12 Best Electronic Drum Sets in 2018

A full sized drum set is an expensive piece of kit, requiring a significant amount of space to be able to set up and play comfortably. In many an average home, this space will be difficult to find.

Besides this, it will require a serious financial commitment even to start learning how to play.

An electronic drum set is an ideal alternative to the standard percussion instrument, as it offers a number of benefits, such as easy portability.

The best electronic drum set will be an effective learning tool, offering all the abilities of a full drum set as well as additional benefits.

Top 12 Electronic Drum Sets Ultimate Table

DesignNameUSB ConnectivityKitRating (1-5)
  1. Roland TD-11K-S V-Compact Series Electronic Drum Set No 8 Piece 4.7
  2. Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit No Console 4.4
  3. Spectrum AIL 602 7-Pad Digital Drum Set No Console 4.4
  4. ddrum DD1 Complete Electronic Drum Kit Yes 8 Piece 4.3
  5. Pyle-Pro PTED01 Electronic Table Digital Drum Kit Yes Console 4.2
  6. Yamaha YDD40 Portable Digital Electronic Drums Premium PackNo Console 4.2
  7. Yamaha DTX400K Electronic Drum Kit No 7 Piece 4.0
  8. Alesis DM10X Mesh Studio Kit Six-Piece Professional Electronic Drum Set No 6 Piece 3.8
  9. Alesis DM Lite Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set Yes 5 Piece 3.8
  10. Alesis DM6 USB Kit Five-Piece Compact Beginner Electronic Drum Set Yes 5 Piece 3.6
  11. Pyle-Pro PED02M Electric Thunder Drum No 7 Piece 3.4
  12. Sourcingbay Portable Electronic Roll up Drum Pad Kit Silicon Foldable No Console 3.4

How to Choose the Best Electronic Drum Kit

Electronic drum kits are available in two main forms: one that closely resembles the standard full sized percussion instrument, and one with pads on a single console. This is one of the first decisions that need to be made.

It will sometimes be the case that some accessories are required for use with an electronic drum kit, such as a stool or drum sticks. Check whether these are included as part of the package or whether they need to be purchased separately.

Making use of a USB connection port will enable you to record music and make use of background music that was recorded elsewhere

If you are just starting to learn how to play the drums, you must consider whether there are any integrated lessons that are available.

Consider the Benefits of the Best Electronic Drum Set

  • Portability – The frame required for an electronic drum set will be lighter than that for a standard drum kit, so it will be easier to transport. This goes even more so for a single console drum kit.
  • Ability – The electronic aspect of an electronic drum kit means that it will have a wide range of abilities that is not possible with an acoustic drum kit. Whether this is the use of effects or recording songs, these abilities can be highly useful.
  • Volume Control – Varying the volume of acoustic drums is only possible by carrying the way you play; this can be achieved with the touch of a button with an electronic drum kit.
  • Accessories – The use of accessories is easier with an electronic drum kit and enables processes, such as recording beats or playing accompaniments. These may be included as part of the package or be sold separately.
  • Storage – The decreased size of an electronic drum set compared to a standard drum kit means it takes up less space and is easier to dismantle and store.
  • Cost – An electronic drum kit will often be more cost effective than a full acoustic drum kit, which is especially prudent when just starting out in playing the drums.

Top 4 Electronic Drum Sets Reviews

1. Roland TD-11K-S

This Roland TD-11K-S V Compact electronic drum kit is black and appears quite compact, which makes it look modern and stylish.

Though the frame is solid, it is still light and the pads are also light, so it is easy to transport.

The drum set is complete, so it is not necessary to purchase any additional pieces with this kit, bar a stool.

Setting up this Roland TD-11K-S V Compact drum set is easily achieved and the control panel is within easy reach.

The kick pad may feel strange to those who are used to playing an acoustic drum, but the sound is excellent and it is hard to believe that an electronic drum kit produces it.

The quality of the sound overall is impressive and sounds so much like an acoustic drum.

This Roland TD-11K-S V Compact is a worthwhile purchase when seeking a drum kit as it is easy to use and produces an authentic sound.

2. Yamaha DD65

The Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital drum kit is a single console that comprises eight different pads. The main body is silver and the pads are black, so it looks modern.

The pads vary in size and their positioning makes them easy to use with drum sticks or if playing with the hands. The pads are touch-sensitive to the point where playing with the hands is possible.

This drum kit is excellent for beginners as it comprises a number of programs that help with learning, such as built-in songs that can be played along with. Besides this, it has 50 programmed drum kits.

The tempo control aids with learning and playing songs.

The central speaker means the sound comes through clearly and the LCD is effective and clear.

The Yamaha DD-65 is a great drum kit as it sounds just like an acoustic drum and can be played with the hands.

3. Spectrum AIL 602

The Spectrum AIL 602 electronic drum kit is quite a small console and only weighs about 18lbs, which makes it easy to transport.

It has seven pads and is fully adjustable to allow the pads to be assigned specific beats.

The pads are touch-sensitive, so they can be played with hands alone or with the use of drum sticks

Due to the size, it is easy to assume that the Spectrum AIL 602 would not be capable of much, but looks are deceptive when it comes to this drum kit. Despite its size, this drum kit has 215 voices, 10 preset kits and can even download.

It comes with all the necessary accessories to immediately get started, from a stand to the pedals.

An excellent drum kit for beginners because it has all the necessary aspects to become proficient.

4. ddrum JF-DD1-KIT-1

The Ddrum DD1 Electronic drum kit is the type that comes with a frame so that it resembles a full sized acoustic drum kit. However, this kit does not take up as much space.

The frame is light and easy to assemble, but still strong enough to support all the pads and cymbals for as long as you want to play them.

The red and black coloring gives it a funky look that will let it fit in with any gig.

The electronics with the Ddrum DD1 is superior in that it has so many different features that you lose hours playing around with the installed preset kits and songs. Not only does it have a USB port, but it is also MIDI compatible and can support MP3 playback.

The Ddrum DD1 is the best electronic drum set as it offers an excellent range of features in addition to accessories, such as drum sticks and ear buds.