12 Best Flip Flops for Men in 2017

When it comes to informal events, there is nothing that suits more occasions than the humble flip flop, and this is why men have been turning to this fashion staple for years and will continue to do so.

The increasing popularity of this shoe has resulted in a flood of high-quality flip-flops but also a number of not-so-great products. The issue being that they are relatively cheap to produce but it takes a lot of skill to make only the very best flip flops for men.

By using this guide, you will end up with a product that you will love wearing, and if you choose from our list, you can be sure the flip flops will last much longer and be a great deal more comfortable.

Top 12 Flip Flops for Men Comparison Table

DesignNameThong Material# of Color CombinationsRating (1-5)
  1. OOFOS Unisex Original Thong flip flop Molded Plastic 10 4.7
  2. Reef Men’s Fanning Sandal Synthetic leather. 24 4.5
  3. Spenco Yumi Sandal Filp-Flop Cotton canvas. 47 4.5
  4. Teva Men’s Katavi Thong Outdoor Sandal Suede and mesh. 3 4.5
  5. Rainbow Sandals Men’s Premier Leather Single Layer Leather. 10 4.5
6. Crocs Unisex Crocband Flip-Flop Lightweight rubber. 23 4.4
7. Teva Men’s Mush II Flip-Flop Fabric. 22 4.4
8. Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal Mesh and neoprene. 4 4.3
  9. Sanuk Men’s Beer Cozy Flip-Flop Nylon webbing, fabric and soft jersey liner. 7 4.2
  10. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Ryder Thong Sandals Leather. 2 4.1
  11. Havaianas Men’s Top Flip-Flop Plastic. 15 4.0
  12. Neat Feat Men’s Zori Sport Orthotic Slip-On Sandals Flip Flop Nylon and padded fabric. 2 3.9

Getting the Perfect Informal Footwear Option

Many men make the mistake of thinking that any pair of flip flops are good enough to wear. They may seem very similar but getting a low-quality pair can actually lead to many problems. Only by choosing the very best can you avoid chaffing and general orthopedic injuries.

Not only do you want to get the most comfortable flip flops but these shoes should also complement your overall style rather than detracting from it; this can be a very difficult combination to find, and this is why we have done all the hard work for you.

Be Careful What You Put Between Your Toes

All of the flip flops on our list come with a rubber sole, as this is one of the most durable materials available and it guarantees the shoe will be able to last for miles. While rubber is one of the best choices for the sole of a flip-flop, there are many other options when it comes to the thong section.

It is clear that most of the comfort provided by the flip-flop comes from the thong and therefore it is one of the most important features that you should consider. On our list, we have included the materials, and we will briefly go over the options here:

  • Plastic – This option is usually an extension of the sole of the flip flop. It is a softer type of plastic that molds to the foot and in between the wearer’s toes.

It should be noted that any flip flops that have plastic thongs must be of the highest quality to prevent very painful rubbing.

  • LeatherOn our list, we have included both synthetic and authentic leather. Whether you are opting for the real stuff or the fake, you need to focus on the softness of the leather. Whether the thong is supple can be found in expert reviews, and it is crucial to making these products some of the most comfortable options available.
  • FabricThis can include cotton, canvas, nylon or any padded fabric. Often, this type of flip flop is the most comfortable. The only downfall is that they are not as durable and will generally start to split sooner than other flip flop options.

Flip-flops made of this fabric are best for use around the home and those wearing them for extra comfort.

  • Neoprene or RubberWe have grouped these two materials together as they feel almost indistinguishable when the flip flops are on your feet.

Generally, the rubber used for flip flop thongs are very soft. This is another option that can rub if it isn’t well manufactured and this should be kept in mind before you buy any rubber or neoprene flip flops.

Simple Shoes Don’t Have To Be Uncomfortable

It is a very common misconception that flip flops will always be uncomfortable and men with all kinds of foot problems avoid this type of shoe like the plague. We have focused on making sure the products on our list are packed full of features that provide extra comfort.

You will be able to find all of the following:

  • Additional padding to assist with shock absorption,
  • Carefully designed heel support,
  • Arch support,
  • Fleece lining to prevent any rubbing.

*Pro TipEven if you are choosing a pair of flip flops from our list you should check them carefully for any parts that will rub or catch on your feet as you take them on and off. Even the smallest protrusion can cause a great deal of discomfort over time.

Don’t Forget Style

On our list, we have included the number of color combinations available from each manufacturer. In general, men’s flip flops come in more muted colors, but we have made sure to include products that come in much brighter options to cater to any taste or style.

Your flip flops will be an extension of your style. You should see them as part of your outfit and not a simple accessory. In addition to the color, you should pay attention to the width of the strap. Generally, the wider the strap, the more “sensible” the style of the flip-flop.

*Pro TipMany of the flip flops on our list are unisex. While we have certainly only chosen the best men’s flip flops, it is one of the great things about this type of shoe that they can be used by both genders and have no specific sizing.

Top 5 Best Flip Flops for Men Reviews

1. OOFOS Unisex Original

If comfort is at the top of your priority list when it comes to flip flops, then the OOFOS Unisex Original flip flops have got you covered; this is due to the combination of shape, style and the material that has been used to make them.

The flip flops are 100% fabric with a synthetic sole, but this is not what you would guess when you examine them. The flip flops have the flexibility and softness of fabric but the durability and support of a rubber or plastic material.

These are the best flip flops for men that need extra support due to plantar fasciitis or other orthopedic issues without looking like they are prescription shoes.

2. Reef Men’s Fanning II

The Reef Men’s Fanning II flip flops are the kind of shoes that make you feel like you have the support and cushioning of your favorite sneakers but also the freedom and casual feel of your favorite flip flops.

The first thing to note about these flip flops is the fact that the sole is completely cushioned. Your feet melt into the fabric and the plushness of the sole while the bottom is made of a durable rubber material to keep you from slipping.

These versatile flip flops are the best men’s flip flops out there as they even have a bottle opener outsole that makes them a piece of clothing and a useful tool.

3. Spenco Yumi

The Spenco Yuni sandals have been well made, which is the main reason they are so comfortable. The material is well-cushioned, so your feet don’t feel like they are wearing a hard surface. The shape of the sandals also helps with providing support, particularly the deep heel cup.

With these sandals, there are many different color options to choose from. All of the sandals come with the same great fit and design, but you can choose between a bright statement color or an earthier color combo.

This is a great pair of flip flops to use in your home for doing housework without hurting your feet or for wearing out every day in the summer time.

4. Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor

The Teva Men’s Katavi Outdoor flip flops are perfect for the man that wants to have freer feet in the summer but does not want to compromise utility and support. This pair of sandals is the perfect warm-weather alternative for men that spend their days or weekends in work boots.

The combination of suede and mesh in the strap and the rubber sole means that this is a higher quality sandal than the ones that you would find being sold in a bucket at your local superstore. This is the kind of sandal you buy when you might do some light yard work or shorter hike.

The sandal comes in a few neutral color options. The combination of the black rubber sole and these colors is perfect for almost every man out there.

5. Rainbow Premier Men’s

The Rainbow Premier Men’s Flip Flops are designed for the man that wants to look casual but doesn’t want to compromise quality and style. These sandals are made of synthetic and leather materials; this means that the sandals will last for a long time without getting worn out.

These sandals have a simple, yet refined look that means they would look good with casual khaki shorts and a T-shirt for running errands around town or with chinos and a button down shirt for a friend’s dinner party.

The wide thong strap also adds to the style but means that the sandal will stay more securely on your foot too. This kind of rugged look is for looks and longevity.

It All Comes Down to The Where and Why

While all of the details we listed above are very important when it comes to choosing the best flip flops for men, it all comes down to why you are buying these kinds of shoes in the first place.

You will not be able to decide which material, style or comfort options you want if you don’t first consider where you will be wearing the flip flops and why you want them.

Many buyers make the mistake of opting for highly robust products that never leave the house or a flimsy pair that fall apart after miles of walking. Match the flip flops to your needs, and you are guaranteed to be absolutely satisfied with one of the products on our list.