12 Best Double Bass Pedals in 2018

A bass drum is indispensable in a drum set because it brings harmony between the other drum sounds. One could say that a drummer plays more than one instrument at the same time, which is actually true considering the number of drums they have to beat.

In order to be a perfect drummer, you will need the best double bass pedal to offer you those complex patterns. Why settle for one beater when you can have two of them at the same time? This guide will help you choose what to buy.

Top 12 Double Bass Pedals Comparison

DesignNameDriveFeatureRating (1-5)
  1. DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal Chain Dual-Chain Turbo Sprocket 4.7
  2. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain Chain Dual Surface Beater with Control Core 4.6
  3. Pearl P3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Bass Drum Pedal Direct Duo-Deck Longboard 4.6
  4. Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal Direct Quick Release Hoop Clamp 4.6
  5. DW 2000 Double Bass Pedal Chain Single Chain Turbo Cam 4.5
  6. MAPEX P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal Chain Compact Stabilizer Radius Rods 4.4
  7. Pacific Drums & Percussion 113DP502 Double-Kick Drum Pedal Chain Offset Cams 4.3
  8. ddrum RXDP Bass Drum Pedal Double, Black and Chrome Chain Felt-lined Chain for Quiet Action 4.0
  9. Tama TAMHP910LSW Speed Cobra Double Bass Drum Pedal Chain TAMA Hardware 3.9
  10. Pacific Drums by DW 400 Series Double Pedal PDDP402 Chain 2-Way Beater Tonal Flexibility 3.8
  11. Signature Music Pro Double Bass Drum Pedal New 7199 Chain Horizontal Frame Brace 3.6
  12. GP Percussion DP778TN Pro Quality Double Drum Pedal Chain Heavy Duty Construction 3.2

Deciding on Your Drive

When choosing your best double bass pedal, you need to learn about the different features that one offers. Things such as drive types, size, beater shape and footboard design can be a great help when it comes to deciding what to buy.

There are three types of bass pedals that you can choose from, and those are chain driven, direct driven and belt driven. Depending on your style of drumming, each pedal may have more advantages and disadvantages as follows:

  • Direct Drive – These kinds of pedals come to the drummer’s advantage due to the fact that they offer no lag, are very durable and need little to no maintenance. The disadvantage is that it doesn’t offer much adjustability and the feeling is pretty mechanical.
  • Chain Drive – Chain drives are similar to direct drives in the sense that they offer very little lag. They are very durable, and they can be easily adjusted when needed. The disadvantage is that you may need to clean them regularly and that they are prone to making unwanted noises.
  • Belt Drive –  Belt drive double pedals are usually faster to react than direct and chain drive, and are also very lightweight; however, they are not as durable, and they may also cause unwanted lag.

The first thing you need to look at is the adjustability of your drum bass pedals. If a drum pedal is anywhere near good, it will let you adjust whatever feels uncomfortable to you.

Some things you may want to be able to adjust are the beater action and height, the footboard angle, the positioning and the spring tension. Basically, you should just want to make sure that the pedal can be adjusted so that it’s nice and comfy.

Top 4 Best Double Bass Pedal Reviews

1. DW 3002 Double Bass Pedal

A dream to most drummers, this double bass pedal allows you to be fast and invigorate any song. It is also very precise, and considering the price, this pedal offers you more than you paid for – which is a good thing!

This pedal will allow you to thunder when the melody asks for it (such as heavy metal songs), but it can also be rewardingly articulate if you are attempting softer music genres (such as jazz). It has, therefore, a very impressive impact.

It’s easily adjustable, and you can customize everything until it feels just right. The beaters will be performing impeccably, and the angle can be adjusted so that this pedal feels like just another extension of your foot.

If you want high-quality pedals that are also on a budget, then these should be on your top list.

2. Pearl P932 Demonator Right Footed Single Chain

This pedal will blow any drummer with its attention to details. It has a great design, and you will look like a fancy star when you are beating those drums. It’s actually a shame that these beaters are most of the time hidden from public view.

This pedal will offer precise control to anyone using it, and there are basically infinite ways in which it can be adjusted. You can turn this pedal into your perfect device that will smoothly respond to any of your commands.

This pedal has a chain drive, which means that this pedal will offer very little lag – if any.

The beaters will feel light and fast, and it will literally be like an extension of your foot. Plus, its quality beats most of the expensive pedals you will find on the market.

3. Pearl P3002D Double Bass Drum Pedal

After installing this pedal, you will have only one thing to say: WOW! Drummers all around the world mentioned how great this is, and you ought to believe them.

It has all customizations available; from the long board to the height of the footboard, the position of the beater, the position of the drive – everything can be adjusted according to your wishes!

These pedals have a direct drive, so there won’t be any squeaky or odd sounds made by the chains. They’re silent, stylish and react very quickly to your foot’s touch.

An advantage of these pedals is that they can be transformed into two separate single pedals. That way, if you have a gig in a place where you can’t fit two bass drums, you can make them into a double pedal with just one bass drum. They’re very practical that way!

4. Trick Drums Dominator Double Pedal

These double pedals are some of the highest quality tools you will find out there. As an experienced drummer, you’ll probably be very picky about your pedal choice – but you simply cannot go wrong with this one!

You probably won’t find such a qualitative double pedal so easily; the tension adjustment is perfect, the quick drum clamp is exquisite, and it has many different drum features that you’ll find amazing.

It’s a direct drive pedal, so unlike chain or strap pedals, it does not lag. The pedals will be there with your every move. Its heavy-drive shaft makes it really durable, and you can literally beat on this for years before having to replace it.

Overall, these pedals will be fast enough to make you feel as if you are driving a Mustang rather than prodding at them as if they were an old mule.

The best double bass pedal is, so far, the one from Drummer Workshop; however, the other options are just as reliable. So, all you need is to settle on your type of preferred drive.