12 Best Call Center Headsets in 2018

The way call centers are setup and the types of people you’ll deal with while working at one vary wildly across the board. You know what doesn’t vary at all? Noise, because all call centers can go from a mild mumble to a roar in a matter of seconds. Everyone that works there also uses one standard piece of equipment known as a call center headset.

Whether you’ve just landed a gig talking to customers or are a grizzled veteran, the best call center headset can stop noise in its track. Well, most of the time as we’ve all worked with someone that’s nearly impossible to drown out. Loud mouths aside, there are several things to consider when headset shopping, and we’re going to address the key points below.

Top 12 Call Center Headsets Ultimate Table

DesignNameConnectorEarpieceRating (1-5)
  1. Plantronics CS510 – Over-the-Head monaural Wireless Headset System Wireless Monaural 4.3
  2. Arama Wired Headset Mono w/ Noise Canceling Mic RJ9 Monaural 4.3
  3. Polycom IP Phone Headset with RJ9 Quick Disconnect Cord RJ9 Monaural 4.3
  4. CALLANY Vh530 Hands-free Corded Call Center Headset Varies Varies 4.2
  5. AGPtEK Corded Telephone with Headset & Dialpad RJ11 Monaural 4.1
6. Coodio Corded Phone [Call Center] Telephone with Headset and Recording Cable and Tone Dial Key Pad Multiple Monaural 4.0
7. Plantronics HW261N Binaural Headset 4-pin QD Binaural 3.9
8. Panasonic KX-TCA430 Comfort-Fit, Foldable Headset 2.5mm Monaural 3.9
  9. Voistek A2K20HS Dual Ear Call Center Telephone Headset RJ9 Binaural 3.8
  10. Wantek Corded Telephone Headset Mono Varies Varies 3.8
  11. AGPtEK Hands-free Call Center Noise Cancelling Corded Binaural Headset Headphone RJ9 Binaural 3.7
  12. Panasonic KX-TCA60 Hands-Free Headset with Comfort Fit Headband 2.5mm Binaural 3.7

What Type of Headset Do You Need?

If you’re new in the office, you’ll want to stop and look for your training guide immediately as buying the wrong kind of headset can sink you. Will you be using a PC? If so, you may need a headset with a USB adapter or at least one can be made to work with PCs and laptops. If you have to jack into an older phone system, you may need to buy a unit with a built-in amplifier or an adapter to suit the system.

Other styles that are common in the work place include modular plugs along with corded and wireless headsets each with their own drawbacks. More often than not, you will want or need a wired headset although it’s not uncommon to see someone walking around a call center wirelessly these days. Again, it all comes down to the phone system you’ll have to use daily, so that’s exactly where you need to start.

Connectors you will encounter include RJ9, 2.5mm, and USB although some companies have their own funky standards. The other big decision you need to make is in regards to the style. Monaural headsets only have one earpiece and allow you to hear your surroundings while the best binaural headphones can cut you off from the outside world completely.


If you work or have ever experienced life in a call center, you know it can break some people in a matter of hours. Many workers have taken “long lunches” never to show back up as it’s a job that requires patience, and depending on where you work, the ability to keep a cool head. While you would want any headphone to be comfortable, it’s all the more important when you work at a call center.

The best call center headset doesn’t have to be beautiful and make your coworkers envious with features, but it does need to be comfortable for extended periods of time. The cups are the first thing to consider, but the headband is equally important if you have long hair or it’s double banded. Certain kinds can wreak havoc on a hairdo while tight headsets will hit pressure points effectively ending your day before it ever begins.

Quality & Additional Features

When it comes to quality on call center headsets, we’re not talking about comfort but the call quality. Even if your headset feels like silk on your lobes, it’s going to get returned if the person on the other end of the line can’t hear you or you can’t hear them. While all of our picks will have some form of noise canceling/blocking tech baked in, some do it better than others.

If your call center (or home) is noisy, you will want to opt for a headset with excellent noise-canceling tech or DSP. The latter ensures you and your clients sound natural on the phone, not like robots. An in-line control pod for volume control is a somewhat standard feature while flexible headbands are a bit rarer. Other features to look for include swiveling boom mics, easy to clean cups, and quick disconnect cables.

Top 5 Best Call Center Headset Reviews

1. Plantronics CS510 Headset System

Plantronics CS510 Headset System takes the cake when it comes to comfort, and its high-tech features made it a lock as the best call center headset. It’s stylish enough to draw the eye of your coworkers or boss, but you may have to pick up an adapter depending on your telephone system.

Wireless headsets are ideal for some professions and casual use although still not a mainstay in the world of call centers. Plantronics is one of the few companies that managed to make an impact in that sector, and the CS510 is a beauty with a battery life of 9 hours. That will get you through the day, and the range is top-tier as well considering you can travel 350-feet from the base unit. The base plugs into a regular R11 jack, but the unit can be adapted to use with any phone system if you have the proper cable. Standout features for this model include DECT 6.0 tech, and adaptive power system, and DSP, which ensures clear audio for both parties.

This comfy headset can be worn with any hairstyle thanks to the full band up top. We also like the fact the base station is small so that it won’t take up much space on your desktop or work area. The only negative would be the connector although that can be remedied with an adapter so plan ahead.

2. Arama Wired Headset w/ Noise Cancelling Mic

We’re going from high-tech to low-tech with our second pick which comes from Arama. It’s a monaural headset that’s wired and has a classic foam pad covering the earpiece. It may not be much to look at compared to the CS510, but we think you’ll be pleased by how well it works.

This is an actual office headset complete with an R9 jack on the end of its semi-coiled cord. The T-pad that rests against your head is made from soft silicone while the ear pad and microphone cover are standard foam. Nothing fancy, but it does get the job done, and the mic has noise-canceling properties built in. The Arma Wired Mono Headset is also one of the more universal choices money can buy. The company has a massive list of compatible phones it will work, and you can always adapt if the plug doesn’t pan out.

If you use a phone system from Polycom, ShoreTel and other popular brands with an R9 plug, this is a great option for you. It’s affordable, and while we aren’t huge fans of thin wire bands on our headsets, this one is extremely flexible so it shouldn’t pinch the head. There is a binaural version of this headset available as well if you prefer stereo.

3. Ovislink Polycom Quick Disconnect IP Headset

Polycom has plenty of phone systems working nonstop around the globe as they are an attractive option for VoIP-based setups. Ovislink’s Call Center Headset was a lock for our list due to the sound quality it provides and the fact it’s geared specifically for consumers with IP phones.

As mentioned, call centers can pop up almost anywhere including massive buildings that take up acres, home offices, and even strip malls. Many businesses have turned towards IP phones in recent years, and this is one of the best if you’re going to work with those types of systems. The OVHSO72-PSR has an RJ9 jack with a quick disconnect cord that will jack straight into a broad range of Polycom IP phones. It’s comfortable with a large leather ear cushion, and the sound quality is top notch. It’s also reversible like all of the best headsets for call centers.

While there’s a lot to like about this one, it’s built for specific phone systems, but may work with others as well. If you do use one of the popular supported models, you’ll get additional perks like the ability to use your keypad for volume and mute.

4. CALLANY Vh530 Corded Call Center Headset

We love a product that gives you a choice, especially when it comes to technology. You will have plenty of options with the CALLANY Vh530, a binaural headset built for call center use. The 2.5mm plug may make you snub your nose at this one, but you’ll want to keep reading if you appreciate comfort and clarity.

This headset has two thick faux leather ear pieces and a large boom microphone that swivels with ease. It’s wired like most models although there is a cable trailing from each cup on this one which is not going to be ideal for everyone. It has ANC, otherwise known as active noise-canceling and has a standard thin band up top with some extra plastic above the ear pieces. This model does have a 2.5mm jack although you can choose from an R9 or R11 jack if you have a different system but still dig the style and price.

The CALLANY headset may be lacking a few bells & whistles you’ll find on fancier models, but it won’t break the bank and is suitable for call center use under a wide variety of conditions. The 2.5mm model is available in a monaural variant as well.

5. AGPtEK Corded Telephone with Dial pad

AGPtEK makes all kinds of headphones for consumer use, but they also have plenty of experience when it comes to call center headsets. This simple monaural model shares some traits with other entry-level models except it comes with a sweet extra in the form of a dial pad.

Before we get to that dial pad, let’s talk about the headset. It has a cushy earpiece and swiveling boom microphone on one side and a T-pad on the other. Their noise-canceling mic is said to take care of 90% of the background noise in your call center, which is impressive. It also rotates 330-degrees so you can wear it over either ear and sports the standard R11 plug. That plugs into the included dial pad (or an adapter), which is where the magic happens with this one. The pad’s loaded down with cool features including caller ID, flash/mute, volume adjustment and more. It can hold numbers in its memory and has a simple setup process for PCODE’s.

The actual headset from AGPtEK is nothing special and a standard entry-level model on par with hundreds of others. It works great; it just doesn’t stand out. The keypad is where the value lies as you’re getting a handy accessory to have on hand, even if you don’t currently use one in your setup.