12 Best Diaper Bags for Dads in 2018

For years, diaper bags were either hideous or were designed to be only used by moms, and this has meant that fathers would avoid using the bags or have to settle for carrying around a purse-like diaper bag.

The market for diaper bags has realized it wasn’t providing suitable alternatives and has answered in force. Now you have a full range of choices for dad-appropriate diaper bags. This has come with problems, as there are a lot of poor-quality choices out there.

Use this guide to get direct access to the very best diaper bags for dads and all of the information you need to get the right one for your specific needs.

Top 12 Diaper Bags for Dads Table

DesignNameType of BagAvailable ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack with Stroller Straps Backpack, stroller straps and changing pad. Black only. 4.8
  2. Messenger DIAPER BAG Messenger bag and included changing pad. Gray only. 4.7
  3. DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag Backpack with stroller straps. 23 color combinations. 4.6
  4. S-ZONE Upgraded Baby Diaper Bag Travel Backpack Backpack, stroller straps and changing pad. 5 colors. 4.6
  5. Diaper Dude Sport “His Dudeness” Diaper Bag by Chris Pegula – Olive Messenger Messenger bag. Olive green and brown only. 4.5
6. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Bag with Portable Changing Mat Messenger bag with changing mat. Chevron gray only. 4.5
7. Lillian Rose “Daddy’s Little Project” Diaper Bag Messenger bag. Faux suede brown only. 4.5
8. Diaper Dude Messenger Diaper Bag for Dads Messenger Bag 7 color combinations. 4.5
  9. Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag Backpack. Black and gray. 4.4
  10. Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag Backpack. Dark yellow and light khaki options. 4.4
  11. Lillian Rose Military Daddy Diaper Bag Messenger bag. Camouflage only. 4.4
  12. Skip Hop Duo Signature Diaper Backpack Backpack. Heather gray only. 3.9

Carrying Everything but the Kitchen Sink

A diaper bag is so innocently named but represents the carry case for everything your baby will possibly need; this means that it should be the highest quality, be convenient and be something that you don’t mind carrying with you all the time.

If you are looking for a diaper bag as a father, the choice becomes even more difficult because the more “masculine” the company makes their bag, the less storage and accessibility the bag usually has.

That is why we have sifted through all of the available options on the market and provided you with a list of the ultimate diaper bags that have the right style for dads; this means you never have to settle for a plain diaper bag ever again.

What Makes the Bag Designed Specifically for Men

Before looking for a diaper bag that a dad can use, it is important to first think about what the differences will be.

  • Color – The diaper bags on our list come in a range of different colors. We have included this information for you to check. As you will be able to see, most of the time diaper bags for dads are kept to less vibrant options, and most of our products offer black or gray.

This isn’t, however, always the case and we do have many options for the dad that wants more than a somber diaper bag. For more style options, you should opt for the bags on our list that have more than a single color listed.

  • Design – While we will look at the style of the bag in more detail a little later, it should be noted that the first diaper bags that were designed for dads ended up not providing all of the necessary storage and usefulness that their mom equivalents did.

This was a big problem and one that manufacturers quickly addressed. The diaper bags on our list combine the masculine utility style with all of the storage space and accessibility that you need on a day-to-day basis.

Pro TipIt is really important not to forget what the diaper bag is for. Many dads end up buying a bag that looks great but is pretty useless when it comes to carrying around all of the items the baby needs.

The Style of the Diaper Bag Means Everything

One of the most important decisions you have to make is the style of the bag that you would like, and this largely comes down to the exact needs of your child. Here we will look at the two main styles in more detail:

  • MessengerWe have classified any bag that comes with a shoulder strap like a messenger bag. Some of the products on our list are designed to look exactly like this type of bag, and some resemble a duffel bag.

The benefit to this style of bag is that it is usually small enough to be carried around in any situation, which means you have to sacrifice a bit of space. The products on our list are intelligently designed to maximize storage, so don’t worry too much about not having enough room.

  • BackpackThe traditional backpack style is great for bringing everything that you might need along with you. These bags are the best option when it comes to size, and they often come with a strap that can attach the backpack to a stroller.

Whether you opt for a messenger bag or a backpack, you should always make sure you check the additional features that the bag comes with. Some of the most important and basic features it should have are:

  • A wet wipes dispenser,
  • A waterproof pouch,
  • An included changing mat,
  • Several separated compartments.

Top 5 Best Diaper Bags for Dads Reviews

1. Bag Nation Diaper Bag

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag has clearly been designed with parents and ease of use in mind. Every detail has been carefully planned to ensure everything is easily accessible like the bottle pocket on the side of the bag as well as the wipe dispenser feature.

This bag also comes with a changing mat so that you can change a diaper anywhere. Though this is a bag styled like a backpack, it does come with straps so that the bag can be attached to a stroller for hands-free carrying at all times. Whether you are wearing the bag or have it strapped to the stroller, it is always convenient for accessing what you need in a hurry.

In terms of quality, the bag is made of water-resistant twill polyester. It is stronger than any cloth material you will find and means that the bag will stand up to being taken everywhere that you go. This also means that the bag is easy to clean.

2. Filberry Messenger Diaper Bag

The Filberry messenger diaper bag combines style and convenience for moms and dads alike. The bag looks like a messenger bag that you would see being carried by professionals and students with more room and pockets designed specifically to make things easier for the parent.

The bag is large enough for you to keep diapers, a change of clothes, wipes, and toys in the main compartment as well as space for you to keep an easily accessed bottle on the side. The bag comes with a padded changing mat as well as an insulated bottle carrier and phone pocket.

These additional features add to how useful the bag is to have when you are on the go with the kids. Considering the subtle gray color and messenger style it is also one of the best diaper bags for dads.

3. DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag

The DadGear diaper bag is the bag that every dad can wear with pride. The first thing to note is that nothing about the appearance of this bag lets onlookers know what it is for. It looks like your average backpack.

While the look of the bag is not what you would expect when thinking about a traditional diaper bag, the layout and the design are everything you could want and more. There are many large compartments to keep your diapers, clothes, and toys organized and accessible.

There is also a pocket on the outside that reveals a wipe dispenser when it is opened, making it easy to change diapers on the go without having to take everything out of the bag in the process. You get comfort as well as convenience in this backpack diaper bag.

4. S-Zone Diaper Backpack

The style alone of the S-Zone diaper bag makes it more appealing for stylish families, but the functionality is really what makes this bag the best. The backpack style combined with the textured gray color makes this bag look like a fashionable accessory.

The inside of the bag, however, is a well-designed parent-helper that makes getting to the things you need faster and easier. The bag is organized so that you have access to the changing mat and the bottles in just one zip. This pocket has 3 aluminum-insulated pockets for the bottles.

There is also a main compartment for clothes and diapers and external pockets to keep wipes to hand. The entire bag is waterproof and can easily be cleaned inside and out, which is always important when dealing with babies.

5. Chris Pegula Diaper Dude Sport “His Dudeness”

Stylish dads need to have a daddy diaper bag to match, like the Diaper Dude Sport “His Dudeness” by Chris Pegula bag. This diaper bag comes in a messenger style and is exactly the size and the layout that dads need and want when taking care of kids on the go.

The bag comes with a crossbody strap for hands-free carrying. It is made of high-quality materials that mean you can take this bag with you everywhere you go for years, and it will not show any signs of wear and tear.

The layout of the bag is made for dads that don’t want to be digging around for anything. There are pockets made specifically for everything you might need like bottles, a cell phone, a tablet, wipes, diapers and more.

Don’t Forget the Basics

Above everything else, you have to remember that a diaper bag needs to perform perfectly. There are a lot of gimmicky bags out there that are designed specifically for men, but they often fall short of performing the tasks they need to.

Look first at the following features:

  • Durability,
  • Compartments,
  • Ease of use.

By doing this, you can be sure you are getting the best diaper bags for dads and not one that simply looks the part but won’t stand up to the tests of time and use.