12 Best Bubble Solutions in 2017

Who says bubble creation is just for kids? Adults can have just as much fun creating gigantic, temporary art.

Whoever you are, whatever your age, you set out in search of the best bubble solution, and that is what we will be presenting to you here in our guide.

Some products are ready-to-use while others require you to mix them with water, and for all of the DIY project tacklers out there, we have a great suggestion for you, too!

Selecting a product like this may seem like a no-brainer: you look at the quantity, and you look at the price, and then you choose, right?

Not if you want quality bubbles!

Read on to find out how to choose the right solution for your bubble making needs.

Top 12 Bubble Solutions Comparison Chart

DesignNameVolumeWand Included?Rating (1-5)
  1. Gazillion 2 Liters Bubble Solution 67.6 fl. ounces Yes 4.7
  2. Little Kids Fubbles No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Solution Refill Bottle 32 fl. ounces No 4.5
  3. Bubble Thing BIG Bubble Mix powder bubbles biggest 5.4 gallons No 4.4
  4. Froggys Fog – Pro Bubble Juice – Professional Bubble Fluid 1 gallon No 4.3
   5. Joy Ultra Dishwashing Liquid


Glycerin Vegetable Kosher USP
 – No 4.3
6. Pustefix Premium Bubbles Refill 8.3 fl. ounces No 4.3
7. Imperial Miracle Bubbles Bubble Solution 128 fl. ounces Yes 4.3
8. CHAUVET DJ Bubble Machine Fluid 1 gallon No 4.3
  9. 2 BUBBLE WANDS & SOAP MIX FOR 1 GALLON 8 fl. ounces Yes 4.3
  10. World Record Beeboo Big Bubble Mix 16 fl. ounces No 4.2
  11. Darice 1021-13 Miracle Bubbles Solution Refill 64 fl. ounces No 4.0
  12. Bubble Jet Set 2000-16 Ounces 16 fl. ounces No 3.8

How to Choose the Ultimate Bubble Solution

We’ll start by providing you with a few initial tips to help you narrow down the choices so you can easily choose the best bubble solution for your needs.

  • Ready-to-Use or Mix? – Some products come pre-mixed so that you can dip in the wand and then start creating your bubble masterpieces.

Other products, however, are a solution or powder that require you to mix in some water. If this is the case, then the bottle that the product comes in will not be large enough and require that you have another container on hand so you can mix the ingredients together.

You could use a bucket, or you could use an old jug, but whatever you use, make sure that it is clean and free of any residue from its former contents. Bubble solution is harmless, but if it comes in contact with the wrong ingredients, the results could be harmful (simple chemistry, folks!)

  • Do You Need Wands? – As you can see in our table, we listed which products come with wands and which do not.

You can easily purchase wands separately, so decide whether or not you’d like to give the giant bubbles a try with a wand like this or if you’d like to keep it simple with the smaller wands.

  • Is It Machine-Safe? – Any of you who need the bubble solution for a bubble-making machine should verify that the product is intended for machine use.

The last thing you want to do is jam or clog the machine with the wrong mixture.


There is such thing as a bad bubble, so check the ingredients on the label to understand what is inside the bottle.

  • Glycerin – The secret to a long-lasting bubble is glycerin. It helps prevent the bubbles from drying out and therefore allowing them to last longer.
  • Dyes – The best bubble solution does not contain any dyes. Just think of the mess that would make! We could imagine that a bride coming down the church steps would be furious if the cloud of bubbles showering her ended up leaving colorful residue on her white dress.

It makes less mess on the hands, as well.

  • Non-Toxic – Check to see if “non-toxic” is printed on the label so that you’re not putting any questionable chemicals near your face and mouth.

When in doubt, the safest bubble solution is one that you make yourself with natural ingredients, and luckily for you, we have one in our Review section!

Keep reading to find out more about the top solutions on our list.

  • Tap Water – We’ve seen some DIY recipes that call for distilled water, but those who have experience with bubbles and who have tried all of the different waters (tap, distilled, reverse osmosis, etc.) still feel that tap water is the best choice.

Why invest more money in water when you can just open the tap in your kitchen and let it flow for mere fractions of a penny?

The only thing that might affect the quality of the bubble is the pH level of the water you are using, so if you’re serious about the bubble quality, you might give distilled water a try.

Top 5 Best Bubble Solution Reviews

1. Gazillion Premium Bubbles

Anyone in need of a bubble solution for kids should purchase the Gazillion Premium Bubbles. It doesn’t matter if you’re organizing a birthday party or looking for something to keep the kids entertained during the summer months, this bubble solution is perfect!

The giant 2-liter bottle will last for a quite a while and the wand that it comes with has a variety of hole sizes so that you can blow multiple bubbles at once or aim for smaller, individual bubbles.

As far as the quality of the solution goes, this is where you will notice the difference: when compared to cheaper solutions that just don’t yield many bubbles or bubbles that don’t last very long, this solution outperforms them in longevity and quality.

This solution is safe for use in machines and bubble guns, it is non-toxic, and it doesn’t stain!

2. Little Kids Fubbles Bubbles

This product was designed with kids in mind and thanks to their special formula, kids who struggle to blow bubbles find that it is much easier with it.

We love that the solution contains no dyes and is non-toxic, which makes it clean, safe fun for everyone.

Now, let’s talk bubble quality: these are pretty good. You can probably produce a continuous stream of bubbles on a single breath rather than having to dip the stick back in every few bubbles. They don’t seem to last as long as the Gazillion Bubbles, but that’s only if you are scrutinizing the product critically!

If you need something for a daycare, kid’s party or something that will keep your kids entertained, this is a great choice! The bottles are available in different styles – some of them no-spill – which is great for younger users.

The company offers quite a few bubble-related accessories so check them out, too, if you’re interested.

3. Bubble Thing Big Bubble Mix

Anyone who wants to make super-sized bubbles should opt for a solution like this.

As a mix, you’ll need to have a separate tray or bucket to which you will add the ingredients – something that is large enough to contain all of the liquid and the wand head, too.

As we said, glycerin is the key ingredient to making bubbles, and since this mix calls for 16 cups of hot water and one cup of dish soap, there is glycerin in the formula, but it is not the only ingredient.

The inventor of the mixture is quite serious about making giant bubbles that last, so his secret formula is bound to have a few other ingredients that help make the bubbles last. He is an expert bubble creator, and his product has been around for a long time!

If you are interested in taking your bubble skills to the next level, then we highly recommend that you opt for Bubble Thing.

4. Froggy’s Fog Pro Bubble Juice

A solution like this is perfect for use in a bubble machine but is suitable for manual use with a wand, too.

It meets our “non-toxic” and “non-staining” criteria, and the bubbles it creates are decent. Using this with a bubble machine really increases the life of the liquid and you’ll be impressed with the number of bubbles it produces.

While we can’t say they are the longest-lasting bubbles out there, the stuff works.

Our only gripe is the price, which is a little high for this type of product.

5. Joy Dishwashing Liquid + Glycerin

Our last suggestion is something that you can make on your own and chances are you already have the two main ingredients you need at home: water and dish soap.

There are tons of recipes out there, so all you need to do is grab a few and try them.

Most recipes call for Joy dish soap thanks to its excellent bubble-making characteristics, but Dawn is another alternative if you don’t have joy.

You will also need some glycerin for the recipe, and this particular one seems to have some magic bubble making powers: it’s great!

The key to making great bubbles is following the recipes to the T, which means if you just throw stuff together and expect it to be perfect, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Try a few different recipes and see what you get: you’re bound to find one that meets your bubble-making expectations, and the best part is that the ingredients are all-natural.

Final Thoughts

Many of you probably need a bubble solution for a party, so whether you’re celebrating with a group of kids or adults, you have some room to experiment.

For bubble machines, you should go with the Froggy’s Fog Pro Bubble Juice: it is expensive, but the bubble solution lasts and creates plenty of bubbles; this is great for weddings, kids’ parties or in event centers.

If you want the classic dip-and-blow bubble solution, then Gazillion Premium Bubbles is great for users of all ages and Little Kids Fubbles Bubbles is ideal for younger users.

More ambitious bubble enthusiasts will appreciate a solution like Bubble Thing Big Bubble Mix since it allows you to make the big bubbles.

If you are on a budget and prefer something more natural, then opt for our DIY suggestion using dish soap and glycerin!