12 Best Drum Sticks in 2017

Whether you play a standard percussion drum kit, or you are honing your skills with an electronic drum kit, an essential requirement is a decent pair or drumsticks.

Drumsticks – quite literally – need to be able to take a battering, due to the manner in which they are used. They need to be effective in order to help you create precise beats.

The best drum sticks will be sufficiently hard-wearing to last a long time and help you create songs.

Top 12 Drum Sticks Complete Chart

DesignNameSizeMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks 5A Hickory 4.8
  2. Promark Hickory TX515W Joey Jordison Wood Tip drumstick 5A Hickory 4.7
  3. Vic Firth American Custom® SD1 General 16 3/8″ Hickory 4.6
  4. Promark American Hickory 5A Wood Tip Single Pair 5A Hickory 4.6
  5. CODA DK-040 Student Drum Sticks15.75” Wood 4.6
  6. Zildjian 5B Nylon Black Drumsticks 5B Hickory 4.5
  7. Vic Firth Signature Series 16 5/16” Wood 4.5
  8. Musician’s Gear Hickory Drumsticks 5A Maple 4.4
  9. Pocket Stix 11″ 5A Maple Drumsticks 5B Hickory 4.3
  10. Vic Firth 5A Nova Drum Sticks 5A Hickory/Nylon 4.1
  11. Ahead Model 5A Advanced Alloy Core Drum Sticks 5AWood 3.6
  12. On Stage Maple 5B Nylon Tip Drumsticks 5B Maple 3.3

How to Find Good Drum Sticks

Consider the brand of the drum kit on which you intend to use the drum sticks, as it may be prudent to consider drum sticks from the same brand. This is more likely to guarantee that they will work well as they will an appropriate option.

Think about the type of drums that you will be playing most often and ensure that the drumsticks are suitable. For example, the drumsticks that you use for an acoustic drum kit may not be the same ones you wish to use for an electronic drum set.

The weight of different versions of drumsticks varies and this will play a part in the resulting strength of sound. Make sure the weight of the drumsticks is suited to your intended use.

Drumsticks do not come in only one size and not all sizes are suitable for everyone, such as a pair of full sized drumsticks being used by a child beginning to learn how to play the drums.

If you find a pair of drumsticks that are ideal for your use, it is prudent to check whether they are available in a multiple packs. This will also allow you to keep pairs in different locations in case they are forgotten as part of the portable kit.

Features of Drum Sticks to Consider

  • Shaped Tips – Drumsticks with shaped tips help to produce a more precise sound and help to protect the surface of the pads or drum skin.
  • Accessories – Consider whether the drumsticks come with any accessories that will be useful in drum playing.
  • Dimensions – The length and circumference of the drumsticks can dictate how easy they are to play with.
  • Material – The material from which the drumsticks are made will determine how hard wearing they are. Many are made from wood and the type of wood used will dictate their strength and durability.

Some can be coated with other materials, such as at the tip, or the core can be made from a different material for added strength.

  • Warranty – When there is a warranty in place, you will have some recourse if the drumsticks do not meet the standard you would expect. If this is something you would value, check whether this is part of the package before making a purchase.

Top 4 Best Drum Sticks Reviews

1. Vic Firth 5A

These Vic Firth American Classic drum sticks are appropriately named as they have the appearance that you would expect from a typical pair of drum sticks that would be used by a professional drummer.

They are more suited to be held by larger hands as opposed to those of a child, for example.  They are also slightly weightier so they can be used to create some intense beats.

They are made from hickory, which is also a feature of classic drumsticks and allows them to have a little bit of giving but still remains durable.

The Vic Firth American Classic drumsticks worked well with both an acoustic drum and an electronic one.

They have a slim shaped tip that lends itself well to achieving precise strikes.

The Vic Firth American Classic sticks are a great pair of drum sticks for both professionals and learners alike.

2. Promark TX515W

These Promark TX515W Joey Jordison drum sticks are traditional in their appearance and material as they are entirely made of wood. In this case, it is hickory so they are pale.

The brand name is printed on the side along with the signature of the designer, which is the drummer of Slipknot.

The size of these drum sticks – at 16” – is typical of what you would expect from a traditional pair of 5A drum sticks, and they have a diameter of 0.551”.

They are tapered toward the tips and topped with a sphere of wood tip the same type that makes up the rest of the body, and it offers great flexibility and responsiveness. The tip is great, creates the ability to make precise hits easily, and is especially beneficial for getting good, crisp sounds from cymbals.

They are smooth to the touch, feel good in the palms and did not slip whilst being used.

The Promark TX515W Joey Jordison drum sticks are easy to use and provide just the right amount of rebound.

3. Vic Firth SD1

These Vic Firth American Custom drum sticks are fairly weighty when compared with other drum sticks, which makes them feel reassuringly solid and secure in the hands while playing.

They also feel thicker than other drumsticks and the extent of the slimmer neck is shorter than on others.

The tip is nearly perfectly round

They are not coated so the pale shade and grain of the hickory are visible, though they are not plain. The brand name and logo are printed on the side of both of the sticks alongside other details in respect of the features of the sticks.

They are useful in a number of scenarios, whether playing at home, in an orchestra or in a band at a gig.

The Vic First American Custom are the best drum sticks for enabling those with large hands to play easily.

4. Promark TX5AW

These Vic Firth American Classic drum sticks look the part as far as drum sticks go as they have the traditional appearance of drum sticks.

At 16” long, they are the standard 5A size and are suitable a range of different types of playing.

They have a very short taper to the next that leads to the oval shaped wooden tips, which gives it a balanced feel whilst they are being used.

This tip offers a clear sound and excellent precision so that the tip never skids on the surface.

They are easy to grip and do not slip from the hands.

The Promark American drumsticks are ideal for professionals and learners to create precise beats on the drums.