12 Best Crib Sheets in 2018

Once you’ve chosen the nursery furniture, it is time to think more about the small details like sheets, blankets and other soft items for baby.

Crib sheets are an essential part of the crib because that it what baby will make contact with when sleeping. Do you want something scratch and loose that could create a potential safety hazard?

We didn’t think so.

In our guide, we’ll be showing you some of the best crib sheets and explain a bit about the different options available. Read on to see which brands our experts recommend for safety and quality.

Top 12 Crib Sheets Comparison Chart

DesignNameFitMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. 100% Organic Jersey Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets Unisex Mattresses up to 9 inches Deep Organic Jersey Cotton 4.8
  2. Crib Sheet Set 2 Pack 100% Jersey Cotton Mattresses up to 9 inches Deep Jersey Cotton 4.7
  3. Burt’s Bees Baby – Solid Fitted Crib Sheet Standard Size Crib Mattresses Organic Jersey Cotton 4.6
  4. Ziggy Baby Crib Sheets, Toddler Bedding Fitted Jersey Cotton Mattresses up to 9 inches Deep Jersey Cotton 4.5
  5. Luvable Friends Geometric Print Fitted Knit Crib Sheet Standard Size Crib Mattresses Combed Cotton 4.5
6. Magnolia Organics Fitted Interlock Crib Sheet Mattresses up to 9 inches Deep Organic Interlock Cotton 4.5
7. Babyletto Mini Crib Sheet, Tuxedo Dots Standard Size Crib Mattresses Cotton Poplin 4.5
8. Touched by Nature Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheet Standard Size Crib Mattresses Organic Cotton 4.4
  9. aden + anais classic crib sheet, up, up & away – elephant Standard Size Crib Mattresses Cotton Muslin 4.3
  10. American Baby Company 100% Cotton Value Jersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini-Crib Sheet Mattresses up to 3 inches Deep Jersey Cotton 4.3
  11. NoJo Little Bedding 2 Count Crib Sheet Set Standard Size Crib Mattresses Cotton Polyester 4.1
  12. Kaydee Baby Organic Soft Cotton Honey Bear and Fox Fitted Crib Sheets Standard Size Crib Mattresses Organic Cotton 4.0

Types of Fabric

While we know it is tempting to choose sheets based on the pattern and color scheme to make it match the nursery décor, that is the last factor you should consider when choosing them.

Instead, focus more on the material to help ensure you choose a durable, safe fitted mattress sheet for baby’s crib.

The best crib sheets are made from cotton, but since manufacturers weave cotton fibers in different ways, you will find a variety of cotton sheets available.

  • Jersey – When you see the term jersey cotton, “jersey” is referring to the weave of the cotton. The cotton fibers are woven in a way that allows the cotton to be slightly flexible, and this is the kind of material most often used in t-shirts.

These are the most common choice for cribs since the material is so soft.

  • Combed Cotton – Think of this is as cotton that has been brushed to become fluffy. The texture is very much like flannel, although true flannel can be made of either wool fibers or cotton fibers.

The quality isn’t always as high since the material will begin to pill after you wash it.

  • Muslin – Muslin is another type of weave where the cotton fibers are finely woven, meaning that the space between each fiber is greater rather than being tight and compressed together.

The finer weave makes the material more breathable, making it ideal for use in the summer months (or when the temperatures are warmer).

  • Poplin – Poplin is basically the opposite of muslin. It has a much tighter weave and is, therefore, less breathable, but it is more wrinkle resistant and is easier to iron.

The cheapest sheets most likely have a cotton/polyester mix. While polyester is very durable, it isn’t nearly as soft and baby-friendly as cotton is, and that is why the NoJo Little Bedding Crib Sheet are rated lower on our list.


When it comes to finding sheets that can fit on the mattress, you’ll need to keep the mattress depth in mind.

All standard crib mattresses measure 27 ¼ inches by 51 5/8 inches and are never thicker than 6 inches.

As you can see in our table, some mattresses are thicker, measuring in at 9 inches, while some mattresses are quite thin: the American Baby Company Crib Sheet will only fit mattresses that are 3 inches thick.

Finding the right fit is important since you don’t want the sheets to be too loose on the mattress; this can create a serious safety hazard for your baby, so make sure that the fit is snug and doesn’t stretch out too much with use.

You should also make sure that the corners and the edges reach well under the mattress so that they don’t flip up as baby moves.

Always Wash Sheets Before Using Them

Be sure that you wash the sheets as soon as you open the packaging.

It important to make sure that you wash off any leftover dyes or substances remaining on the fabric from the manufacturing process. Do you want your baby breathing in that stuff or sleeping on it?

We wouldn’t either!

Also keep in mind that cotton shrinks, so it is always best to wash them to ensure they’ll fit.

Top 5 Best Crib Sheets Reviews

1. My Little North Star Crib Sheets

These high-quality organic cotton sheets from My Little North Star may be a bit expensive, but if you have a thicker mattress in the crib, these fitted sheets will fit it.

We love that they are made of 100% organic cotton (jersey weave), making them soft and comfortable for your wee one to dream on.

The fit is superb, and you’ll see when you slip this over the mattress that the elastic edges that rest under the mattress reach in a few inches. There’s no risk that it will slide up as baby moves.

You’ll need to wash these a few times before using them so that they will fit the mattress (and just for sanitary purposes), but you don’t have to worry about them pilling. They fit the mattress great, and the material stays smooth even with regular washings.

These might be a little out of budget for some of you, so if that’s the case, check out the next sheets on our list.

2. Ely’s & Co Crib Sheets

Ely’s & Co doesn’t just make great crib sheets; they have sizes for bassinet pads, pack-n-plays, and changing pad covers, too!

One of the reasons these sheets are a bit more affordable is because the cotton isn’t organic. That doesn’t mean the quality is lower; it just means it isn’t as pure as the previous product.

They used 100% cotton in a jersey weave just like the previous set, and they fit up to 9-inch crib mattresses, too. They’re similar to the previous sheets, just more affordable and with a different pattern.

These are the best alternative to the My Little North Star sheets, and they get bonus points for offering sheets for different pad shapes!

3. Burt’s Bees Bed Sheet

Burt’s Bees doesn’t just make great skin care products!

This fitted crib mattress is excellent; a bit more expensive than the previous one (this is just a single sheet and not a 2-pack), but worth the investment.

They used 100% organic cotton (jersey knit) that is breathable and comfortable for your baby. Burt’s Bees actually received the same organic certification as the My Little North Star sheets. They’re priced about the same (if the latter was sold individually, that is), so those who just want to try out one sheet can start with Burt’s Bees.

Parents love the snug fit and babies love the soft texture. A win-win for both!

4. Ziggy Baby Crib Sheets

Ziggy has the best crib sheets for the money (we feel) considering that they are not organic.

This 2-pack of fitted crib sheets is similar to the others we looked at since it is made of jersey cotton and has the same color scheme (gray and white are neutral, so that way manufacturers don’t have to worry so much about selling more of one color or another). Everyone does well with these colors!

While we do love the sheets, they did shrink up more than expected after we washed them. We’re assuming this is because the cotton was not pre-washed before being sewn, which results in more shrinkage for the consumer.

Make sure you get this for a standard size mattress (maximum 6 inches thick) and nothing thicker. Otherwise, you run the risk of it being too small.

5. Luvable Friends Crib Sheet

The last sheets that we can recommend are the most budget-friendly option. You shouldn’t expect them to perform as well as the other four products we looked at, but in this price range, there pretty good.

These would be great for use in the colder weather since the combed cotton is warmer and fuzzier for baby to sleep on, but remember that it is more prone to pilling that jersey cotton is.

If you are absolutely determined to get sheets that match the décor of the nursery, then you will appreciate the different color options they offer.

It’s not the most durable sheet on our list and is a bit thin, but if you only use it for a few months when the weather is cooler, it will meet all of your expectations.

Final Thoughts about Crib Sheets

Having tried the My Little North Star Crib Sheets and the Burt’s Bees Bed Sheet, we found both to be very similar.

My Little North Star comes in a 2-pack while Burt’s Bees is just a single sheet, but the price per sheet is about the same and so is the quality.

If you’re shopping on a budget, the Ziggy sheets are probably best choice. The only problem is they’re not so good for use in the warm weather since they’ll probably get too hot for baby.

Just keep these points in mind as you compare all of the sheets on our list and you’ll have no problem finding the ones that match your needs and your budget.