12 Best Dresses for Apple Shape in 2018

Each body has a unique shape, and clothing manufacturers have a style to fit each and every one of them.

You set out in search of the best dresses for apple shape, and we are here to help you!

You may see a dress in a magazine and believe that you will not be able to wear it because the shape of the model is different from yours; however, by recognizing your shape and knowing which dresses will flatter it, you can look and feel amazing in the clothing that you choose.

Head down to find out more about the top dress styles for apple shaped figures, how to choose them and out 10 favorite dresses.

Top 12 Dresses for Apple Shape Ultimate Chart

DesignNameColorsMaximum SizeRating (1-5)
 1. MUXXN Women’s 1950s Retro Vintage Cap Sleeve Party Swing Dress 34 XX large 4.5
  2. Missmay Women’s Vintage 1950s Style 3/4 Sleeve Black Lace Flare A-line Dress 3 3X 4.4
  3. Rekucci Women’s Slimming 3/4 Sleeve Fit-and-Flare Crossover Tummy Control Dress 16 18 plus 4.4
  4. Miusol Women’s Cut Out V-Neck Vintage Casual Retro Dress 8 XX large 4.4
  5. Anni Coco Women’s Classy Audrey Hepburn 1950s Vintage Rockabilly Swing Dress 10 XX large 4.3
  6. Elegant Dresses, Laksmi Womens Casual Dress A Line Cap Sleeve V Neck 7 XX large 4.3
  7. Kranda Women’s Paris Bohemian 3/4 Sleeve Faux Wrap Maxi Dress 4 X large 4.3
  8. PattyBoutik Women’s Faux Wrap A Line Dress 35 X large 4.1
  9. Sue&Joe Women’s Fit and Flare Dress V-neck Ruched Flowy Pleated Cap Sleeve Dress 14 14/16 4.0
  10. DEARCASE Women’s Long Sleeve Casual Loose T-Shirt Dress 15 X large 3.9
  11. MiYang Women’s Long Sleeve A-line Lace Stitching Trim Casual Dress 7 XX large 3.8
  12. Dantiya Women’s Half Sleeve Elegant Back Zipper A-Line Knee Long Dress 1 XX large 3.5

Reasons Why Certain Dresses are Better for an Apple Shape

When you have an apple shape, you will be wider across the midriff than the shoulders or hips to create a rounded shape that is said to resemble an apple.

Many dress types will emphasize this shape, but dresses can be obtained that will disguise this.

To create an effective disguise, it is necessary to consider the shape of the dress and how it fits to ensure that it will flatter your shape.

Often, a dress that comprises some element of flaring will flatter an apple shape.

The manner in which the dress hangs will be an important consideration as this will be an important factor in how the shape of the body affects the eventual look of a dress. Be aware that – once on – a dress can look different to how it does on a mannequin, a model or a hanger.

Factors to Consider When You Select

In order to disguise an apple shaped body, it is a good idea to go for dresses of a certain shape which will be complementary to the body type.

  • Get the right size. This can vary from brand to brand and you may find that the size that fits you on one shop will not in another. Accordingly, it is a good idea to take the time to try on clothes before buying.

Even if you think you know your size, it is prudent to also take your measurements as the fit of clothes can differ from one brand to another even though the size is the same.

Dresses that are too fitted will not always look good as they may emphasize in all the wrong places.

  • A dress with an A-line shape can come in many different forms, such as the flare beginning from different points of the dress.
  • When buying in store, it will often be possible to try clothes on. If you require a second opinion, take a friend with you rather than relying on the store’s staff, as it will be difficult to know if they have more of an interest in getting you to buy something.
  • Online, check the size guide that often accompanies the list of available sizes. This will give you an outline of the body measurements in respect of the various sizes, which will make it easier to determine how well a dress will fit you.
  • Some patterns may not work well, such as horizontal stripes, as these can emphasize the apple shape.Bear in mind that certain colors or patterns will be more suited to an apple shaped body.

The best dresses for apple shapes are usually A-line, empire waistlines, belted dresses and wrap dresses, so use these four styles as a starting point to help you choose the right dress for the occasion.

Top 4 Best Dresses for Apple Shape Reviews

1. MUXXN 1950s Retro Vintage Swing Dress

This dress by MUXXN is a 1950s-inspired style dress that gives it a classic look. It is available in a large number of different block colors and floral patterns, which emphasizes the look.

The cut of the dress allows for pleating to the bodice and cap sleeves, which creates a dress that will remain in style.

The soft fabric is created from a combination of cotton, rayon and Spandex, which allows it to stretch.

It is available is five different sizes, which makes it more likely that you will be able to find one that fits your frame.

The skirt part of the dress is light enough to flare up with quick movement, so is ideal for dancing to create a flourish.

The MUXXN1950s Style Vintage dress is one of the best dresses for apple shape to create a different look.

2. Missmay Vintage 1950s Style A-line Dress

The MissMay 1950s A-line vintage dress is one that encompasses two styles, as the top is a shirt dress style, while the skirt flares out.

It comprises 3/4 sleeves made of lace that are the same color as the main dress.The stylish shirt style collar combines perfectly with the lace sleeves.

Mostly made of cotton, it is comfortable to wear and does not irritate the skin or leave you feeling too hot.

The closure is a zipper that runs along the center of the back, but it also comprises buttons that are hidden by a flap and a decorative waistband.

For a look of understated elegance, the MissMay 1950s A-line vintage dress is a winner.

3. Rekucci Slimming Crossover Tummy Control Dress

The Rekucci Fit and Flare Dress is designed to enhance your look even more that the average good looing dress as it has features that are capable to flattering your figure.

This is due to the fact that it encompasses a tummy control panel that gives it a slimming effect. This panel is hidden by the wide, ruched waist that flows down to a flared skirt which reaches the knees. This helps to create an hour glass shape from an apple body.

It also has a crossover neckline that helps to elongate the neck.

It is easy to wear and can be accompanied by different accessories that help create the desired look, regardless of where you intend to wear it.

The Rekucci Fit and Flare dress is great for an apple shape as it helps to create an hour glass shape.

4. Miusol V-Neck Casual Retro Dress

For a dress that is capable of reminding you of a by-gone era, the Miusol Cut Out will work well.

It looks like the type of dress that you would expect to see worn by women in the 1950s, whether strolling along a street or cutting a rug on the dance floor.

It comprises a small amount of Spandex to help it fit to the body well.

It comprises of a band at the waist in a contrasting color to the rest of the dress that helps to cinch a woman at the middle and emphasize the flare of the skirt.

For a stylish dress that can make an apple shape body look like an hour-glass, the Miusol Cut Out is a great option.