12 Best Driving Gloves in 2018

Having a quality pair of gloves when you drove used to be viewed as an absolute necessity. We are overjoyed that this refined practice is starting to make a comeback. Those that are looking for driving gloves have a true stylish taste, and the product should reflect this.

By using this guide, you will have direct access to the very best driving gloves available on the market and all of the information you need to choose between them.

We have carefully selected these gloves based on a rigorous set of values so you can have complete peace of mind that you will be getting the highest-quality of gloves.

Top 12 Driving Gloves Comparison Chart

DesignNameWomen’s or Men’sMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Isotoner Women’s Shortie Unlined Glove Women’s Nylon and Lycra. 4.7
  2. Warmen Women’s Touchscreen Texting Driving Winter Warm Nappa Leather Gloves Women’s Cashmere. 4.6
  3. Elma Womens Classic Touchscreen Texting Winter Warm Driving Hairsheep Leather Gloves Women’s Cashmere. 4.6
  4. Il Caldo Women’s Outdoor Summer Driving Gloves Women’s Cotton. 4.6
  5. Warmen Women’s Nappa Leather Half Finger Fingerless Motorcycle Fitness Cycling Hunting Driving Lined Gloves Women’s Nappa leather. 4.5
6. Luxury Men’s Touchscreen Texting Winter Italian Nappa Leather Dress Driving Gloves Men’s Nappa leather. 4.5
7. Pratt and Hart Traditional Leather Driving Gloves Men’s Leather. 4.5
8. Bionic Men’s Driving Gloves Men’s Leather. 4.3
  9. Harrms Best Touchscreen Italian Nappa Genuine Leather Gloves Men’s Nappa leather and cashmere lining. 4.3
  10. Riparo Genuine Leather Full-finger Driving Gloves Unisex Leather. 4.2
  11. Reed Men’s Genuine Leather Warm Lined Driving Gloves Men’s Sheep skin leather. 4.1
  12. WARMEN Mens Touchscreen Texting Winter PU Faux Leather Gloves Men’s Faux leather and fleece lining. 4.0

The Three Main Reasons for Buying Quality Driving Gloves

Any buyer of driving gloves will fit into three main categories:

  • Increased Control – These individuals will want to feel every movement their car makes. Whether you want to push your vehicle to its limits or you want to make sure you are always completely in control, gloves will aid you in achieving this.
  • Protection – For those that are driving a convertible with roof down, then you will want to protect your hands from the elements; this is where quality gloves shine. Some buyers may also want to protect their hands from being exposed to sunlight and also to keep them out of the cold before the vehicle warms up.
  • Style – It is a well-known fact that driving gloves are one of the most stylish accessories a person can have. There is a certain class and sophistication that no other garment can provide. Almost every buyer, even those that fit into the first two categories, will want to make sure their gloves complement their styles perfectly.

The key to getting the best driving gloves is to know which of these categories that you fall under and to choose accordingly. You should keep this in mind as you look over the rest of our guide.

Size Matters

We have included whether our gloves are for men or for women to guide you to the individual sizes, but there is so much more to the size of our glove.

If the glove is too loose, you will have rubbing and movement where you don’t want it. If the glove is too tight, you will quickly feel uncomfortable. Luckily, finding the perfect balance is easy:

Here is how to measure your hand size:

  • First, you will be measuring your dominant hand.
  • Place the tape measure on the knuckle of your little finger.
  • Wrap it around over the top of the webbing of your thumb.
  • Bring the tape measure to the same point where it started.
  • This is your glove size in inches.

Average Sizing of Women’s Gloves

  • S – 6.5 – 6 ½” – 7”
  • M – 7 – 7” – 7 ½”
  • L – 7.5 – 7 ½” – 8”
  • XL – 8 – 8”– 8 ½”

Average Sizing of Men’s Gloves

  • S8 – up to 8”
  • M – 8.5 – 8” – 8 ½”
  • L – 9 – 8 ½” – 9”
  • XL – 9.5 – 9” – 9 ½”
  • XXL – 10 – 9 ½” – 10”

Additional TipSome driving gloves, including the very best one on our list, are one-size-fits-all. This is a great option for ensuring your gloves stay snug as they expand and contract with the cold and warmth.

Glove Materials

The material of the glove is what sets the highest-quality products from the ones that didn’t stand up to our testing. We have listed the various materials that have been used in each product but every pair of gloves on our list have only been made with the very best materials.

There is one major difference between the gloves on our list: those intended for summer use and those for winter.

  • Summer – The summer gloves have lighter colors and are made with thinner material such as cotton and some of the Nappa leather options.
  • Winter – Many of our driving gloves have the padding and leather exterior that give the perfect protection against the cold.

The Important Smaller Details

While it is great to have gloves that are suited to the winter or to the summer there is more that you have to focus on if you are going to get the perfect gloves.

  • BreathabilityHaving a thicker set of winter driving gloves is great, but not if your hands start to sweat uncontrollably inside them.

The material has to be properly ventilated so your hands can breathe. It is also important for the material inside to have a moisture-wicking quality to be able to keep your hands as dry as possible at all times.

  • The Liner – Often the liner is the most neglected part of a driving glove by manufacturers and buyers alike. This is a huge mistake as it makes or breaks the quality of a glove. Driving gloves have to be especially comfortable and this all comes down to the lining.

The best way to make sure the lining of a glove is of the highest quality is to check the reviews of experts that have tried and tested the gloves and can report exactly how they feel on the inside.

Top 5 Best Driving Gloves Reviews

1. Isotoner Shortie Unlined Gloves

The Isotoner Shortie Unlined Gloves are perfect for when you need something that is a bit more formal but also practical. The gloves are made from a nylon and Lycra Spandex combination. This makes the gloves more flexible and fitted to your hands.

The classic style gloves are designed to fit anyone that wears a normal small-large glove size. Make companies make this claim, but his one-size fits all is proven to be true with this pair.

The leather overlays on the outside of the gloves are what really makes them practical for daily use. They can grip a steering wheel or your phone in addition to keeping your hands warm and protected.

2. Warmen Touchscreen Winter Warm Gloves

Not all driving gloves are made for the harshest temperatures of winter. That is where the Warmen Touchscreen Winter Warm Gloves come in handy. These gloves come in the same sleek style but a variety of colors to choose from.

Not only are they practical with the fleece or cashmere lining but they are also fashionable too. This combination makes them the best driving gloves as they are warm, with great grip, but can also be worn with formal and casual attire alike.

An added bonus to this pair of gloves is the precision touch point control that lets you use your touch screen devices easily without removing your gloves.

3. Elma Classic Touchscreen Winter Warm Gloves

The Elma Classic Touchscreen Winter Warm Gloves are the pair that has it all. First, they are made of soft sheep leather that conducts heat and works in combination with the cashmere lining to keep you warm.

Secondly, the touchscreen capabilities mean you never have to take your gloves off to answer a all or change the station in your car. The gloves also come in a range of standard US sizes and a variety of beautifully rich colors.

In terms of style, you could not ask for more. The gloves have the traditional darting along the top of the hand but there is a silver button touch added to the opening of the gloves that makes them even more formal.

4. Il Caldo Summer Gloves

Having the Il Caldo Summer Gloves in your car for whenever you drive around in the hotter months is a must. These gloves let you touch the potentially hot steering wheel with ease, they are subtle and cut and they even offer UV protection for when you hands are directly in the sun.

Unlike many winter driving gloves, this pair is made entirely of cotton to ensure your hands aren’t being kept warm, but rather simply protected from the sun’s rays. The breathable material will keep your hands cool and they are lightweight too.

The style is vintage-inspired, but you do have a few options when it comes to choosing a color for the gloves. All of the colors are pale so they go along with any summer outfit.

5. Warmen Half Finger Lined Gloves

The quality of the Warmen Half Finger Lined Gloves is impeccable. These gloves are made of the finest lambskin leather. This means that they are soft and flexible in exactly the way that you want them to be.

The gloves come in a range of sizes rather than the one size fits all option. This helps to make sure that your fingers are secure in the holes and that the wrist clip will close nicely.

The lining of the gloves is smooth and soft, keeping your hands warm while the free finger tips mean you can more comfortably use your hands. Whether you use this pair exclusively for driving or will be using them for hunting and cycling too, they do not disappoint.

No Compromises

When it comes to driving gloves, there can be no part of the product that is faulty or low-quality. That is why the gloves that are at the top of our list offer perfection in every way.

Whether you are looking to drive in style, you need added protection or you want to feel every movement of your vehicle, there is an option for everyone included on our list. You will not be disappointed and you will have your dream driving gloves before you know it.