12 Best Fitting Jeans for Women in 2017

The world is made up of people with bodies of all different shapes and sizes, even though clothing manufacturers treat us as if we are all the same.

For those of us who do not have the luxury of being able to get custom-made clothes, getting clothes that fit well can be a mission. This can especially be the case when it comes to jeans.

Knowing how to get the best fitting jeans for women can make the process much easier and prevent the need to endlessly trawl stores and try on many different versions.

Top 12 Fitting Jeans for Women Overview Table

DesignNameStretchColorRating (1-5)
  1. Style G208- Colombian Design, High Waist, Butt Lift, Levanta Cola, Skinny Jeans Spandex Yes 4.4
  2. Levi’s Women’s 529 Curvy Bootcut Jean, Abbot Indigo Eslante Yes 4.3
  3. Levi’s Women’s Mid Rise Skinny Jean Eslante Yes 4.3
  4. Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Plus-Size Amanda Tapered Leg Jean, Phoenix Spandex Yes 4.3
  5. Lee Women’s Relaxed Fit Straight Leg Jean, Authentic Azul Spandex Yes 4.1
  6. Levi’s Women’s 525 Perfect Waist Straight Leg Jean, Wild Air Elastane Yes 4.1
  7. Curvify 764 Women’s Butt-Lifting Skinny Jeans Spandex Yes 4.1
  8. Dickies Women’s Relaxed Fit Bootcut Leg Denim Jean (Long Inseams), Medium Stonewash Spandex Yes 4.0
  9. Levi’s Women’s New Boyfriend Jean, Shark Blue Elastane Yes 4.0
  10. Levi’s Women’s 505 Straight Leg Jean Elastane Yes 3.8
  11. PajamaJeans – Bootcut Dark Blue Indigo Stretch Knit Denim Jeans Spandex No 3.8
  12. Women’s Plus-Size Relaxed Fit Straight-Leg Jean Spandex No 3.8

Features of Women’s Jeans to Consider

  • Cut – There are many different types of cuts of jeans, which will play a part in getting a pair that are an ideal fit. Straight, boot, boyfriend, skinny, relaxed, regular. Different jeans will be suitable for different occasions, so this is one of the most important considerations.
  • Length – When considering the length of jeans, the main point to bear in mind is the inside leg measurement as this will still need to be considered even if you are seeking a length longer or shorter than this.
  • Color – The vast range of colors in which jeans are available will mean this will certainly need to be considered to ensure that the color will match the clothes you intend to wear with them.
  • Material – Though many people will assume that jeans will be 100% cotton due to the use of denim, this is not always the case. In order to make them fit well, many will comprise a small percentage of elastane or Spandex. The inclusion of Spandex or elastane can help to ensure that jeans fit well, though it does not alter the appearance or integrity of the jeans.
  • Waist – The waistband of jeans can be designed to fall at different points on the body, such as low riding or high waist. Make sure that the waist is appropriate for your intended use; for example, if you require the jeans for being active, low-rise jeans may not be appropriate as they may ride down too low with regular movement.
  • Wash – The stone wash jeans tend to go in and out of fashion, but there are other types of color available. Consider the color and the extent of the dye that you want from your jeans.
  • Fly – While some jeans will comprise a zipper fly, others will have a button fly so this will need to be checked to ensure you get the required fastening.
  • Style – There are a number of style features that can be used in the manufacture of jeans, such as rips, purposeful wear, bleach, decorative stitching and frayed hems. These can all help to give the jeans a distinctive look.

How to Find Fitting Women’s Jeans

Consider the type of occasion for which you want the jeans, which will help you to determine which is the right style for you.

For example, baggy, boyfriend style jeans are not likely to be the best option for a smart occasion.

If the jeans are for no particular purpose, that is great as you then only need to consider your own personal style and getting a pair that not only fit well but from which you will get a lot of use.

Your body shape will also be a factor in successfully getting a pair that fit well. For example, straight cut jeans may not always be the best option for a pear shaped body. Accordingly, it is also important to be realistic on this point.

Do not immediately accept the first option. Compare and contrast several options, even by taking notes if necessary. Consider the positives and negatives of each pair of jeans that you try on to determine which are the right pair.

Top 4 Best Fitting Jeans for Women Reviews

1. Diamante Style G248 Colombian Design

The material used to make the Diamante Style G248 Colombian Design Skinny jeans is soft and stretchy.

It is not 100% cotton, but also comprises some polyester and Spandex, which combines to make them easy to wear.

They are skinny style so they taper down to the ankles, but they are easy to put on as the amount of stretch is sufficient to make them easy to put on.

They are designed to help lift and shape the butt, which it does through the stitching and they created a nice shape. They have a zipper fly.

The Diamante Style G248 Colombian Design Skinny jeans are light to wear and work well to give the butt a nice shape.

2. Levi’s 529 Curvy Boot Cut

The Levis 529 Curvy Boot Cut jeans are available in a number colors that jeans can traditionally be expected to be found in, so it is easy to find your preferred color.

They are designed to enhance a curvy shape and the boot cut leg is not excessively wide, so the look is well balanced.

The waist is a mid rise and they sit comfortably just below the waist and are secured with a button fly. They fit well at the waist and do not leave the gap at the rear that can usually only be solved by wearing a belt.

These Levis 529 Curvy Boot Cut are ideal for women with a fuller butt and thighs and a small waist as they fit this shape well and are comfortable.

3. Levi’s Mid Rise Skinny Jeans

The Levis Mid Rise Skinny jeans are a good example of what skinny jeans should be, as they offer everything you would expect from this type of jeans.

The legs taper down to the ankle and the length is ideal to enable them to be worn on a casual or smart basis.

They are not entirely cotton and the material offers a little stretch so that they are comfortable and fit as they should. They are stretchy enough to prevent inadvertently showing off your underwear when kneeling or bending.

The fly is secured with a zipper and buttons.

They are machine washable so they are easy to take care of.

The Levis Mid Rise Skinny jeans are ideal skinny jeans for those who want to look stylish but still be comfortable.

4. Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Straight Leg Jeans

The Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Straight Leg jeans are designed for plus sizes, and cover a range of different lengths within this remit.

Though they are described as straight leg, they are actually a little tapered, which gives them a nice shape and means they fit well.

They are made from a combination of materials so they feel strong and hardwearing though they are not heavy.

The Gloria Vanderbilt Plus Size Straight Leg are the best fitting jeans for women who require a plus size version that actually fits well.