12 Best Cowboy Boots in 2017

Cowboy boots have taken mainstream fashion by storm. You see people sporting cowboy boots everywhere from shopping at the mall to buying groceries at the supermarket. While boots aren’t the type of footwear you’d see at the gym, they are a staple item to have in your closet.

There’s different brands and styles to consider when you’re trying to pick out the perfect cowboy boot for you. Because there are so many options out there, we came up with this helpful guide to break down our 12 favorite cowboy boots.

Find out what you need to know when it comes to choosing the best cowboy boot and enjoy five detailed reviews of our top five boots out there right now.

Top 12 Cowboy Boots Ultimate Table

DesignNameBoot FitsToe TypeRating (1-5)
  1. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Western Boot ½ size big Square 4.7
  2. Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Cowgirl Western Cowboy Boot ½ size big Round 4.6
  3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Western Boot ½ size big Round 4.5
  4. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Western Cowboy Boot ½ size big Round 4.5
  5. Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection Western Boot True to size Round 4.5
6. Ariat Men’s Rambler Wide Square Toe Western Cowboy Boot ½ size big Square 4.4
7. Justin Boots Men’s Bent Rail Boot True to size Square 4.4
8. Dan Post Men’s Milwaukee 13″ Western Boot True to size Round 4.4
  9. Laredo Men’s McComb Western Boot True to size Round 4.4
  10. Ariat Women’s Legend Western Cowboy Boot ½ size big Square 4.3
  11. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Pull-On Square Toe Work Boot True to size Square 4.2
  12. Justin Boots Women’s Stampede Western Boot True to size Pointed 4.1

Best Boot Buying Tips

The key to finding the best cowboy boots is knowing what makes cowboy boots different from other types of footwear. It’s these small details that will play a big role in finding the right pair.

This section will break down the main factors you need to know when you’re out shopping!

Boot Anatomy

When it comes to buying boots, there is different terminology to go with it. We want to share with you a few key terms when it comes to boot shopping.

  • Shaft – The part of the boot that covers your leg and isn’t seen as much because it’s usually covered by your pants.
  • Instep –The part of the boot that sits on top of your foot. The instep is important in the comfort of a boot.
  • Pull Strap – The part of the boot located at the top of the shaft; these help make it easier to put your cowboy boots on.
  • Outsole – This is the bottom part of the boot attached to the boot upper. Most likely the part of the boot they’re talking about if they mention a boot’s sole.

Sizing & Fit

The best cowboy boots fit differently than your regular everyday shoes. These are the main things to know when you’re picking out your size and how it should feel on your foot.

  • Sizing Challenges – Each boot brand will fit differently. One boot brand may fit like a glove, but you try on the same size in another brand and it might feel too small. It is one reason why boot buyers tend to stick to one brand – because they know it fits their foot perfectly.
  • It’s All About the Socks – Yes, socks matter when you’re trying to find the best cowboy boots. We put this as our first factor because it’s the easiest to overlook when you’re looking for your cowboy boots.

You need to wear the socks you’re going to normally wear when you go try on your boots. The sock thickness will play a role in how the boot feels on your foot. If you’re a newcomer to the boot world, you might consider buying a pair of boot socks.

When it comes to the fit, here are a few things you want the boot to do when you wear it.

  • You Want It To “Pop.” – When you’re trying on your boots, you want to feel a ‘pop’ when you slide your foot in. If you feel that ‘pop’ then the boot fits you, but if your foot doesn’t “pop” in then it’s too big and you need to go down in sizing.
  • You Want It to Be Tight – Another way to know if the boot fits you right will be if there is tightness around the top of your foot or instep. Since there aren’t any laces on your boot, you want it to be snug in this area so that your boot stays on.
  • You Want It to Slip on Your Heel – Heel slippage is a good thing as well. You want your boot to slip about a finger’s width – if it slips more than that then the boot is too big. Once you break in your boot the slipping will stop.

Boot & Toe Types

As you’re shopping, you’ll see different types of boots and toes. There’s no right or wrong boot or toe type – it’s about personal preference.

Your toe choices are:

  • Round Toe – This style features a soft, rounded end that offers a very comfortable, casual fit. If you have a wider foot or prefer more toe room, this is the perfect toe type for you.
  • Pointed Toe – This style is a very dramatic, sharp point at the tip of your boot. With the pointed toe, it can affect your sizing because it does squeeze your toes, but boot makers did add a bit of room to accommodate a pointed toe. It is definitely best for you to try on your boots to make sure your toes have plenty of room.
  • Square Toe – This style is the most recent toe type that was created for more of a fashion statement.

Your boot choices consist of western, fashion boots and work boots. Which would be most useful to you?

  • Western Boots – These are your typical everyday boots that are made to wear all day long and in any situation whether work or play. They have a medium height and built to last a long time.
  • Fashion Boots – These boots are designed to look good! Yes, they’re still going to be comfortable, but much more thought has gone into their design, color, and stitching. Fashion boots also include different types of leathers such as exotic leathers such as ostrich, snake, and crocodile.
  • Western Work Boots – These boots are made to sustain the wear and tear of a work day. They’re comfortable with low roper heels and treaded sole for traction. Typically, they’ll have feature such as waterproof and steel toes.

Top 5 Best Cowboy Boots Reviews

1. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roughstock Western Boot

This basic boot is an everyday option for all cowboy boot lovers. Its versatile color and simple look easily make it the best cowboy boot on our list, especially for a newcomer to the boot game.

The Roughstock is made with a synthetic sole and ATS comfort footbed which means they are comfortable all day long. Whether you’re working or playing, this ATS footbed will provide you with stability and support as you move. This is great if you’re on your feet every day! Not to mention, you’ll have Duratred outsoles and premium full-grain leather.

We loved the overall look of this boot and when you match it with the comfort level it really is the complete package when it comes to a cowboy boot. If you’re a first-time boot buyer or someone looking for a comfortable and more modern pair of cowboy boots then this is the boot for you.

2. Ariat Women’s Fatbaby Cowgirl Western

For all the women that are looking for a cowboy boot with a shorter shaft then look no further than the Ariat Fatbaby Cowgirl boot. Not every boot buyer wants or can wear a boot with a taller shaft and that’s where the Fatbaby can be appreciated.

With a 8” shaft, you won’t have to worry about pulling this cowboy boot over your calves. Even though it’s a shorter height, Ariat does not downsize any other features! You still get the ATS technology in your footbed matched with a Pro Crepe Light outsole which provides durable light-weight comfort and resists slips.

Not only is this boot built to be comfortable, but you can’t beat having the shorter shaft. We liked the shorter shaft on this boot because it makes it easier to get the boots on and off. After a long day, it’s nice to have a hassle free way to remove your boots.

3. Ariat Men’s Heritage Roper Western

If you’re wanting a boot that has long lasting interiors and exteriors, then the Ariat Heritage Roper might be your perfect match. It has a leather lining on the interior along with full grain leather on the exterior.

Your foot is going to feel stable and comfortable on the ATS footbed along with the Duratred outsole that is highly resistant so that you’ll be able to stay upright in any type of environment. All of these great features to go along with a stylish boot.

The Roper has been around for a long time and is a very classic looking boot. If you’re not into the more modern styles and toe type, then the Roper is a great choice when it comes to picking out a pair of cowboy boots.

4. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Western

The Heritage Western Cowboy boots is everyday cowboy boot choice for all women. The main reason being is that this boot has done a great job of finding a way to fit all leg types.

Sometimes boot shafts can be a tricky thing when they’re made a certain way, but the beauty of the Heritage Western is that the shaft has a deeper “V” cut in its shaft. The deep “V” gives the shaft plenty of room for different calf builds. If you have a more athletic calf, it can be harder to find a pair of cowboy boots that fit right in the shaft. The Heritage Western gives you a great option instead of having to choose a lower shaft boot.

Not to mention the style and color options give you a pair of boots that you could wear every day – and with any outfit. These boots can be worn under your jeans, jeans tucked in, skirts, dress; and anything else you have in your closet!

5. Justin Boots Women’s Gypsy Collection Western

This Justin western boot is another great option for women. It’s easy on the eyes with beautiful brown leather and colorful stitching. The round toe gives it a classic look and plenty of toe room when you try it on.

If you’re needing a shorter shaft, this is a great option because they shaft is 8 inches. The Gypsy doesn’t overlook comfort though and is made with Justin’s J-Flex Flexible Comfort.

System insole with removable orthotic inserts, providing lasting comfort for women that are on the go all day!

This boot would be ideal for anyone who is on their feet all day. The removable orthotic inserts put the Gypsy in a different category when it comes to comfort, and we know how important that is when it comes to picking the best cowboy boots.

Boot Buying Summary

It’s official! You’re now ready to go boot shopping! We believe you’re fully equipped with all the boot knowledge you need to find the best cowboy boots for you.

Remember: cowboy boots are going to be a different shoe shopping experience. With every pair of boots you try on, you’re looking for that “pop” when you slide your foot into the boot, snugness in your instep, and a little slippage on your heal. If you’re seeing all three of these things, then we think you’ve found your match!

There is going to be a lot of styles, shapes, and sizes out there, but overall make sure they fit right and are comfortable on your feet. Pack the right pair of socks and enjoy looking for your boots!