12 Best Cargo Pants in 2018

Some pants are meant to be fashionable while others are intended to be practical. At the same time, these two can also mix to create something pretty and practical to wear in situations when you need some freedom of movement.

If you are on the lookout for the best cargo pants that not only look great but are also very useful, this guide will offer you some tips on what to choose and how to choose. The choice will depend on you, but we gathered styles for every kind of person.

Top 12 Cargo Pants Ultimate Table

DesignNameStyleFabricRating (1-5)
  1. Angel Cola Men’s Biker Slim Distressed Washed Cotton Cargo Jeans Slim Fit Denim 4.6
  2. CQR Men’s Tactical Pants Lightweight Assault Cargo Loose Fit Polyester, Cotton 4.4
  3. Wrangler Authentics Mens Classic Cargo Twill Pant Loose Fit Cotton 4.4
  4. Unionbay Men’s Cordova Belted Cargo Short Messenger Shorts Cotton 4.3
  5. Lee Women’s Modern Series Straight Fit Zuma Cargo Pant Loose Fit Cotton 4.2
  6. UNIONBAY Men’s Survivor Iv Relaxed Fit Cargo Pant Loose Fit Cotton 4.2
  7. Match Men’s Wild Cargo Pants Loose Fit Cotton 4.1
  8. Idopy Men`s Cargo Denim Biker Jeans Shorts Shorts Denim 4.1
  9. Match Women’s Classic Straight Leg Multi Pocket Cargo Pants Loose Fit Cotton 4.0
  10. JD Apparel Men’s Harem Twill Joggers Pants Slim Fit Cotton, Spandex 4.0
  11. Dickies Men’s Loose-Fit Cargo Work Pant Loose Fit Cotton 4.0

It’s definitely not an easy task to choose the best cargo pants. Most people consider them a thing of the past worn by slobs while others see them as a comfortable alternative to formal dressing.

Choosing the Best Type for You

Since they become popular once again, more styles of cargo pants have come to life and made many people happy. Depending on the season or where you plan on taking them, this is what you can pick from:

  • Loose Fit – These are the classic kinds of cargo pants that you’ve seen everywhere in the past. Depending on how loose they are, they can fit straight down your leg or have a “baggy” effect.
  • Slim Fit – Also known as “skinny cargo pants,” these were meant to hug the shape of your leg while still retaining the “cargo pant” look. They are the preferred option during winter, but they can also be worn during summer if you choose a lighter color.
  • Shorts – Some people may argue that these are not pants, but in truth, they are simply “short pants.” While not all pants are shorts, all shorts are pants. These are great for summer when the heat strikes and your legs need some fresh air.

Generally, people choose the fit based on their personal style and comfort preferences.


Since they are meant to be of hard-wearing nature, cargo pants are made to be tough and comfortable. For this reason, cargo pants need to offer freedom of movement to anyone who wears them, without being restrictive. They need to be flexible and practical.

Most cargo pants will use classic cotton due to its durability, but you may also opt for other cotton variations such as denim. They are the more “trendy” option to the classic version. Other cargo pants also mix synthetic fabrics such as spandex to offer them an extra “stretch.

Pay close attention to the seaming as well. Double seams are less likely to come loose, and thus, it will add to a longer life to your pants.

Pockets Galore

There are two types of cargo pants that you can choose from: pocket-free or pocket-full. The average cargo pant will have at least six pockets, which can be very helpful in case you need to store random items.

Make sure that the pockets are heavily reinforced so that they can hold your items properly. Most cargo pants will use heavy-duty fabrics to avoid breakage, which usually happens when you “store” sharp items.

Make sure that the pockets also have buttoned or Velcro flaps, so that your belongings won’t fall out. If you work, for instance, in a high-up environment, these flaps may be a life-saver.

Top 5 Best Cargo Pants Reviews

1. Angel Cola Cotton Cargo Jeans

Made from various types of denim, depending on the model, these are the perfect mix between cargo trousers and jeans.

They are very stylish, so regardless of the color that you choose, they will always impress through looks.

They are reinforced with double seaming so no matter the pressure you put on them, they will still hold strong. The zipper is also sturdy, and the two-snap button will make sure to keep the pants in their place.

They have a slim but comfortable fit, so you can be confident that these pants will show off your greatest features.

These cargo pants are equipped with ten pockets, so you won’t ever run out of space to store things. They all have different sizes, so regardless if you want to store some working tools or just a set of keys, you will have the perfect place to put them in.

Overall, these cargo pants are sturdy, practical, comfortable and stylish. They are definitely an acquisition you won’t want to miss out on.

2. CQR Tactical Pants Assault Cargo

As opposed to most cargo pants that use cotton as their main fabric, these use 65% polyester instead – the rest being cotton. The reason for this is that they were made to be more waterproof and durable, working as military pants.

These pants also have a Duratex coating, which functions pretty much in the same way as Teflon. Therefore, it will repel dirt, liquids and other contaminants much easier. It also allows the pants to be shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistant.

The CQR cargo pants are equipped with eight multipurpose pockets in which you can store various tools and pieces of equipment. They are spacious – some more than others – so storing bigger items won’t be an issue.

They are durable, not overly constrictive and you will definitely love having these pants around.

3. Wrangler Authentics Classic Cargo Twill Pant

Made entirely out of cotton, these cargo pants are very breathable and super comfortable.

They feature a relaxed, straight silhouette that is not too tight but not too loose either. They fit “just right” so that you won’t have to worry about movement restrictions.

The fabric is very durable and flexible, but it also won’t weigh you down. They are very lightweight, and although they are best recommended for the warmer months, they can be great for cold seasons as well (you can fit warm undergarments beneath).

The side pockets are very spacious. In a time when smartphones are getting bigger and bigger, a regular pair of blue jeans won’t be able to do the job. These, on the other hand, are spacious enough to fit any item you may have on you so that you won’t need a bag.

As a result, these are the perfect pants to take with you if you work in the construction area, a lab or any other place that requires labor and tools. They will allow you freedom of movement for you to do your job properly.

4. Unionbay Cordova Belted Cargo Short

Even if it is the hot season, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stop wearing pants; you can go for short pairs instead!

These pants that fit just below the knee are the perfect option for those scorching hot months where you’ll still have to move around.

They fit just as expected, which is really great. Most of the time, shorts are either too short or too long. Even so, these pants have a great length even if the person wearing them is very tall. Therefore, even if you are 6’5”, these will still go just right below your knee.

These pants are shrink-resistant, so no matter how many times you wash them, they will not become smaller.

The fabric is thick, and even though they are not exactly lightweight, they are very durable. They’ll withstand any kind of “torture” you’ll put them through.

They come with a belt that matches the color, which makes fastening much easier.

You also have enough space in your pockets to store your bigger tools or items, which is why these pants are a very convenient acquisition.

5. Lee Modern Series Zuma Cargo Pant

There’s no rule saying that cargo pants are just for men. Sometimes, women may need them even more than men – think about why they have to carry their purse around all the time!

It would be nice to leave it behind now and then, and just put your most important belongings in a pair of pants.

They are very stylish, so you will not lose your feminine charm if you wear them. Combined with a cute button-up blouse and a nice pair of heels, the whole outfit will definitely be worthy of the catwalk.

The fabric won’t wrinkle easily either, so you can keep on looking fabulous.

The pockets are pretty large, so you have enough space to store your phone, keys, money or cards. The fabric is thick, which also makes them pretty durable. You can also move freely in them because they will not be restricting any of your movements.

The fit is just right; not low-waisted, but not high-waisted either – which makes them the trendy choice.

Final Thoughts

When you buy cargo pants, there are a few things that should interest you: what fabrics are they made of, what style they follow and how many pockets they have. Think about where you plan on taking them: a day at work or a walk in the park?

So far, the Angel Cola seems to be one of the popular choices, but brands such as Unionbay or Match shouldn’t be discarded either. It will mostly depend on your personal choices in style; however, if you are looking for comfort above all, cargo pants are definitely the way to go.

Check out each of the models listed, because while they may be of different styles, they are all the best cargo pants that you can choose from.