12 Best Dress Socks in 2018

Socks are always something that we never seem to pay enough attention to. Even so, they are also something we wear on a regular basis. They make our feet comfortable, and the right kind of socks can prevent excessive sweating, and implicitly, the damage of our footwear.

If you are looking for the best dress socks, then this guide will help you choose the perfect kind. We will reveal some tricks into choosing functional socks, as well as some popular options that will keep your feet comfortable.

Top 12 Dress Socks Comparison Table

DesignName FabricLengthRating (1-5)
  1. Easton Marlowe Mens 6 Pk Colorful Patterned Dress Socks Cotton Crew 4.6
  2. Gold Toe Men’s 3-Pack Metropolitan Over-the-Calf Dress Socks Nylon Mid-Calf 4.5
  3. RioRiva Men Formal Dress Trouser Socks Mid Calf Cotton Mid-Calf 4.5
  4. Dockers Men’s 5 Pack Classics Dress Argyle Crew Socks Polyester Crew 4.4
  5. PEDS Women’s Black with Silver Spiraling Floral and Dot Crew Socks 4 Pairs Rayon Crew 4.4
  6. Dockers Men’s 5-Pack Classics Dress Dobby Crew Socks Cotton Crew 4.4
  7. Gold Toe Men’s Windsor Wool-Blend Over-the-Calf Dress Sock Wool Mid-Calf 4.3
  8. Classic Men’s Diabetic Non-Binding Dress socks 3-Pack Cotton Crew 4.3
  9. Fytto 1020 Compression Socks Women 15-20mmHg Circulatory Graduated Compression Spandex Knee-High 4.2
  10. USBingoshopTM Mens Cotton Dress SocksUSBingoshopTM Mens Cotton Dress Socks Cotton Crew 4.1
  11. Alpine Swiss Men’s Cotton 6 Pack Dress Socks Solid Ribbed Argyle Shoe Cotton Crew 4.1
  12. Knocker Men’s Assorted 6 Pack Designed Dress Socks Polyester Crew 4.1

What to Look for in Dress Socks

The following qualities are not only desirable in a pair of dress socks, but are also essential:

  • Wicking – Since our feet sweat heavily, a good sock should have the ability to absorb that moisture and dispel it towards the air, allowing it to evaporate.
  • Padding – The socks should be able to offer a decent amount of cushion so that our feet are protected from impact. This padding will also prevent the formation of blisters, which can appear as the skin is rubbing against the insides of your shoes.
  • Snug Fit – A loose sock is unsightly, and if it moves around, you may find yourself with a bad case of blisters. A good pair of socks should be able to fit snugly on your foot, from top to toe, protecting your skin from damage.
  • Slim Fit – While a dress sock will fit snuggly on your foot, it should also be slim enough to fit into a dress shoe. Dress socks should not be bulky. They should be thin enough to avoid uncomfortable bulky spots around your ankles.
  • Color Appropriate – Generally, the preferred choice for dress socks is black, but sharp dressers may want to go with some bolder colors. A good dress sock should, however, fit or compliment the color of your outfit.

Few socks manage to check every single one of those qualities, but the more they have, the better the sock will feel. The best dress socks will have at least three of these qualities.

Choosing the Material

When choosing the material of the socks, you need to think about the main buying factors. Do you want them to be cheap or do you want them to keep the moist away?

If your level of activity is low, you probably may be able to get away with a pair of synthetic, nylon socks; however, if your level of activity is high, you should go for moisture absorbing and wicking fabrics such as cotton, wool or polyester.

Some new technology synthetic socks have been shaped into moisture wicking fibers that will keep your foot dry – even better than a cotton sock would.

Cotton is great as a moisture absorbent, but it will not be wicked towards the surface, which is why the sweat may evaporate slowly.

Wool, on the other hand, has great wicking properties and offers warmth, but the fabric can be rather bulky. If you have looser dress shoes, this may, however, prove to be your best choice.

You should also choose the size depending on the warmth that you are seeking. Longer socks have more coverage, so they are the better choice for winter or cold seasons.

Top 4 Best Dress Socks Reviews

1. EASTON MARLOWE Men’s Patterned Dress Socks

Not only do these socks look perfect for those going for a funky look, but they also feel great to the wearing.

Made from a blend of 80% cotton and other synthetic fibers, these socks were made to fit.

The length is perfect for the cold season, and they can reach right below the calf. They also have an excellent padding that will provide warmth and offer protection against skin friction – which is the primary cause of blisters.

They have very good moisture wicking properties, and no odors will be released even after a long time of wearing. At the end of the day, your feet will remain dry, warm and overall pleasant.

2. GOLD TOE Men’s Over-the-Calf Dress Socks

The stretch nylon mixture that these socks use will offer a smooth texture that feels great and light to the touch, and they will ensure a smooth and snugly fit in your shoe. They will stay in place and will not move around.

They were made from fine yarns that provide a very comfortable wear. They are extremely appropriate for a business environment, and they were meant to last. A pair of these reinforced socks should offer you years of comfort.

They are easily dried at low temperature, and they provide decent moisture wicking due to this. You may want to avoid drying them at high temperatures since you will risk making them too loose on your foot.

3. RIO RIVA Men Formal Dress Trouser Socks

These socks combine 80% cotton with 15% polyester to offer them superior moisture wicking properties. The cotton part will absorb the moisture while the polyester will wick it and disperse it into the air.

Your foot will be comfortable, dry and warm throughout the rest of the day.

They may be socks for men, but even women may benefit from these when wearing boots. They provide great cushion and prevent the apparition of blisters.

While the fabric may not be very stretchy, they still fit snuggly on your feet, and they do not move around. They are a pair of plain, yet comfortable and lovely socks that will keep you warm.

4. DOCKERS Men’s Dress Argyle Crew Socks

These items are very comfortable to wear, and they also have a very nice, simple design. The pattern is traditional, so they are definitely not very “loud” or “out of place.”

They are also very durable, and you can wear them for months without seeing any signs of tear.

The price is very reasonable when you consider the quality of the socks.

They have a nice padding that will prevent you from getting blisters, which is very important, and they will not slip away from their place. They wash up nicely, and they will not lose their shape with time.

Overall, the best dress socks are those that can fit snuggly on your foot and provide comfort while keeping the moisture away from your skin. Depending on what you are looking for, any of the socks mentioned above can be very helpful for months to come.