12 Best Flats for Work in 2017

Everyone needs a few pair of flats in their wardrobe, both for formal and casual occasions! Flats are great for running errands, at work indispensable at work when you have to move around a lot and spend plenty of time standing.

Apart from being comfortable, the best flats for work have to be equally stylish, so that you look professional. Most women assume that being fashionable and dressy equals wearing heels. Nonetheless, that is far from being accurate.

You can look your best while wearing flats, with the condition that you shop wisely. In this guide, we want to present to you a range of footwear that is both practical and fashionable.

Top 12 Flats for Work Comparison Chart

DesignNameMaterialShapeRating (1-5)
  1. Steve Madden Women’s Eleanorr Pointed Toe Flat Suede Pointed toe 4.5
  2. Anne Klein Sport Women’s Able Fabric Ballet Flat Textile Rounded toe 4.4
  3. Aerosoles Women’s High Bet Ballet Flat Leather Rounded toe 4.3
  4. Lucky Women’s Emmie Ballet Flat Synthetic Rounded toe 4.1
  5. Betani FC42 Women’s Double Ankle Strap T-strap Ballerina Flats Half Size Big Faux suede Pointed toe 4.1
  6. Betani FC42 Women’s Double Ankle Strap T-strap Ballerina Flats Half Size Big Leather Rounded toe 4.0
  7. Jessica Simpson Women’s Mugara Ballet Flat Synthetic Rounded toe 4.0
  8. DREAM PAIRS SOLE CLASSIC Women’s Casual Pointed Toe Ballet Comfort Soft Slip On Flats Shoes Synthetic Pointed toe 4.0
  9. Anne Klein Women’s Ovi Ballet Flat Leather Rounded toe 4.0
  10. Nine West Women’s Osillyyou Leather Flat Leather Pointed toe 3.9
  11. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Frankie Ballet Flat Synthetic Rounded toe 3.9
  12. Bellamarie Angie-28 Women’s Classic Pointy Toe Ballet Flat Shoes Faux suede Pointed toe 3.9

What to Look for When Purchasing Flats for Work

  • Comfort – For starters, the best flats for work have to be comfortable. After all, this is the very reason why you’re choosing flats over heels: in order to prevent blisters and aching.

That being said, comfort should be a priority when you’re in the market for flats. As cute as some shoes may be, if they aren’t comfy, they’ll hurt your feet, and that won’t help you in any way.

Even though the style is also a significant consideration, comfort is even more important.

  • Style – Flats come in various forms; some are on the casual side while others are on the dressier side. Depending on how you tend to dress, you should choose a model that complements your style.

For instance, flats with pointed toes are more elegant in comparison with those with rounded toes. Pointed toes flats are excellent for professional and stylish outfits, and they make you look on point.

On the other hand, rounded toe flats are a bit more casual; nonetheless, they can successfully accessorize semi-casual or business attires.

  • Versatility – A pair of flats that comes in a neutral color can be worn with any outfit. Nevertheless, if the dress code at your office isn’t restrictive, and you can be creative, you can choose a bold color as well.

Before selecting a pair of flats, you should try to envision yourself wearing them: do you see yourself wearing them to work? Or will you turn to your previous shoe wear?


  • Leather – leather flats are comfortable and durable, and most importantly, they accessorize professional and casual outfits alike.
  • Suede – flats that are manufactured with suede are dressy and professional, and sometimes they are decorated with ruffles, bows, or buckles; this makes them stylish and boosts the aesthetic appeal of the shoes.
  • Synthetic – the best thing about synthetic materials is that they are versatile and their appearance varies greatly. That means such flats come in different patterns and models. They are often decorated with ribbons, bows or flowers.
  • Satin – Satin is a soft, stylish choice of material when it comes to manufacturing flats. Although they are dressy, they are less durable and may wear out in time.

Top 4 Best Flats for Work Reviews

1. Steve Madden Eleanorr Pointed Toe Flat

These stylish flats are just perfect if you enjoy wearing fashionable, edgy shoes, which are still classy and elegant. These perfectly combine all these characteristics, which is why we love them.

Lace-up flats are, actually, the latest trend in the shoe department. These can be worn with jeans, slacks, and dresses. We like that the laces add a bit of sophistication to some flats which, otherwise, would be rather plain.

We recommend you to avoid tying the laces too tight since this can result in leg ache. As long as the laces are tied up just right, these flats are perfectly comfortable and are excellent for work.

They are made of high-quality material, which is why you’ll get a lot of wear out of these flats. If you wish to boost your comfort while wearing these, we advise you to use an insert, especially if you intend to wear these at work.

They are available in light gray, black, rose suede, blue and taupe suede, which are all varied colors, perfect for everyday wear.

2. Anne Klein Sport Able Fabric Ballet Flat

These ballet flats by Anne Klein are versatile and easy to style. Even though they seem to be an essential pair of flats, they are elegant enough as to be suitable for everyday wear, work, and going out. Now that is what you can call versatile shoe wear.

We think these flats work great with dresses, skirts, ankle pants, and business suits.

Since a portion of the flats is made of textile material, you can choose from various designs including animal print, and others.

Therefore, if you want a pair of flats that is unique and adds an edgy feel to your outfits, these are just right. They are comfy, yet fashionable, so you won’t feel underdressed while wearing them.

3. Aerosoles High Bet Ballet Flat

Whoever said that flats are plain and uninteresting will change their mind when seeing these beauties.

Manufactured with high-quality leather, these ballet flats look high-end and fashionable without hurting your feet as some high heels would.

Since they are double padded with memory foam, you can wear these all day without worrying about blisters or leg ache.

We especially loved the metal detail that decorates the flats and makes them more sophisticated and stylish. Moreover, the diamond flex sole is another feature that proves this is a well-made, qualitative product.

Nonetheless, the thing with these ballet flats is that they are a bit wide; therefore, if your feet are narrow, order half a size smaller.

4. Lucky Emmie Ballet Flat

These ballet flats are practical, functional, yet stylish. The craftsmanship to these flats is excellent, and so is the stitching.

We recommend you to order half a size larger since these can be quite narrow considering the stitching that encircles the flat. The sole is a bit cushioned which makes these fitted for work.

Still, if you have a job that requires a lot of walking and moving around, we think that these aren’t your best choice. The stitching is a detail that may cause pain to some people. Nonetheless, if you have a desk job, these are an excellent option.

The best flats for work are an indispensable element that shouldn’t miss from your shoe wardrobe. Whether you’re off to doing some shopping, running some errands, or going to work, a pair of high-quality flats will be your go-to for many scenarios and activities.