12 Best Car Floor Mats in 2018

While many of us may choose a set of floor mats based on aesthetics, this is far from what we should be doing when it comes to choosing the best car floor mats (in terms of quality).

Another determining factor? The price.

While we know that these two things usually lead you to the final buying decision, we’re here to show you that there is so much more to it than that!

In our guide below, we’d like to highlight the 12 best floor mat sets for cars and provide you with all of the useful details that you’ll need in order to choose the right ones.

Top 12 Car Floor Mats Table

DesignName# of PiecesMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. SPG Outdoors Floor Mats Durable Molded PVC 2 Rubber 4.6
  2. Armor All 78841 4-Piece Grey All Season Rubber Floor Mat 4 Rubber 4.5
  3. 4PC METALIC MAT – FLAME 4 Rubber 4.5
  4. Chevy Factory Style Trim-To-Fit Molded Front Floor Mats 2 Rubber 4.4
  5. WeatherTech Trim-to-Fit AVM Front and Rear Universal Mats 4 Rubber 4.4
  6. Genuine 2006 – 2013 Volkswagen GTI Monster Mats 4 Rubber 4.4
  7. Zone Tech Heavy Duty Solid Black Rubber Automotive Universal 1 Piece Runner Floor Mat 1 Rubber 4.3
  8. BDK – Heavy Duty 4PC Front & Rear Rubber Mats 4 Rubber 4.2
  9. Motor Trend Tortoise Series Rubber Floor Mats 2 Rubber 4.0
  10. MotorTrend 4 Piece Odorless Premium Heavy Duty All Weather Maximum Protection Rubber Car Floor Mat 4 Rubber 4.0
  11. OxGord 4pc Full Set Heavy Duty “DELUXE” Carpet Floor Mats 4 Carpet 3.9
  12. Rubber Queen 70541 Carpeted 4 Piece Mat 4 Carpet 3.9

Rubber Versus Carpet

Each of these materials has a series of pros and cons and since this is the first stop in the decision making process, we’ll take a look at them now.

  • Rubber – It is without a doubt that the best car floor mats are made of rubber or PVC. They are more durable, resistant to water and you can trim most of them to size in order to get a custom fit.

It’s hard to find many negatives with these. The rubber smell can be a bit overwhelming in the beginning and the color selection is limited, but if you really want to protect your car flooring, these are the right choice!

Also, if you prefer to customize your floor mats or really prefer something that will match the interior, carpet obviously the better choice.

  • Carpet – So, carpet. As you can see in our table, it is the least popular choice but we know that many of you still prefer it!

As we just mentioned, carpet will allow you the freedom of customization and has way more color options available than rubber and it is also way more luxurious.

Yes, it requires more care and maintenance, but if you wash and wax your car on a regular basis, then chances are you’ll also be cleaning the interior while you’re at it; carpet mats included!

Make sure you have a can of Tuff Stuff on hand if you have carpet mats. This foam cleaner will help you keep those mats in mint condition.

Other Things to Take into Consideration

After you’ve decided whether or not you prefer rubber or carpet mats, here are the next features you should take into consideration.

  • Color – While you’re probably tempted to choose floor mats based on the color, remember that lighter colors will show more dirt. This results in more frequent cleanings!

This is mostly true for carpeted mats, but if you happen to find lighter colored rubber mats then at least you could spray them with some water to get rid of the dirt.

  • Separated or Joined  – You’ll notice that some back seat floor mats are separated while others are joined (also known as “runners”).


If you regularly have three people sitting in the back seat, then we would suggest a runner in order to protect the flooring under the middle seat, as well.

If you rarely have passengers or, at maximum, only two, then the separated mats will offer you enough protection.

  • Heel Pad – If you opt for carpeted mats, then make sure that the driver’s side mat has a heel pad.

We know that they are ugly and that some of you won’t choose them because of this, but they prolong the life of the entire mat!

Think about it: your right foot usually does most of the work and the fact that it usually rests in the same spot will put a lot of wear and tear into a concentrated zone of the mat.

Over time, you’ll wear a hole into this area and ruin the mat and if the hole gets big enough, it could potentially become a safety hazard (your heel might get caught in the hole and that split second delay could make a difference).

Heel pads are great, but if you don’t want one, make sure you replace the mat once you start to notice too much wear and tear in this area.

  • Backing – Check out the backing of the mat in order to get an idea of how well it will stay in place.

Usually rubber mats, being heavier, will stay in place better but some carpeted mats have a layer of rough material on the backing that provides them with better grip in order to prevent them from sliding around so much.

  • Brand-Specific Mats – If you drive a specific make and model, you might find custom mats that are designed for it.

Remaining “in the family,” however, doesn’t always guarantee the quality of the mat.

They may be designed to fit perfectly into your car, which is a huge bonus, but sometimes they just can’t perform as well universal mats.

Entire Set or Just Two?

Most mats are sold in a complete set: you get two mats for the front seats and two mats (or a runner mat) for the back seat.

The problem, however, is that not everyone needs all of them!

Remember that you can purchase them separately if need be; either two front mats or two rear seat mats rather than the entire set.

We’ve included some great options for you in our table, so be sure to check them out if this is what you’re looking for!

Top 5 Best Car Floor Mats Reviews

1. SPG Outdoors Floor Mats Durable Molded PVC

You don’t have to be a hunter or outdoorsman to enjoy these sturdy floor mats from SPG, but in case you do hunt, you’ll enjoy them even more.

They feature a raised edge that runs along the outer border of the mat, helping ensure that any water, mud and debris stay inside the mat and away from your flooring. They also feature an anti-slip backing which helps prevent them from slipping around so much as you enter and exit your car.

You can custom trim each one to fit perfectly into your vehicle and they happen to come in quite a wide selection of colors and patterns!

Matching rear seat mats are available separately for those of you who are interested.

2. Armor All 4-Piece All Season Rubber Floor Mats

Those of you interested in something a little more neutral will love the quality and affordability of these mats from Armor All.

Again, these are tri-to-fit so you can create a custom shape that will fit your car’s particular floor pattern and they’re also made of rubber. The backing features a Carpet Claw technology which is basically like soft spikes on the back that allow the mat to effectively grip the carpeting beneath it.

Some have noticed that for smaller, compact vehicles, these are a little large and even though you can trim them, it’s not ideal when you have to trim into the main traction area!

At this price, this will get the job done but these aren’t the best car floor mats in the world in terms of quality but they’re perfect if you want to spend less!

3. BDK Metallic Mats

These metallic style mats from BDK are great if you want to add a little pop to your car’s interior.

While they may have a metal look to them, these rubber mats have simply been molded with a metal-like design and then coated with a shiny layer of color. The result is a trick of the eye and really does make them look like metal!

Here is a look at the backing in terms of grip:

We liked the spikier mats, ourselves, since they seemed to provide better grip than this one, but if you’re sick of the boring, lifeless mats and just want something fun, then these are awesome.

Easy to clean, too!

4. Chevy Factory Style Front Floor Mats

Ideally, you would use these in a Chevrolet vehicle, but we’re pretty sure that they’d fit in plenty of other cars if need be.

This is a pair of mats for the front seating area. They’re also made of rubber and you can trim them to size, but they will be a little small for some SUVs and trucks. In most cars, these work great!

While they do not contain any holes so you can lock them into place, you might be able to create your own holes in them if you have the right tools. This will ensure that they don’t slip and slide around!

The biggest complaint about these is in terms of the size, but if you measure everything before you purchase, you can avoid any sizing mishaps once they arrive.

When in use, they really are great floor mats!

5. WeatherTech AVM Front and Rear Universal Mats

Our final suggestion is this set of mats from WeatherTech.

If you have a tough time finding mats that fit your car’s flooring pattern, then chances are these will work for you.

They have way more trim lines than most mats do, which means that you have a better chance of finding getting the cut right without having to trim into the raised edges.

You’ll notice that these are quite a bit more expensive than some of the other mats we’ve included on our list, but if you’re sick of wasting money on cheap ones, they are definitely worth the investment.

The quality of the rubber is excellent and they won’t crack when the temperatures drop below zero.

Again, measure your floor space and compare it to the sizing of this mat as-is (before trimming) in order to determine whether or not it will fit.

Are these the best floor mats for cars on our list? For smaller cars, we would say they are, but some have found that the overall surface area was too small for theirs, so be sure to measure first!