12 Best Duvet Covers in 2018

It’s always exciting to hit the stores in search of new items for the home, and thanks to the internet, you have a world of inspiration right at your fingertips!

When it comes to buying bedding, the options are endless. Color is the main factor people look at when searching for new sheets or a new duvet, but there are many other things you should take into consideration before choosing one.

Here in our guide, will we provide you with a list of some of the best duvet covers, and teach you a bit about the fabric and the details you should pay attention to before you purchase.

Read on to see which duvets our home experts recommend to turn your drab, boring bedroom into a cozy retreat.

Top 12 Duvet Covers Ultimate Table

DesignNameMaterialAvailable SizesRating (1-5)
  1. 3-piece Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton Duvet Cover Set 100% Egyptian Cotton Queen, King 4.8
  2. Word of Dream 250TC 100% Cotton Floral Print Duvet Cover Set 100% Cotton Twin, Full/Queen, King 4.7
  3. Vougemarket 3 Piece Duvet Cover Set 100% Cotton Queen, King 4.7
  4. Sleepwish 4 Pcs Mandala Bedding Posture Million Romantic Soft Bedclothes 100% Polyester Microfiber Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King 4.6
  5. Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed 1800 Series Microfiber Duvet Cover Set 100% Brushed Microfiber Twin, Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/Cal. King 4.4
6. Swanson Beddings Serene 3-Piece 100% Cotton Bedding Set 100% Cotton Full, Queen, King, California King 4.4
7. Vaulia Lightweight Microfiber Duvet Cover Sets Microfiber Twin, Full/Queen, King 4.4
8. Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover 100% Microfiber Twin, Full, Queen, King, California King 4.4
  9. Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Closure-Black Strip Design Printed Pattern 100% Polyester Microfiber Twin, Full/Queen, King* 4.3
  10. Hotel Collection Chester 100% Egyptian Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set 100% Egyptian Cotton Queen, King 4.3
  11. Hotel Luxury 3pc Duvet Cover Set 100% Microfiber Full/Queen, King 4.2
  12. Pinzon 300-Thread-Count Cotton Percale Duvet Cover Set 100% Cotton Twin, Full/Queen, King 4.0

*Note that these duvet covers come in two different measurements for each size, so there are two “Twin,” two “Full/Queen,” and two “King” sizing options.

Understand the Fabric

You may look at the labels when it is time to wash your bedding, but to choose the best duvet cover, you should understand a bit about each of the fabrics used to make them.

  • Cotton – Cotton is a breathable, natural, skin-friendly material that is used for the majority of our clothing, but when it is on the bed, wrinkles are a problem!

Not all of us have the time (or interest) to iron the duvet cover, and even if you throw it in the dryer after washing it, chances are you’ll still find some. Regular use will also result in those wrinkles.

On the bright side, it is very easy to care for and quite durable. If you opt for any colored patterns that have a lot of dye on them, be sure you wash it first. You should always wash any new bedding before you use it, but many skip that step and put it straight on the bed. The problem with the dyes is that they can bleed, so make sure you give it a good washing before use.

  • Egyptian Cotton – Egyptian cotton is a higher quality of cotton plant that has longer fibers than regular cotton does. These fibers are also smoother and not as flawed as regular cotton, so you could compare it to a smooth strand of hair versus one with split ends.

When woven, the material is softer, and it can be woven into finer yarns and threads. Once woven, you’ll notice the difference in feel, strength, and durability when you compare it to regular cotton.

Wrinkles are still a problem, but not a reason to avoid buying the duvet.

  • Microfiber – Microfiber fabric can be made with a variety of different threads, polyester being one of the most common. The polyester threads used to make microfiber fabric are extremely thin, even smaller than a strand of silk!

Some manufacturers will brush the microfiber to render it softer and slightly fuzzy; this is very desirable to many, especially in the cooler weather.

While it may not be natural like cotton is, it is definitely more wrinkle-resistant.

A Word about Thread Count

Keep an eye out for products that claim to have a ridiculously high thread count on their fabric because more does not always mean better.

Anything in the 200-800 range is completely acceptable because once you start to see fabrics that are claiming 1,000 or higher thread count, the chances are that the manufacturer has twisted several plies of thread together to be able to make that claim; this simply results in thicker thread and not more threads per square inch.

When you know the tricks of the trade, you’ll have no problem determining which are the best duvet covers based on quality.

Details to Scrutinize

You need to look closely at the small details as you shop. Otherwise, you’ll end up with something that starts to fall apart after a few washes or doesn’t quite fit your bedding the way you expected.

  • Closure System – Buttons or zippers – which one is best?

Zippered closures will ensure that your bedding has a clean, polished look and they are also easier to close. You might end up zipping part of the duvet in it, so be careful as you close.

Buttons are a bit more rustic. If your duvet hangs down to the floor at the foot of the bed rather than tucking it under the mattress, then you’ll see the buttons. If you don’t like this type of look, then a zippered closure might be better.

  • Seams – Check the seams over to see how well the duvet is sewn together. Are there any loose threads hanging out anywhere? Are the seams sewn evenly or crooked?

You can’t expect to find a perfectly sewn high-quality duvet cover for $20 (unless it was a Black Friday find that you couldn’t pass up), but if you’re willing to spend a bit more money on a duvet, you should set your standards higher and make sure that these details are in order.

  • Reversible –  Some duvets are reversible, making them more versatile than the competition.

Is this a feature that you want or prefer? If so, check out numbers 2 and 3 below.

Top 5 Best Duvet Covers Reviews

1. Dazzfond 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Closure – Buttons.

The quality of this duvet cover is impeccable thanks to the high-quality Egyptian cotton the manufacturer used. The material is soft and holds up well wash after wash, and you could use it year round if you use a heavier duvet insert in the cold weather.

Since the design style is so neutral, it will match many different décor styles. The pillows feature the same button closure that the base of the duvet cover does, so ideally; you would use this on a bed with no footboard so that you could see them.

If you tuck it under the mattress, that’s not a problem either.

The only complaint we have about this duvet is the fact that it wrinkles – you’ll either have to iron them out or ignore them!

2. Word of Dream 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Closure – Zipper.

We ended up liking both sides of this duvet cover, which is why we would say you could use either side for your décor. It comes in the fresh, blue leaf pattern that we featured in our table as well as a more prominent blossoms pattern that would give your room a friendly, yet important feel.

While it may not be as high in quality as the previous product, it is still 100% cotton and great for those who want a natural material touching the skin. The thread count is low – 250 – but that is to be expected in this price range.

The pattern is fresh and friendly, and we knew to expect a few wrinkles with it being cotton and all.

In spite of that, we felt that the overall quality was great and think this would be the perfect addition to a guest room or master bedroom.

3. Vougemarket 3-Piece Duvet Cover Set

Closure – Zipper.

If you’re not a fan of the twigs on this duvet, don’t worry; they have plenty of other patterns and colors available.

We liked that the pillow shams had a loose border around the edge, framing them off a bit and giving them some depth. The zipper closure is concealed, so you won’t have to worry about seeing it hang down on the floor.

You’re out of luck if you have a twin or full sized bed because these only come in the queen and king size.

They’re beautiful, though, and they will add a dash of flair to any neutral bedroom!

4. Sleepwish 4-Piece Mandala Duvet Cover Set

Closure – Zipper.

Those of you interested in a pop of color will love Sleepwish’s duvet cover. They even throw in a matching square pillow to complete the look!

We definitely recommend that you wash this before using it. Not only will you wash off any chemicals that were left over during the manufacturing process, but you’ll also help remove any leftover dyes.

The color might be a bit too out there for some of you, but we can assure that the quality of the microfiber material is excellent.

It is also available in other colors if this one is too pink/purple for you. The pattern is slightly different, but it is still that beautiful Bohemian look. We liked the blue!

5. Beckham Luxury Linens Duvet Cover Set

Closure – Zipper.

We also wanted to be sure and highlight something neutral for those who don’t care for patterned duvet covers.

The soft microfiber will make it hard for you to get out of bed in the morning – it is so comfortable! We ended up trying the white one, but it comes in 17 other colors if you would like to add a splash of character.

One of the main things we noticed about this cover was how thin it was compared to some of the others. The material is undoubtedly soft, seeing that it is microfiber, but we can already tell with regular use and washings, this material is not going to last in the long run.

It’s a great item if you’re on a budget or using it for a guest bed that isn’t used regularly, but if you’re shopping for a duvet cover for your bed, spend a bit more and get yourself something that will last.