12 Best Double DIN Car Stereos in 2018

Remember the days when installing a new car stereo was as simple as wiring a harness and slapping it in your dash? Well, things have changed since CD players replaced the old tape decks especially with the rise of digital media.; this means consumers have more options than ever before although we are going to focus on one particular type of head unit dubbed the Double DIN.

Double DIN head units are twice the size of single DIN units which is what you see in many older cars. Single DIN means regular size, while Double DIN units are a perfect fit for dashboards with a 4-inch opening. You can replace that boxy stock head unit with something a bit sexier if you can wrap your head around a few simple terms and consider the features that matter to you most.

Some of the models on our best Double DIN car stereo list include perks like Navigation which you normally only find on high-end units while others take a more classic approach with buttons and knobs. Regardless of which way you roll, we will help you pick out a solid system in no time.

Top 12 Double DIN Car Stereos Ultimate Table

DesignNameDisplay SizeCD PlayerRating (1-5)
  1. Alpine CDE-W265BT Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash 2-line Yes 4.7
  2. Pioneer AVHX5800BHS 2-DIN Receiver 7-inch Yes 4.5
  3. Kenwood DNX573S Double DIN DVD Bluetooth Navigation Receiver 6.2-inch Yes 4.4
  4. JVC KW-R920BTS Double DIN Bluetooth In-Dash Car Stereo Receiver 2-line Yes 4.4
  5. JOYING 7 Android Car Stereo 2GB RAM Android 5.1 Head Unit Intel Quad Core Double Din Touch Screen Indash Radio Auto GPS Navigation 7-inch No 4.4
6. Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver 6.2-inch Yes 4.4
7. Premium 7In Double-DIN Android Car Stereo Receiver With Bluetooth and GPS Navigation 7-inch No 4.4
8. JVC KWV120BT Bluetooth DVD/CD/USB Receiver 6.2-inch Yes 4.3
  9. Sony XAV-AX100 6.4″ Media Receiver with Bluetooth 6.4-inch No 4.1
  10. Panlelo 7 Inch 2 Din Head Unit Android 5.1 GPS Navigation Car Stereo 7-inch No 4.1
  11. Pioneer FH-X731BT 2-Din CD Receiver 2-line Yes 4.1
  12. Sony WX900BT CD Receiver with Bluetooth Unknown Yes 4.0

Double DIN Buying Guide

They may be bigger than most car stereos, but they don’t have to be scary if you think about what you want out of a head unit before making your final decision.

Digital vs. Physical Media

Are you still rocking out to that old Nirvana CD or trying to play that scratched up Dave Matthews Band disk? If you answered yes to either of those questions, there is a good chance you haven’t prepared yourself for the world of digital media. MP3’s may have taken over the music world, but CDs still have a special place in consumers’ hearts.

  • Physical Media – If you prefer to keep a book of disks in your ride at all times, you will want to ensure your new head unit has a CD player. While that may seem like a given, it’s not as many of the newer Double DIN units are geared for digital music, and not all have a slot for your disks.
  • Digital – On the flipside, digital media nuts will want to look for a head unit with HD Radio, CarPlay, and Sirius. Those are just a few perks you can find on high-end models, and the best will be able to handle CDs, DVDs and any audio files you throw its way. Some formats like FLAC are an exception, but we have even included a few players that can handle that on our best Double DIN car stereo list.


Whether you prefer digital or physical media, you are going to want to consider those inputs as every unit on our list is modern which means you have more chances to jack in and rock out. While the options will vary wildly between models, there are a few things you may want to look for. USB slots are becoming more common on head units, and you don’t have to look hard to find one with a 3.5-jack for your iPod, phone or another device.

If wires aren’t your thing, many head units have Bluetooth capabilities built in as well. Considering distance won’t be an issue, models with this feature are ideal if you want to go hands-free and hook your phone up to your audio system.


The Double DIN range of car stereos are larger than other styles, which means more feature come into play due to the extra room on that front panel. It is also where things can get a little tricky. Some models will use that extra space for buttons and dials while others go full touchscreen and are more high-tech. If you want navigation on your head unit, that is an option as well considering most if not all pure navigation head units are of the Double DIN variety and also play music with ease.

Even if you don’t care for Navigation and just want a simple setup to play your tunes, there are still things to keep in mind. Buttons for Bass Boost, the number of preset channels and access to services like Pandora are also options to consider. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the amplifier as well.

All will have a built-in amp which provides an extra measure of power to your speakers which means you may not need a full-fledged amp depending on your current setup.

Top 5 Best Double DIN Car Stereo Reviews

1. Alpine CDE-W265BT In-Dash Receiver with Direct Mode

Alpine has been a mainstay in the car stereo world for longer than some of our readers have been alive. That is a good thing, as you know the company has put their time in and produced top-notch products. The Alpine CD-W265BT is one of them, and while it may have a “classic” look, it is quite modern.

The CD-W265BT is an AM/FM receiver that can play CDs and handle Mp3’s with ease. That’s in part to its Bluetooth capabilities although there is also a USB slot on the front and an Aux output jack on the front. Android Control is present along with Sirius XM, but you won’t get HD Radio or CarPlay on this model. You also won’t get a large display although the array of buttons and big knob make up for it with ease of access.

Other tech specs include a built-in amp with 18 watts of RMS power with a 50 peak x 4-channels. The two-line display allows you to adjust the colors and illumination as well. A nice perk if you don’t dig digital blue or prefer not to be blinded going down the road.

2. Pioneer AVH-X5800BHS Receiver with Siri Eyes Free

If knobs and buttons aren’t your cup of tea, you will appreciate the beauty behind the Pioneer AVHX5800BHS and its large 7-inch display. That’s the same size as a tablet screen but made to work within the confines of a 2-DIN slot. It’s more high-tech than our top model as well but can still play CDs and DVDs. Want to go hands-free? It can handle that as well through Bluetooth and Siri Eyes Free.

Pioneer’s head unit allows you to listen to local stations or digital music with Sirius XM and HD Radio. It also supports AppRadio One and has Spotify down as a dedicated source on the unit. Color customization is a step up as well with 112 different hues and a variety of background images. The resolution isn’t the sharpest at 800 x 480 but it is motorized and a resistive touch screen. Navigation is not included on the AVH-X5800BHS although it is listed as optional on this particular model. It also has a memory card slot with an internal amp rated at 14 watts RMS 50 peak x 4-channels.

3. Kenwood DNX573S DVD Bluetooth Receiver

No list of head units is complete without something from Kenwood. Their entry into our best Double Din car stereo list is the Kenwood DNX573S which is a Navigation receiver. In addition to playing your tunes, it can help you get home and has a large 6.2-inch touchscreen to boot. That means finding a spot on the map will be easy, but that is just the tip of the iceberg for the DNX573S.

Whether you want to listen to a disk from Fleetwood Mac or pop in a DVD, this head unit can take what comes its way. That would include digital music via mp3s or from the built-in HD Radio tuner. Still not impressed? How about its ability to handle FLAC lossless audio from a flash drive? SD cards are accepted as well, and you can adjust till your heart’s content thanks to a 13-band EQ with both High and Low-pass filters. Other features to note include HDMI and rear-view camera input, 6-channel preamp outputs, CarPlay and Siri Eyes Free.

As mentioned, this is one of the few head units to make our list with navigation capabilities. Garmin will handle those and you will get coverage through the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. A 2-year subscription is included with your purchase, but you will have to shell out the dough from your pocket on the 3rd year.

4. JVC KW-R920BTS Double DIN Bluetooth Car Stereo

Now we turn our attention back to the classic style of the JVC KW-R920BTW car stereo receiver. It is another “knobbed” unit with a large dial in the middle to go along with a 2-line display up top. Above that resides the slot for your CDs although your media options are not just limited to the physical realm.

This Bluetooth head unit will allow you to sync up to your smartphone and blast digital files at your leisure. There is also a slot for a USB stick and an Aux output jack on the front. While the display is not the largest, it does offer up 3 zones and is a tri-color display with several themes to match up to your beats. It is one of the more affordable Double DIN head units available and a fine choice if you need high-def audio and don’t want to break the bank.

5. JOYING 7 Android Car Stereo Head Unit

It’s safe to say that JOYKING is not a brand well known to consumers looking for a new head unit. They don’t have the clout or name recognition of an Alpine or Pioneer but do offer up a few things their competitors can’t match. The JOYKING 7 Car Stereo will fit into any Double DIN opening and provides consumers with a 7-inch touchscreen that powers an Android-based stereo system.

This head unit is built to be a radio and navigation unit and is more for folks looking for something a little wild from their radio. Sure, it will play FM and AM stations, but the nature of the OS itself opens things up to wide variety of apps so you can run all your favorites from the Play Store. That said, there are a few drawbacks with this model with no CD slot or Sirius XM Radio although the GPS functions and Bluetooth capabilities are a nice trade-off.