12 Best Car Battery Chargers in 2018

If you are a car owner, the chances are that you have at least once felt the pit in your stomach that came along with the realization that you left your car lights on. That feeling would sink even more if you were stranded somewhere away from home, without any means of charging your battery.

Thankfully, in times like these, you can rely on the best car battery charger to turn your vehicle from dead weight to reliable carriage. This article will give you some tips on what to look for in a car battery, as well as some useful models that can help you in a bind.

Top 12 Car Battery Chargers Comparison

DesignNameCranking AmpsCapacityRating (1-5)
  1. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 1700 Peak Amp 12-Volt Jump Starter 425 1700mAh 4.7
  2. DBPOWER 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter 600 1800mAh 4.7
  3. Beatit 600A Peak 14000mAh 12-Volt Portable Car Jump starter 600 14000mAh 4.6
  4. DBPOWER 300A Peak 8000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter 300 8000mAh 4.5
  5. GOOLOO 450A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter 450 10000mAh 4.4
  6. Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Charger Power Bank 400 10000mAh 4.4
  7. Stanley J5C09 1000 Peak Amp Jump Starter 500 1000mAh 4.2
  8. Jump-N-Carry JNC300XL 900 Peak Amp Ultraportable 12V Jump Starter 225 900mAh 4.2
  9. Antigravity Batteries AG-XP-10 Multi-Function Power Supply and Jump Starter 600 18000mAh 4.2
  10. Schumacher XP2260 1200 Peak Amp Instant Portable Power Source and Jump Starter 300 1200mAh 4.1
  11. Suaoki G7 600A Peak 18000mAh Portable Car Jump Starter 600 18000mAh 4.0
  12. Black & Decker JUS500IB 500 Amp Jump Starter 500 1000mAh 3.9

A Few Things to Consider

There are various types of battery chargers going around, and this can make navigating through them rather difficult. Some have just enough power to juice up an ATV or a motorcycle while others were made to work primarily on cars.

Since ATV batteries cannot hold as much energy, you may overload and damage the battery by using a charger designated for cars. Therefore, you need to ensure that you get the right power source.

The best car battery charger will have enough to charge a good part of your car and not leave you stranded. Keep in mind that chargers aren’t for frequent use, so just use them in the case of an emergency.

Jump-Start Potential

Imagine that you are Frankenstein and that you want to bring your creation to life; if you do not give it a good jolt to “wake it up,” it will continue to just lay there, dormant.

The same thing will apply to your car battery. If it doesn’t get enough of a jolt to rotate the crankshaft, then it will stay dead. Generally, a charger with an average of 200-300 will be just enough to start most cars.

If you have a car or a truck with a larger battery, you may want to go for a 500-amp jumpstart. Usually, the more cranking (or jumpstarting) amps you have, the better.

Indicators and Functionality

Sometimes, it is not certain how many “jumps” your battery will need before it comes back to life. In circumstances like that, you may end up cranking your battery – with no power left to charge.

At the same time, not all batteries will “tell” you how much you used or what stage the charging is in. You’ll just have to make a lucky guess and hope it will have been enough.

Look instead for a battery charger that indicates the stage of the charging. The best charger will flash indicator lights to tell you whether or not the charging process is complete.

You may also want to look for battery chargers that have extra features, such as USB ports; these will allow you to charge your phone or laptop as well. Newer models also incorporate flashlights or signals in case of emergencies.


Choosing the capacity (or peak power) of your charger is generally determined by the capacity of your actual battery and the time that you estimate to be away.

Most of the time, choosing this feature is like handling a blade with two sharp sides. If you pick a capacity that is too big, you risk doing more harm than good to your battery. If it receives too much power, it might simply get overloaded. So choose wisely.

At the same time, more amps can lead to a faster recharge. If you believe that your car battery can handle it, then you could go for one of these. Still, make sure that you do not turn it into a daily habit.

If you aren’t in a hurry to go anywhere, you may select a charger with a smaller capacity. Just make sure that it has enough power to get you from point A to point B.

Top 5 Best Car Battery Charger Reviews

1. Jump-N-Carry JNC660 Jump Starter

With a capacity of 1,700mAh, this battery charger is definitely a strong tool to have around. With a cold cranking amp rating of 425, this charger will do a pretty good job at bringing your vehicle back from the dead.

Regardless if the weather goes below zero degrees, this device will still manage to do its job beautifully. Its impressive capacity allows for the charger to supply power for a longer time – which is very convenient when winter literally tries its best to freeze everything in its path.

It’s relatively easy to transport this battery charger. Although it weighs a solid 18 pounds, it’s small enough for you to store in the trunk. It has a carrying handle, which makes things easier.

This Jump-N-Carry has a battery test gauge in the front that is very easy to read and tells exactly how much time you have until your battery is charged. This feature is especially useful if you have an aging battery that has difficulties in holding the charge.

It’s safe to use, and you do not have to go through elaborate means to ensure that it stays that way.

It has insulated and spark resistant clamps and jump cables which will prevent any hazards. You may want to keep them, however, separated so that they don’t touch and spark.

2. DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

This battery is a must-have for every car. Even if your vehicle is stone-cold, this battery will definitely bring it to life. With an 1800mAh capacity, this will work very well in charging most vehicles with average battery.

It’s smaller and lighter than most of your portable chargers, so it’s very easy to carry around. You can put it in the trunk or even the glove box, and each time you find yourself stranded, you just take it out and teach your battery a lesson.

While most chargers need a few attempts to jump-start your car, this one will do the job on the very first try. Your vehicle will start so quick, that it will feel as if it is a full car battery.

Another convenient feature is that this doesn’t only charge car batteries; it works on phones and laptops as well. It has space for USB connectors, which can be a lifesaver for every device in case you ever find yourself going on dry.

3. Beatit Portable Car Jump Starter

If you are looking for something powerful, yet compact, then this battery charger will definitely prove to be a great ally in the long run. Featuring 600 cranking amps and a capacity of 14000mAh, this charger can jumpstart AND charge it to full capacity in less than 6 hours.

It’s very light and small compared to most car batteries, so you don’t have to scavenge through your trunk each time your battery has failed you; you will just have to reach for your glove box, and that will be it.

This battery charger is also a great friend to have around you if you are stranded in the middle of nowhere, with no cell battery and no way to see around you. Not only will it allow you to charge your car battery, but you can also connect it to your phone to give that much-needed phone call.

The battery completes the “Help, I’m stranded!” set by adding a LED flashlight to illuminate your path as well as an S.O.S lighting signal.

It’s a great device to have around you in case you are in a bind.

4. DBPOWER Portable Car Jump Starter

Featuring an impressive peak power of 8000mAh, this is a well-designed portable charger that provides a lot of charging power despite the fact that it is very light.

It has a classy black and red theme which is visible in the dark, and it can jump start any vehicle up to 20 times.

The heavy duty clamps and cables were made to be durable, so you won’t have to worry that time will make it unusable.

Other useful features include USB ports so that you can also charge your phone while you’re at it.

5. GOOLOO Portable Car Jump Starter

With a capacity of 10000mAh, this portable car battery charger has enough power to charge your car, your phone, and your laptop – all in one go.

In case your car battery is completely dead, it will deliver a jumpstart power of 450A, to ensure that your vehicle will start right from the first jolt.

This battery is not only durable but also functional. It has a built-in flashlight as well as SOS signal modes. It will literally be a lifesaver in case you find yourself stranded in an unfamiliar place.

Final Thoughts

A great battery charger’s first purpose is to deliver enough cranking amps to get you moving. Once that is done, it needs to have enough power left to charge what is left of your car, without risking any damage to your battery.

So far, the best car battery charger is the Clore “Jump-N-Carry” one, but you are definitely going to get some nice features from the other chargers as well. Keep in mind what your car needs along with what you want, and put your life back in motion. You will never have to be stranded again.