12 Best Cycling Socks in 2017

One of the most overlooked and underestimated pieces of clothing is the humble cycling sock.

Most cyclists make the mistake of thinking that any old sock will do and that it doesn’t really matter as long as their cycling shoes are a high enough quality, but this is certainly not the case, and everyone who has the best cycling socks will agree that they do make a big difference.

By choosing from our list, you will have direct access to socks that have been carefully designed to meet all of the challenges of cycling and those that will offer you protection from the elements while you ride.

Top 12 Cycling Socks Ultimate Chart

DesignNameCutSupport FeatureRating (1-5)
  1. Pearl Izumi – Ride Men’s Elite SocksLow Anatomic arch compression 4.7
  2. Swiftwick – Aspire FOUR, Quarter Crew Compression Socks Quarter 3-point arch support 4.6
  3. DeFeet Aireator Share the Road Socks Quarter Reinforced heel and toe 4.6
  4. Saucony Men’s 6 Pack Performance No-Show Socks No Show Venting and moisture wicking 4.6
  5. Swiftwick – Aspire ZERO, No-Show Compression Socks No Show Compression and moisture management 4.5
6. Thirty48 Low Cut Cycling Socks Unisex Low Elastic arch support 4.4
7. Saucony Men’s 6 Pack Competition Low Ventilation technology to prevent moisture and blisters 4.4
8. VeloChampion Compression Sports Socks Knee Graduated compression for better oxygen flow 4.3
  9. Compression Running Socks Low Reinforced arch support 4.3
  10. Athletic Sport Socks – Most Comfortable Socks Quarter Arch support band 4.3
  11. RANDY SUN Unisex Waterproof & Breathable Hiking/Trekking/Ski Socks Mid-calf Lightly cushioned sole and moisture-wicking for longer wear 4.2
  12. Zero Point – Compression Ankle Sock Low Compression to prevent swelling 4.0

There Are More to Quality Socks Than You Think

As we have already mentioned, too many cyclists overlook their socks and then regret it later on because they seem like a very simple piece of clothing, but there is much more to them.

The socks on our list have been created from carefully crafted synthetic materials and do everything to keep you comfortable and dry at all times. Due to the high quality of each product on our list, it can be difficult to choose one from the lineup.

To make the final decision easier, we have collected together all of the information you should keep in mind while you are looking over the socks listed above.

The Length

On our list, we have included the cut of each of the cycling socks since there is a great deal of difference between each of the cuts on offer.

  • Low – This type of sock is what would be considered “ordinary.” It comes to just past the ankle and provides the wearer with both comfort and support. A low sock is a great all-rounder and is a good purchase for those that cycle in average temperatures.
  • No Show – This is the perfect choice for those riding in hotter temperatures. No show socks are designed to be hidden by the cycling shoe. As this type of sock is supposed to be worn during summer riding, they are usually the best at allowing your feet to breathe and to prevent sweat from collecting.
  • QuarterThis length is the next stage on from the low options. These socks provide a good middle ground between full-length options and the low socks on our list. You will get the added protection and support while not being completely covered up.
  • Mid-Calf and Knee We have included one mid-calf and one knee length sock on our list. Generally, these options are only for those that are looking for the ultimate protection from the elements or for those that need additional compression.

The options on our list are designed to protect the wearer from cold, rain and over-exposure to sunlight; this makes them the perfect choice for those cycling in more extreme conditions.

The Key to Keeping Comfortable

The aim of any quality cycling socks is to provide the wearer with as much comfort as possible. To guide you to which socks will best offer this, we have included the details in the Support Feature section of our list.

Here we will go into these features in more detail:

  • Thermal Qualities Obviously, those that will be riding in colder temperatures will need protection from the elements, but this isn’t as simple as having woolen socks since they are too bulky for cyclists.

All of the socks on our list that offer protection from the cold have been specially engineered to keep your feet warm without any of the negative effects that come from cycling in ordinary woolen socks.

  • Breathability – It doesn’t matter whether you are riding in the summer or in the winter, your feet need to be properly ventilated. We haven’t included any socks on our list that do not provide ideal breathability in a range of situations.
  • Moisture Management – Even the best cycling socks that offer the ultimate level of breathability will make you sweat a little. Socks need to be designed to wick away any additional moisture as quickly and effectively as possible and it is also essential to prevent blisters from forming.
  • WaterproofingSome of the socks on our list offer partial waterproofing and some are completely waterproof; this is only really useful if you intend to cycle in all weathers.
  • Foot SupportAn often overlooked feature is how much support a quality sock can provide. We have made sure to list all of the socks that offer arch support and cushioning on the sole of the foot.

Top 5 Best Cycling Socks Reviews

1. Pearl Izumi Ride Men’s Elite Socks

The Pearl Izumi Ride Men’s Elite socks are comfortable and can enhance performance when participating in any athletics. The first thing to note are is comfort and performance enhancing features. The arch compression and the flat toe seam combined with the moisture-wicking material make for the best combination.

You can choose from a variety of colors as these socks will show in your shoes due to the low cut. These are slightly thicker than what you would expect from cycling socks, but they are not heavy duty and hot.

The socks add just the right amount of padding while also keeping your feet dry whether you are going for a short ride or doing 50+ miles. There is also the fact that these socks do provide a bit more warmth during the colder seasons.

2. Swiftwick Aspire FOUR Compression Socks

The Swiftwick Aspire FOUR socks come in a variety of bright as well as subtle colors. This quarter cut sock is perfect for cycling and even for trail running as it gives ample support to your arches and manages the moisture in your shoes for you.

The thin foot bed cushion means any impact gets dispersed more evenly and is less noticeable in your shoes. The 3-point arch support also helps to ensure your feet are comfortable for extended rides.

Along with the compression to keep your blood circulating, these socks also ensure you will not end up with blisters at the end of your day. Regarding fit and sizing, these socks are exactly what you would expect. They will feel tight, as that is the nature of compression and performance socks, but this is to your benefit.

3. DeFeet Aireator Share The Road

The DeFeet Aireator Share The Road Socks are great performance socks with an added message on the back. The materials of this sock mean that it keeps your feet warm, dry and comfortable even throughout long rides.

The reinforced heel and toe areas also add to the comfort, as these are the areas where the most abrasion occurs. The style and the combination of features for comfort and durability make these the best cycling socks for your money.

The color is bright, and the message of “Share The Road” on the back of the socks is a nice touch for any cyclist. Even if you use these socks and wash them often, the materials and style mean that they will last for many cycling seasons.

4. Saucony Men’s 6 Pack Performance Socks

If you want no show socks that don’t compromise features or performance for the smaller size, then the Saucony Men’s 6 Pack Performance Socks are the pairs for you. These socks have been made to enhance athletic performance in a few different ways.

There is the RunDry Moisture management material along with the air mesh venting technology that keep your feet dry and cool.

The compression arch support gives your feet the added boost they need to perform without cramping or becoming sore after long periods of activity, and together with the cushioned sole, provides some impact protection without filling up your shoe with too much padding.

5. Swiftwick Aspire ZERO Compression Socks

Swiftwick is a company known for making great performance socks and the Aspire ZERO no show socks are no different. This pair is made of a lightweight fabric that cushions and surrounds your foot in total comfort.

The blend of materials that make up the performance fabric have been combined for their compressive qualities as well as the moisture wicking. This allows for the support in the foot bed as it is molded to keep your foot in the most comfortable position possible.

The compression aspect also helps to keep your feet from swelling as you complete your workout. This in turn enhances overall performance and endurance, which is incredibly important for beginning cyclists and professionals alike. There is also the bonus of the features meaning you never have to worry about getting a blister.

Don’t Skimp on Budget

There is no doubt that cycling socks can transform your riding experience but it is also true that poor-quality ones can ruin the day. It is very tempting to opt for the readily available cheaper alternatives, but this will certainly end with regret.

As with any cycling equipment, the investment you make will pay off in the end, and this is just as true for socks. By choosing from our list, you can be absolutely sure you are getting the very best for your money and that you won’t ever regret your purchase.