12 Best Cotton Underwear in 2018

We’ve all had “bad” days…you know how it is when they’re bunching, riding up, or the waistband is showing over top of your jeans.

Underwear may seem like a small part of our wardrobe, but having comfortable, well-fitting underwear can go a long way towards our daily self-esteem. These days, comfortable doesn’t have to mean wearing “granny panties” or old-school boxers.

People in all sizes and shapes can find the best cotton underwear to fit their bodies. So here’s a rundown on the best brands and types.

Top 12 Cotton Underwears Chart

DesignNameGenderCotton (%)Rise/StyleRating (1-5)
  1. Calvin Klein Women’s 3 Pack Carousel Thong Panty Women 90 Thong 4.8
  2. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Beyond Soft Bikini Panties Women 60 Bikini 4.5
  3. Jockey Women’s Elance Bikini Women 100 Low rise, bikini 4.5
  4. Maidenform Women’s Dream Cotton Boyshort Women 89 Boyshort 4.5
  5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 5-Pack Soft Stretch Knit Boxer Men 100/90 Boxer 4.4
6. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief Men 94 Boxer brief 4.4
7. Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Ultimate FreshIQ Boxer Men 100 Boxer brief 4.4
8. Calvin Klein Women’s Modern Cotton Short Women  53 Boyshort 4.4
  9. Vanity Fair Women’s Perfectly Yours Tailored Cotton Brief Panty Women 100 Full coverage 4.3
  10. Bali Women’s Stretch Brief Panty Women 90 High waist, full coverage 4.3
  11. Men’s Classic Cotton Stretch Boxer Briefs Underwear Trunk Men 100 Boxer Brief, Mid-rise  4.3
  12. Just My Size Women’s 5 Pack Cotton Hi Cut Assorted Panty Women 100 Hi Cut 4.1

Tips for Finding Underwear That Feels Great on Your Body

Choosing the right style and fit of underwear for your body can go a long way to keep everyone looking and feeling great with our clothing style and activities. And it doesn’t matter if anyone else is going to see you in it: it’s whether you feel and look good that counts.

The bottom line: Don’t force yourself to wear anything that doesn’t feel good.

  • Fit – Our intimates should fit snugly but not tightly and move with us through our daily routines. If you feel like you have to “endure” wearing them or are constantly adjusting them, just ditch them asap.
  • Fabric – Cotton is the best kind of fabric for us to have around our delicate nether regions because it’s natural, breathable, washable and generally not an irritant. You’ll want to avoid synthetics as much as possible, especially if you are very active and/or live in a warm climate.
  • Washing – Wash your underthings in warm or cold water and either tumble dry low or hang to dry. The more elastic your underwear has in it, the less heat it should be exposed to. Note that cotton also shrinks, so be sure to take careful measurements before you buy.

Underwear Styles and Fit for Women

Women’s bodies naturally change over time; this means that the underwear that you may have loved 10 years ago may just not be the right fit anymore, and this is perfectly normal. Just because thongs were your thing 10 years ago, it doesn’t mean you should keep wearing them forever!

Luckily there are plenty of styles of underwear that offer more coverage and are just as sexy, if not more so. (Hint: If you are happy and comfortable, you will exude sexiness!)

Here’s the rundown on the most popular styles of underwear.

  • Bikinis and briefs – These are classic, full-coverage panties that can be found in a variety of rises and look good on most body types. People with longer torsos should look for a higher rise if they want extra tummy and bum coverage.

Briefs usually look something like a retro lingerie style. They can be sexy, especially in the sense that they are great for smoothing out lumps and bumps. These aren’t your grandma’s panties anymore, so don’t be scared to try a pair on!

  • Thongs – Thongs are great if you want to show off your butt and hips, but may not be as flattering on those with apple-shaped bodies. Note that thongs are not the healthiest choice if you’re pregnant or are prone to infections in your nether regions.
  • Boy shorts. If you’ve never tried these on for size, you should! They work well on a variety of different types of bodies and look great on people with leaner figures. You can find them in different length rises, and they even come in a thong. They offer extra butt coverage while still looking cute and sexy!

Underwear Styles and Fit for Men

Most men likely won’t be as concerned with looks as women might, but they absolutely should take care in choosing the right type of underwear to keep the “boys” healthy!

Sweating too much in certain regions can lead to chafing and jock itch, so it’s important to wear underwear that’s breathable. You’ll also want to take note of the length and rise when you are purchasing your underwear.

Here’s some information on some contemporary styles and their best fit and uses:

  • Boxer-briefs. Very roomy, but not enough support and may bunch up. May be found in slim and casual fit.
  • Briefs and trunks. Both styles are shorter and tighter than boxers or boxer briefs, with briefs being your traditional “tighty whiteys.” These styles tend to work well on men with thinner legs, who prefer wearing tighter slacks or just don’t want any bunching going on.

Briefs aren’t the best choice for men who are trying to conceive, as they can deter sperm production.

  • Athletic/compression shorts. There’s no need to don the traditional jockstrap every time you work out since many companies are designing alternatives underwear for athletic support.

Modern athletic shorts tend not to be cotton so they shouldn’t be worn every day, but they do offer the right type of support and stretch for various activities, with compression shorts being specifically designed for endurance racing.

Top 5 Best Cotton Underwear Reviews

1. Calvin Klein Women’s 3 Pack Carousel Thong Panty

Remember the old ad featuring the slogan “I love my Calvins”? Well, there’s a reason that this took off as well as it did: people who are sold on the brand tend to stick with it. The clean, minimalist design is always a classic, and they offer the perfect sporty-chic look with maximum comfort.

If you’re a thong fan, there’s really nothing more comfortable than these Calvin Kleins. They are 90% cotton, which means they are super breathable and washable. The low rise makes them perfect for those who love to wear low rise jeans or have shorter torsos.

They are super cute, sporty and versatile, perfect for keeping in your gym bag as an extra “no panty line” option to change into before or after your workout. Best of all, they really flatter that butt!

They strike the perfect balance between cute, sexy and sporty. If you’re into the logo waistband, these are the perfect option.

2. Fruit of the Loom Women’s Beyond Soft Bikini Panties

One of the few drawbacks of cotton is that it can shrink in the wash, but Fruit of the Loom has that covered: Their Beyond Soft line is specially created for optimal comfort and not-so-much shrinkage.

We love the range of fun colors these panties come in, and the 60/40 cotton polyester blend is super soft and smooth, with no panty lines and no tags. The waist and leg bands are made with microfiber so that they won’t chafe or shrink.

The material is soft and breathable, and the fit is perfect. They may not be your first choice for a hot date, but they’re perfect for those days you’re wanting a little extra coverage and comfort.

3. Jockey Women’s Elance Bikini

Jockey has been making some of the best cotton underwear for decades, and it shows: you just can’t beat the quality and comfort of these super soft, 100% cotton undies.

We love that they come in a wide range of fun colors and patterns, especially that most packs come with one patterned pair and two neutral pairs.

The lower rise on these make it a great choice for those who are a little shorter in the torso or wear low rise pants. If you’re looking for the ultimate comfort and fit, try these on for size, and you will likely be sitting in comfort for years to come.

Jockeys are super comfortable and flattering on most body types. They are smooth and not bulky and will withstand multiple washings.

4. Maidenform Women’s Dream Cotton Boyshort

Maidenform was the first maker of bras and have been in business since 1922 so when it comes to tailoring and overall fit; you can bet that they know what they’re doing. They’ve designed these boy shorts with women in mind and have come up with a truly flattering and super cozy line.

These panties have no panty lines but still offer great coverage. The fit true to form, sit smoothly on the hips and come in a nice range of feminine colors. The wider waistband on these boy shorts is a miracle for those looking for some extra coverage in the butt and/or belly.

If you’re looking for something cute and sporty with a lower rise, these panties fit the bill for almost any body type. This style is designed for full coverage, but with a mid-rise waist, they shouldn’t poke out of the top of your pants.

5. Fruit of the Loom Men’s 5-Pack Soft Stretch Knit Boxer

Fruit of the Loom is a classic, comfortable go-to brand. You can’t go wrong with these 100% cotton stretch knit boxers which offer plenty of room where it’s most important.

The key to these underwear that they come in knit cotton. Most cotton is woven, but knit cotton offers more give and natural stretch and flexibility. Knit fabrics also tend to be more durable.

Most cotton t-shirts are “knit,” so you can imagine how soft these are when you think about your most comfortable T-shirt

This style works well for men of all ages and with all body types, and are an especially good choice for larger bodied men, since they are very stretchy and loose-fitting. Plus, they’re cool in the summer or in hot environments, which means they’re great for sleeping in if that’s your thing.