12 Best Flats in 2017

Shoe shopping is truly overwhelming due to the sea of sneakers, heels, boots, flip-flops, flats and loafers out there.

Finding decent flats seems to be particularly difficult, not just because there are an endless amount of styles available, but also because you need to factor in the level of quality before choosing some.

Our guide will flatten any doubts you have about choosing the best flats for the occasion, and in addition to highlighting the top 12 pairs, we will also provide you with useful tips to make finding the right pair quick and easy.

Top 12 Flats Ultimate Table

DesignNameUpper MaterialToe ShapeRating (1-5)
  1. Clarks Women’s Alitay Susan Flat Leather Round 4.4
  2. Jessica Simpson Women’s Mandalaye Ballet Flat Varies Square 4.4
  3. TOMS Women’s Classics Flat Canvas Square 4.3
  4. Crocs Women’s Kadee Flat CrosliteTM
(closed-cell resin)
 Round 4.3
  5. Toms Women’s Jutti Flat Casual Shoe Varies Pointed 4.3
6. dexflex Comfort Women’s Claire Scrunch Flat Synthetic Material, Fabric Round 4.3
7. Skechers Sport Women’s EZ Flex Flighty Majesty Slip-on Flat Textile Round 4.2
8. Hush Puppies Women’s Chaste Ballet Flat Varies Round 4.1
  9. Walstar Women Basic Glitter Mesh Flat Slip on Shoes Jewels, Suede Round 3.9
  10. Sam Edelman Women’s Rae Pointed Toe Flat Varies Pointed 3.8
  11. Ollio Women’s Ballet Shoe Flat Enamel Pointed Toe Oxford Synthetic Pointed 3.8
  12. Breckelles Womens Faux Leather D’Orsay Pointed Toe Flats Synthetic Pointed 3.4

Choosing Great Flats

It is so much easier to choose the right flats when you have all of the information you need in front of you, and we will provide it for you in this section.

  • Toe Shape – Flats come with a variety of toe styles, and each one will add a unique touch to your look.

Round toes are great for more casual or professional settings. They also fit very well on those with wider feet.

Pointed toes can give you a more formal look and elongate the silhouette, while and peep toes keep things cool when the summer temperatures start to rise.

We’re generalizing here because the type of material used on the uppers as well as the accents will also add to the overall “look.”

  • Footbed – Comfort is key when it comes to choosing a decent pair of flats, and when we see the term “flat” associated with footwear, the term “comfort” doesn’t exactly come to mind.

Luckily, brands like Clarks and Crocs offer styles that prioritize comfort and foot health, so if comfort is important to you, be sure to check out the options from both brands in our table.

  • Style – Casual, formal, or sporty? You have options! As you can see from our table, we have included options from each category. Just remember that if you don’t like the colors we featured, each pair comes in different color options.


Since materials vary greatly from flat to flat, just keep the following things in mind as you decide which ones will work for your wardrobe and style.

  • Real Leather – Will outlast Synthetic Leather, but both come in a variety of finishes. Real leather is also more expensive, so if you find a good pair, you can wear it year after year. Synthetic leathers wear out quickly, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing of you like to change out your shoe selection each year!
  • Suede – Is lovely but also extremely difficult to keep clean, so if you aren’t willing to dedicate extra time to them, then we recommend that you avoid it.
  • Canvas – Is easy to clean and is perfect for summer. The look is casual, but if paired with the right outfit, you can make it work for a variety of casual styles.
  • Unique materials such as Crocs CrosliteTM (which is a closed-cell resin) is super lightweight and waterproof, but shoes like this are more suitable around the house or at the pool.

Choosing a material really depends on the occasion and the season, so make a checklist to help you choose. Our tips will help you decide what you need and don’t need, which makes narrowing down the options much easier!

Solving the Color Dilemma

One problem that a lot of us have is deciding which color to add to the mix (we’re raising our hands). We fall in love with a pair of flats, buy them, and then get them home only to realize that we have one outfit that they match. Ugh!

Here’s how to avoid this problem.

  • What Do You Have Already? – Don’t get duplicates in three different colors or flats that are so similar to ones that you already have that it is hard to tell the difference. Mix things up a bit and fill in the holes by adding colors that work well with your wardrobe.
  • Choose Colors That Go with Multiple Outfits – It’s a pity to buy flats that sit in a box for 363 days out of the year (unless they are for a formal occasion, of course). Buy something that you can wear more than once a year!

Most of you searching for the best flats probably want to use them regularly, so if you do, make sure that the colors will go with the clothing you already own.

Solid colors can pretty much go with anything, as long as the color is right for the outfit’s color palette. Flats with multiple colors are easier to pair with patterned clothing since you can use them to pick out certain hues in the patterns.

Top 5 Best Flats Reviews

1. Clarks Alitay Susan Flat

Clarks are noticeably more expensive than many of the other brands out there, but if you wanted to find the best flats, they’re worth the higher price.

We’ll start with the uppers. They’re made of real leather with two contrasting colors, and if pink and orange isn’t quite your cup of tea, you’ll find that the other four color combinations they offer go with a wide variety of wardrobes and styles.

Clarks has skillfully created a mix between the flat and the wedge because this shoe does offer you a bit of lift in the back since the heel is slightly raised (3/4” to be exact).

The footbed is lightly cushioned, and the sole is made of rubber; no slipping and sliding around in these flats!

The shape and style of the shoe is casual, but they’re versatile at the same time. We found them to be appropriate for both the workplace and for running errands, and the best part is that they will last for more than a season.

2. Jessica Simpson Mandalaye Ballet Flat

These sweet shoes are some of the most popular from Jessica Simpson’s line, and ballerina or not, they’ll add a unique touch to your outfit!

They’re roomy in the toe and comfortable to wear all day long, even though they are lacking a bit of support in the footbed.

Pair them with a skirt or a pair of pants, and they’ll help you take your outfit to a whole different level. Prepare to be showered with compliments, because everyone who sees them will want to know where you got them!

The straps on the top are made from elastic, but the upper material varies from color to color since some are made with suede and others with leather. You’ll have to double check each style before you choose, but the Vanilla Cream flats in our table are made from leather.

There are seven other colors and patterns to choose from, so have a look to see which one will best suit your wardrobe!

3. TOMS Classic Flats

TOMS has the ultimate summer flats to keep you comfortable morning, noon and night. The range of colors and patterns is huge, which means that everyone can find the right match for her style needs.

If you have wide feet, these shoes will work well for you since they have plenty of room in the toe and forefoot, and their casual style makes them easy to slip on for a variety of occasions. We love that the canvas uppers are so easy to clean, which is something we cannot say for suede shoes!

The one thing that you do need to know about these is that they will probably get you through one season only if you wear them regularly (5 days a week or so).

With light use, you can probably get a couple of seasons out of them, and you’ll love them enough to replace them once they do wear out!

4. Crocs Kadee Flats

These are probably some of the most relaxed flats on our list. They’re perfect for use around the house and in the garden when you’re puttering in the vegetable garden.

The shape of the footbed provides you with plenty of support, which is why these are some of the most comfortable flats you’ll ever wear. Many actually use them in the healthcare industry since they have traction on the bottom and are easy to clean. You can wear them all day with bare feet and still feel good when you take them off. The holes are decorative on the flats, but also provide ventilation to help prevent your feet from sweating.

The color options are a range of standard and fun, so whether you’re looking for something that will go with everything in your wardrobe or if you’d like to add a pop of color, the Kadees are both fun and stylish!

5. TOMS Jutti Flats

These are probably our favorite pair of stylish flats on the list. They have a pointed toe, and decorative style punched into the suede, so they’re great for work and pretty much anywhere!

Suede – it is so beautiful but such a pain to clean. That is probably the only reason that some of you might not want these flats, but the good news is that the materials vary from color to color. Some are made with textile and canvas-like material, and with the wide range of patterns, you’ll find a home for them in your wardrobe without a problem.

We can’t say they are the most comfortable flats ever since the footbed is truly flat (no arch support), but if the other TOMS on our list were too informal for you, these are the perfect alternative. Same great quality, more feminine style!