12 Best Bucket Hats in 2018

Originally known as a “fisherman’s hat,” bucket hats have grown in popularity since they were first invented in 1900. In their early years, bucket hats were the traditional headgear of Irish farmers and fishermen. The style of the hat offers excellent protection from the rain and the sun. For workers who were going to be out in the elements, bucket hats offered excellent protection.

Luckily for those of us who aren’t fishermen or farmers, the bucket hat did not stop there. It gradually changed in its perception until it turned into a fashion accessory! A variety of singers and celebrities all around the world have taken part in popularizing the bucket hat.

If you have a hard time picking between things that are practical or in style, we can help you narrow down on the perfect headgear in our guide. We have found the twelve absolute best bucket hats and provide you with useful shopping tips to make choosing the right one a walk in the park.

Top 12 Bucket Hats Comparison Chart

DesignNameIs It Waterproof?Does It Offer UPF Sun Protection?Rating (1-5)
  1. MG Men’s Washed Cotton Twill Chin Cord Outdoor Hunting Hat No No 4.5
  2. Camo Coll Outdoor UPF 50+ Boonie Hat Summer Sun Caps No Yes 4.5
  3. Dorfman Pacific Mens Twill Bucket Hat No Yes 4.4
  4. NYFASHION101 Fashionable Unisex Satin Lined Printed Pattern Cotton Bucket Hat No No 4.3
  5. The Weather Company Waterproof Golf Hats Yes No 4.3
6. City Hunter Emoji Bucket Hats – Multiple Colors No No 4.3
7. KBETHOS Galaxy Bucket Hat No No 4.3
8. Pigment Dyed Bucket Hat Yes No 4.1
  9. TopHeadwear Cotton Twill America BUCKET HAT W/ USA FLAGNo No4.2
  10. Frogg Toggs Men’s Bucket HatYes No 4.1
  11. Scala Classico Women’s Waterproof 3 Inch Brim Lined Rain Hat Yes No 4.1
  12. Bucket Hats Washed Cotton (Camouflage + Solid Color Styles No No 3.9

What Makes Certain Bucket Hats the Best?

The key to finding the perfect bucket hat is to pay attention to several specific features. You can figure out which are the very best bucket hats by paying attention to all they have to offer. You may be surprised to see everything a hat can do!

  • Adjustment String – Some bucket hats have a string that either goes under your chin or behind your head. Wherever the string is positioned, its purpose is to tighten the hat and keep it secure on your head.

This feature is especially helpful for people who plan to wear the hat in particularly windy or rainy situations. You don’t want your hat to go flying away!

  • Added Protection – Sometimes you want your bucket hat to do more than just shade your face and be a fashionable accessory for your outfit.

If you would like more protection from your new hat, check out the section below for detailed information about what kind of protection bucket hats can offer.

  • Washable – No matter how careful you are, the day will come when your hat really needs a bath. Make sure to get one that’s washable! If it is machine washable, it gets extra bonus points for saving you time and effort.

Getting stuck with a hat that looks, and possibly smells, like it has been worn a few too many times isn’t anyone’s idea of fun.

Understanding Added Protection

What kinds of added protection can bucket hats offer? You might be surprised how much they can do! If you need protection for your head, definitely consider investing in a good bucket hat to give you that protection.

  • UPF Sun Protection – If you think wearing just any type of hat can protect you from all sunburns; you’re wrong. Hats do offer a barrier from the sun, but normal material can’t block all the sun’s rays. If you plan to be out in the sun for an extended period, getting a bucket hat with UPF sun protection could be well worth the money.

UPF sun protection uses UV-blocking materials to keep your skin safe and feeling as good as when you left the house. Don’t chance letting the sun damage your skin! If you’re going to be outside for long, wear sunscreen and get a hat that offers UPF protection. Your head will thank you!

  • Waterproof – If you’re wearing a hat to protect you from rain or other water, make sure to choose a hat that is waterproof. Many hats will soak up water and end up getting your head even wetter than if you weren’t wearing a hat!

Purchasing a waterproof bucket hat ensures you can go out in the rain and keep your hair dry. No one wants to get to his or her destination with dripping wet hair!

  • Vented – Have you ever worn a hat on a hot summer day? While it does offer you protection from the sun beating directly down on your head, the sun is still shining down on top of your hat. After not too long of wearing the hat out in the summer heat, you’ll start to feel the time of year very clearly!

Getting a hat that is vented provides you with a way to cool down your head and dry any sweat that starts to form without having to remove your hat. A vented hat can not only help you stay comfortable, but it also takes on the important job of protecting you from overheating.

Don’t take the sun lightly! It can cause damage and needs to be brought into consideration when you’re buying a hat.

Top 5 Best Bucket Hats Reviews

1. MG Men’s Washed Cotton Twill Hunting Hat

One of the best bucket hats on our list is from MG. It is well-made with great material. It doesn’t look cheap! It is easy to wash, either by hand or by machine.

One definite bonus to this hat is the fabric chin cord it has. If you want to push it off your head for a bit, you won’t need to worry about holding it until you’re ready to wear it again.

It’s not waterproof and doesn’t offer UPF Sun Protection, but it is vented through four meshed brass eyelets.

The hat comes in ten different colors so everyone can pick the one that suits their personality the best! Whichever color you choose, this is an excellent bucket hat.

2. Camo Coll Boonie Hat

This next choice is another excellent bucket hat. It’s similar in that it has its own handy drawstring for letting your hat hang off onto your back. The drawstring is also quite helpful in allowing you to tighten the hat to keep it on your head in windy weather.

The hat has UPF Sun Protection to allow you to wear it without fear of extended times of sun exposure. Another way the hat protects you from hot, sunny days is the ventilation it provides. The hat helps keep your head cool and covered at the same time.

It is machine washable so no worries if you happen to get it dirty while out and about wearing it! It also dries very quickly once washed and looks as fresh as it did the day it was purchased. It comes in over ten outstanding colors!

3. Dorfman Pacific Men’s Twill Bucket Hat

Another great bucket hat offering UPF Sun Protection, the Dorfman Pacific Men’s Twill Bucket Hat is another excellent quality piece of headgear. It has an adjustable chin cord for windy conditions and is ideal for any activity in the great outdoors.

It comes in 9 fashionable colors to match all sorts of personalities and outfits! It goes easily through washing machines with no damage. Although it can shrink a tad bit so if it’s close to being too tight on you, you should avoid hot water and to allow the hat to air dry.

It is not waterproof, but it does have air vents for comfortable use. The vents combined with the SPF Sun Protection make it a great hat for fishing! It offers excellent safety precautions against getting burnt or too hot from being out in the sun.

4. NYFASHION101 Satin Lined Cotton Bucket Hat

This next fashionable hat comes in 8 different designs. It’s beautifully made. You’re sure to get lots of compliments! It doesn’t offer UPF sun protection, isn’t waterproof and doesn’t have vents. It also doesn’t have a chin cord. It does, however, help shade your face and it covers your head.

If you’re looking for a bucket hat that is more of a fashionable accessory than a hat for being outdoors with all the extra bells and whistles, this is an excellent hat for you! If, on the other hand, you want a hat that will give you the ultimate protection from the elements, you should likely go with a different choice.

It can be washed, although hot water may make it shrink so try to keep the water on the cooler side.

This is a great hat for making a fashion statement!

5. The Weather Company Waterproof Golf Hats

Last but not least, if you want a hat that is waterproof enough to protect you from the rain, this option is for you! The material is waterproof, and the seams are taped seams to give you the best protection possible.

It has a drawcord for easy size adjustment (a definite bonus!). The hat is also lightweight and packable. You can store it in your backpack or purse and pull it out whenever you need it!

It’s not vented, however in this case that’s a good thing since you wouldn’t want water to be able to go through the vents if it happened to be raining. No one wants a waterproof hat with vented holes in it!

It is machine washable but does not offer UPF Sun Protection. You’ll have to rely on the wide brim for protection from the sun. The hat comes in five beautiful colors.