12 Best Dash Cams for Truckers in 2018

As a professional driver, the assistance of a dash recording system is of primary importance. That is the main reason many are in the market for the best dash cam for truckers since such a product aims at safeguarding truckers in the instances of fraudulent claims, which often lead to a handful of complications.

The most commonly met scenario is being involved in an accident that didn’t occur because of you. In the case in which you cannot prove your innocence, you may be prone to cover significant insurance costs, and so on.

Considering the relatively inexpensive rate of dash cams, they have grown in popularity in the commercial trucking industry. Such a product monitors and enhances trucking safety and efficiency, drastically diminishing the risks of accidents and other similar incidents. Feel free to consult with our recommendations of reliable products!

Top 12 Dash Cams for Truckers Comparison

DesignNameGPS?WarrantyRating (1-5)
  1. KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920 x 1080 165 Degree Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam Yes 1 year 4.4
  2. ITrue X3 Dash Cam,2.7Inch LCD No 1 year 4.4
  3. Rexing V1 2.4″ LCD FHD 1080p 170 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder Car Dash Cam No 1 year 4.3
  4. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam Optional module available 1 year 4.3
  5. TOGUARD Dash Camera Car DVR Dashboard Cam No 1 year 4.2
  6. Timetec 62RHG680-B8G Road Hawk HD 1080P Automobile Digital Video Recorder System Yes 1 year 4.0
  7. Ivation Dash Cam, 32GB HD 1080p GPS Tracking Yes 1 year 4.0
  8. Garmin Dash Cam 35 Yes 1 year 3.8
  9. Camecho RC 12V 24V Car Vehicle Rear View Wireless IR Night Vision Backup Camera Waterproof Kit No 1 year 3.7
  10. PAPAGO P1PRO-US P1 Pro Full HD 1080P Wide Viewing Angle Dashcam No 1 year 3.6
  11. WICKED HD CARDVR1080PWHD4GB 1080p Car Camera No 1 year 3.6
  12. Black Box G1W Original Dashboard Dash Cam No 1 year 3.5

Pre-Purchase Considerations

The best dash cam for truckers should have particular features, so we have put together the main elements you should consider before making your decision.

  • GPS – Professional drivers need to depend on a reliable GPS system. And the fact that some dash cams are equipped with a GPS boosts the functionality of the product.

Typically, the GPS delivers coordinate and speed data in the form of a file or watermark; you can easily access it via a dedicated viewer.

Nonetheless, many drivers prefer choosing a separate GPS system, since they are thought to be more accurate. That is because the GPS function doesn’t provide real-time map data. So, it’s highly recommendable to factor this in.

  • Parking Mode – This is another helpful feature for many drivers. Its purpose is to safeguard your truck when you’re parked.

The primary advantage to utilizing motion detection is that the cam won’t record whenever you’re in an area with no movement or activity. Still, as soon as it senses any motion it starts recording.

In other words, when your truck is parked in a garage where there’s no movement whatsoever, your memory card won’t be looped over.

Although we like to think the best of people, there are cases in which cars get hit, and the guilty person runs away as opposed to leaving his/her contact information. If it weren’t for state-of-the-art parking mode technology, many drivers might get away with hitting someone else’s car.

  • Design – Even though, at first sight, the design of a dash camera doesn’t seem quite necessary, it has a say in determining the functionality of the product. The design will vary depending on the space you have at your disposal, the size and the features of your dash camera.

The most important element regarding the design is that it should be user-friendly. In plain English, figuring out how the camera functions shouldn’t be an impossible mission.

  • Wi-Fi – Wi-Fi connectivity enables drivers to use their tablets and smartphones as a screen to alter settings or save footage. This can significantly diminish the size of the device while making it effortless to share data.

Note that Wi-Fi connectivity doesn’t mean that you can connect the cam to the Internet, or you can reach it from wherever. In truth, Wi-Fi enabled devices are supposed to be utilized within proximity and don’t necessitate an Internet connection.

Another significant benefit of using a smartphone connected app is that these are constantly upgraded.

  • Storage Capacity – This is another important consideration. Many drivers prefer dash cams with much storage capacity. This is particularly important in the case of dash cams equipped with parking mode since this requires much more storage space than other products.

Carry in mind that regularly formatting the memory cards is necessary for excellent performance.

  • Video Quality – At the moment, video quality is highly sought by most drivers, considering that this is a feature that comes in exchange for an affordable rate. A high-quality dash cam will present a decent balance between optimal video quality and file size. Still, depending on what you consider to be the most important, you should pay attention to this aspect.
  • Lens Angels – The matter of lens angels also falls to the personal preference of the driver. As a general thumb rule, wide lenses capture a higher frame, but the sharpness of the image is significantly reduced.

That is because the purpose of such cams is to record a broader background for evidence purposes.

In other words, capturing the bigger image is much more significant than the overall quality of the video. Still, with the risk of sounding repetitive, it all comes down to personal preference at the end of the day.

Top 5 Best Dash Cams for Truckers Reviews

1. KDLINKS X1 Dashboard Camera Recorder

This dash camera is fitted for drivers who travel through extreme climates. That is because this camera has been designed to resist temperatures that go as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is equipped with Google Maps GPS technology that is excellent for monitoring your routes or tracking down the routes of another vehicle. The GPS tracks your location and speed via your drive.

This dash cam has super HD settings – 1920 x 1080 pixels, which captures 30fps. That is translated into an excellent image. You receive an extra 8GB micro card, which doesn’t offer you a lot of storage space, but it’s still better than nothing.

Another unique feature of the device is its convenient mounting bracket. In other words, you can set the camera wherever you want, so that it captures the image from the right angle.

On the whole, this is a top product you can rely on, when in traffic.

2. ITrue X3 Dash Cam

This dash camera has the neat design of a click camera, being featured by a nice stitched leather front.

It is rather small and lightweight, weighing approximatively 4 ounces. That means this is a discreet camera that isn’t observable from a distance.

The looping mode automatically rewrites over old files, when you run out of storage space. For professional drivers that are constantly busy, this is an excellent feature.

The cam is equipped with an 8GB micro SD card which enables you to utilize the product immediately after taking it out of the box. It also boasts with decent night vision ability and extensive 170-degree recording – an unmatched feature for truckers.

3. Rexing V1 Dashboard Camera Recorder

Those who are looking for a high-quality dash cam might like this particular one due to three distinct reasons: it is effortless to install, the overall quality is excellent, and the value is unmatched.

You can easily navigate the camera, which means that it is user-friendly. The HD video quality is another great feature.

The discreet, minimalist design does a great job at concealing the camera from outside your truck.

We noticed that this device operates excellently in low lighting conditions, which is another great feature for professional drivers that need to work in all sorts of conditions, some less favorable than others.

4. WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam

This is a fantastic choice for professional truckers; it boasts with a terrific 2304 x 1296P resolution.

In plain English, your footage will be of the highest quality. This is helpful since it enables you to zoom in if you want to find out details such as a license plate, or the identification of another driver.

The camera is featured by GPS technology based on Google Maps. That enables drivers to get acquainted with the exact locations in which several incidents occur.

Professional drivers will find this feature excellent since it allows them to review their routes, whenever needed.

5. TOGUARD DVR Dashboard Camera Recorder

This is another dash cam that delivers a decent set of features in return for an affordable rate. So, if you’re on a budget, you may consider this product to be a suitable choice.

The quality of the video is outstanding; we were pleasantly surprised by this aspect. Setting up the camera was a breeze, not to mention that this is really lightweight and discreet.

The wide angle lenses make it a great choice for truckers since it captures a large image. As a drawback, we noted that the power cable could have been more discreet. Apart from that, we don’t have any complaints whatsoever.

Final Thoughts

We hope that after reading our guide, you have found the best dash cam for truckers! Each of the recommended products would be a smart buy, especially if we were to balance the insignificant costs of such a product and the priceless advantages linked to it.

Even though each of the dash cams in our article has been attentively tested and reviewed, there’s no product that’s objectively perfect, considering that each buyer has clear priorities and expectations.

That being said, we would like to ask you if you have other tips on how to find the right dash camera for truckers? Which of the products mentioned here would you choose?