12 Best Disc Golf Putters in 2018

Disc golf is like regular golf with a “Frisbee.” The Frisbee, in this case, is known as a disc, hence the name “disc golf.”

Putters are the last disc many golfers pull from their arsenal, and it’s arguably the most important one. Choosing the best disc golf putter can be a time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be if you keep a few simple things in mind.

If you’re unsure of which way to turn, our handy guide will help new golfers get on the course quickly while our selection of discs is ideal for players of all experience levels.

Top 12 Disc Golf Putters Ultimate Table

DesignNameWeight RangeChoice of ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter 150 – 175g No 4.8
  2. Innova – Champion Discs DX Classic Aviar Golf Disc 140 – 175g Yes 4.5
  3. Gateway SuperSoft Wizard Disc Golf Putter 165 – 175g Yes 4.4
  4. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc 140 – 175g No 4.4
  5. Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4x Signature Disc 160 – 175g No 4.3
6. Innova DX Shark Golf Disc 140 – 180g No 4.3
7. S Super Stupid Soft Voodoo 150 – 176g No 4.2
8. Innova – Champion Discs DX Polecat Golf Disc 140 – 177g Yes 4.2
  9. Nite Ize Flashflight LED Disc Golf Discs 169 – 175g NA 4.1
  10. Gateway Band Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter 170 – 176g No 4.1
  11. Gateway Leaf Stamp Wizard Disc Golf Putter 170 – 176g Yes 3.8
  12. Discraft Pro D Soft Magnet 167 – 175g No 3.7

What Type of Disc Do You Need?

Beginners to the sport of disc golf are going to be in for a rude awakening when buying their first disc. While we are just going to focus on the best disc golf putter, some are disguised as midrange flyers or approach discs. That’d due to the weight more often than not, but we will get to that soon enough. In most cases, you will want to have a driver, midrange disc and a dedicated putter at a minimum.

The putter disc is what you’ll use to sink shots, and they don’t have the distance of a driver regardless of how strong you are. By design, they are built to fly straight and true though some can also be used for the approach if you’re close enough to the basket. If you’re just getting started, you may want to consider a disc you can use for both putting and approach shots before moving on to a specialized putter.

The Weight

The weight of a good putter varies across the board. That’s because it is partly due to the throwers preference although there is a general range for putters. In our table, we’ve listed the ranges offered up for each putter, but as a rule of thumb, the weight increases or decreases in 5 to 10-gram increments. Do you need a lightweight putter or a medium one? We are going to help you decide.

If you are on the Pro level, the PDGA or Professional Disc Golf Association has weights set to their guidelines for particular discs. If you are playing in a real tournament, you’ll need to heed those requirements, or you can’t play. For practice, a friendly game or casual use, the weight isn’t as important, but a heavier disk is less prone to flip and more accurate over short distances compared to flimsy or lightweight putters. High-end disks will also have a rating system for speed, glide, turn and fade.

Colors & Construction

The most infuriating aspect of buying a disc golf putter or any disc for that matter are the colors. Unless you are buying from a brick & mortar store, you do not get a choice as 99% of sellers will give you a color at random. That said, there are exceptions to the rule as some allow you to request a color beforehand and you can always make an inquiry before you buy. We have listed those in our table for your convenience.

As for the construction, plastic is used in discs, but some will have a “tacky” feel around the edges or use rubber in the design which makes them easy to grip. Manufacturers often use terms like “Ultra Durable” on their discs as well, which means they will hold up better than a lightweight putter or one made from cheaper plastic. Regular or practice golf putters may wear out rather quickly as well considering approach discs and putters tends to get more action than other discs in your arsenal.

Top 5 Best Golf Disc Putter Reviews

1. MVP Proton Medium Ion Putter

MVP sports has cranked out many discs, including drivers that can sail a mile and putters built to hit the basket. The MVP Proton Ion Putter is the latter and has several features that make it stand out compared to other putters in this range.

At first glance, you’ll notice the Proton Ion doesn’t look like many of the other discs on our list. It looks more like regular Frisbee although it would be a mistake to take it out for a game of toss. It is built specifically for disc golf and has a medium stiffness made from the company’s Proton plastic. That means it will last far longer than most discs and is great to use in any condition as it can take some abuse. You can use it for approach shots as well with a weight range from 160 – 175 grams which covers four different disc sizes.

As slick as this disc is, you are not going to have a say in things when it comes to the color. You will get something you won’t find on other discs however with a bead around the edge which helps to produce a smooth flight that can take you all the way to the basket.

2. Innova Champion Discs DX Classic Aviar Golf Disc

Innova is a brand you will quickly want to familiarize yourself with if you’re new to the world of disc golf. They produce more discs than other manufacturers, which means they have a weight, style and shape for everyone. The Aviar is a short to medium range disc, which you also use to sink putts with ease.

The Aviar discs don’t look too fancy, but it’s the type of golf disc you’ll always want to have on hand once you give it a throw. You can certainly use it for putting, but it would also work as a mid-range or approach disc depending on your strength and preference. The rating for this particular disc is a 2 for speed, 3 for glide and 0 on turns and fade according to Innova’s chart. While the first three weights come in 4-5 gram increments, the heaviest are more tuned in from 170 – 172 grams and 173 – 175 grams respectively.

This firm disc isn’t flashy but will get the job done, and with some practice, you’ll sink shots like the pros in no time. There is only one design available, and the colors vary wildly across the board. If you do want a particular color, you can reach out beforehand and see if they have a particular hue in stock.

3. Gateway SuperSoft Wizard Disc Golf Putter

Looking for a disc that’s a bit softer than the rest? Well, you’ve found it with the Gateway SuperSoft Wizard, a solid option for the best disc golf putter. While it doesn’t use the arcane arts to help you hit the basket, it’s an amazing choice for consumers that need something a little more pliable than a regular putter.

Despite being soft, the Gateway Wizard is quick with a speed rating of 3. You’ll be able to glide into the basket with relative ease, and you’re assured straight shots as its rated 0 for turns. While soft, the plastic is midgrade, so it may not hold up quite as well as thicker discs with harder exteriors. It will perform like a champ in windy conditions considering it only has a small amount of fade while it drops. As for the weight, there are three options available with 165 – 169 grams, 170 – 172 grams, and 173 – 175 grams.

Gateway does offer this disc up in a multitude of colors although you only get to see pink, black and white. You cannot choose from those, so the selection will be random depending on what they have on hand unless you put in a special color request with your purchase.

4. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc

Like many disc manufacturers, Innova has several product lines to consider with the Aviar being one of their most popular for both beginners and pros. This one isn’t from their Champion lineup but billed as an approach and putt disc with weights ranging from 145 – 175 grams.

This popular little disc is available in various plastics from their Star and GStar range all the way up to the Glow and DX which is where this version of the Aviar sits. Regardless of the weight you choose, it’s rated at a 2 for speed, 3 for glide, and 1 for fade. As with all good putters, there is no turn on this disc so you can drop shots from afar if you’re skilled enough. In a nutshell, it flies straight and true and is durable like most DX discs from Innova.

This is a disc you can take to tourneys considering it’s been approved by the PDGA. Unfortunately, you will not have a say in the matter when it comes to the color, which is a downer if you need a certain shade or prefer color coordinated gear.

5. Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth 4x Signature Disc

Our first “signature series” disc comes from Innova which should be no surprise. It’s their Paul McBeth Signature Disc which hails from the Nova line. It’s made from XT plastic, and the colors are somewhat limited, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a finer approach disc that doubles as a fantastic putter.

This putt and approach disc is softer than others where it counts. That would be the rim which is considered “grippy” so it’s easy to pull off accurate shots from near or far. The company used overmold tech to pull off this feat as the inner core is firm and quite solid. That rim also cuts down on any bounce back when you nail the basket so your shot will end up where it’s intended and not on the ground. That is a feature rookies will appreciate, especially those prone to putting a bit too hard.

The Innova XT Nova Paul McBeth comes in three distinct weights at 160 – 165 grams, 165 – 170 grams, and 170 – 175 grams. We are unsure of the colors available but white & red, blue & purple, and yellow & red are some of the options we’ve seen from the company.