. They come in a whopping 25 colors, so you can pair them with literally everything in your wardrobe throughout warm weather months.

5. Reef Fanning Sandal

For men, the Fannings from Reef are some of the best flip flops for walking around in all summer long. Reef is well known for making durable, high-quality summer footwear, and these are a terrific example.

These flip flops are amazing for wearing at the beach or around town since they feature a rubber sole and a synthetic nubuck upper. They withstand water and sweat so that you can wear them to and from the gym or while camping, too.

These flip flops feature a contoured EVA insole that provides better arch support than most other brands. Anybody with high arches should consider this brand first.

Additionally, the outsole of these flip flops ensures lasting comfort and durability. The heel contains an airbag to absorb shocks and keep your soles cushioned. The exterior of the sole features a herringbone design to give you great traction and prevent wear and tear.

Best of all, the sole contains a bottle top opener, so you can pop open a fresh drink anytime, whether you’re lounging at the pool or the beach or are working on becoming the life of the party. Flip flops really don’t get any better than this.