12 Best Bras in 2018

One of the biggest challenges that women across the globe face is finding a great bra, and once she does, it’s like her world is complete.

Bras that are both comfortable and supportive come in different shapes and sizes, mainly because we are all different shapes and sizes.

From push-ups and minimizers to bras that are mommy-friendly, we want to offer you a good selection of some of the best bras in different categories.

Read on to see how to take your measurements (which many of you have probably never done!) and compare the different bras in our table that all have something great to offer the right woman.

Top 12 Bras Ultimate Table

DesignNameUseGreat For…Rating (1-5)
  1. Maidenform Women’s Comfort Devotion Embellished Bra Everyday Large Busts 4.6
  2. Warner’s Women’s This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Underwire Bra Everyday Small Busts 4.5
  3. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra Everyday Plus Size 4.4
  4. Wacoal Women’s Red Carpet Strapless Bra Formal or Everyday Large Busts 4.4
  5. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra 76080 Minimizer Large Busts 4.4
6. Bravado! Designs Women’s Maternity Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra Nursing Everyone 4.4
7. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Full Figure Wirefree Bra 71380 Everyday Large Busts 4.4
8. Calvin Klein Women’s Perfectly Fit Lightly Lined Memory Touch T-Shirt Bra Everyday Small Busts 4.3
  9. Enell High Impact Sports Bra Workouts Large Busts 4.3
  10. Bali Passion For Comfort Minimizer Underwire Bra Minimizer Large Busts 4.2
  11. Panache Women’s Underwire Sports Bra Workouts Everyone 4.1
  12. Maidenform Women’s Custom Lift Strapless Bra Formal or Everyday Small Busts 4.0

Here’s How You Choose the Right Bra

If you want to find a good bra, you need to start by choosing the right type for your cup size and your shape. Have you ever had anyone size you or have you always chosen by trial and error?

Trust us, once know your digits, shopping for a bra is so much easier! Here’s how you measure yourself.

  • Step 1: Band Size – Measure your chest just below your breasts (where the bottom of the bra will sit). Once the measuring tape is wrapped around your chest, inhale deeply, exhale and then jot down the measurement.

If the number is even, add four inches. (e.g. 32-inch measurements means the band size is 36).

If it is odd, add five inches. (e.g. 35-inch measurement means the band size is 40 band size).

  • Step 2: Cup Size – Next, you’ll probably want to measure your bust size without a bra on to get the most accurate results. Just run the tape across the fullest part of your breasts (usually across the nipples), breath in, breath out, and then take your measurement.

If it is in between, round it to the nearest whole number.

  • Step 3: Subtract Them – Now, subtract the band measurement from the bust measurement.

If the difference is 0, you’re an AA cup

If the difference is 1, you’re an A cup

If the difference is 2, you’re a B cup

If the difference is 3, you’re a C cup

If the difference is 4, you’re a D cup

If the difference is 5, you’re a DD cup

If the difference is 6, you’re a DDD or F cup

If the difference is 7, you’re a G cup

Match the Bra to the Event

Highlighting the best bras really means giving you the top products in various categories because we can’t just pick one type and expect it to meet the needs of everyone looking.

  • Sports – Whether you’re out for a run or doing high-impact workouts at the gym, a sports bra can help prevent back and breast pain since they provide a higher level of support than standard bras do.
  • Strapless – For evening gowns or even simple summer tube tops, a strapless bra provides you with support sans the ugly straps ruining your look.

Many give you the option to use them with or without straps, making them a versatile solution to have in your lingerie drawer.

  • Minimizer – Some clothing is difficult to wear when you have larger, fuller breasts, so if you need to keep things more comfortably compressed to help you fit into certain tops or dresses, a minimizer bra might be the right choice.
  • Nursing – For moms, a special bra that gives you quick access to your breasts when baby is hungry makes life so much easier.

Many nursing moms rave about the 12. Bravado! Designs Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra.

  • Push-Up – Do your boobs need a boost? A push-up will help lift their spirits!

The only difference between a push-up bra and a regular bra is the padding in the cups. Both bras are designed to lift and support, but that extra cup padding in a push-up will help move your breasts closer together to create fuller cleavage.

  • T-Shirt – These provide you with a smooth, neutral look under your clothing. They aren’t designed to enhance or minimize; they simply offer the support you need for daily use.

What About the Material?

Many women like to purchase bras because of the color or trim, but have you ever considered that those materials might be scratching and chaffing your skin?

Lace trim is sexy and makes women feel sexy when they wear it, but it can be very irritating.

100% cotton bras like the Bali Double-Support Wire-Free Cotton Bra are an excellent choice for women who have sensitive skin.

Top 5 Best Bras Reviews

1. Maidenform Comfort Devotion Extra Coverage Bra

Material: Nylon, Elastane, Lace

Underwire? Yes

If you have a curvy figure and a fuller bust size, you should try this bra. It offers you comfortable support for a variety of activities and will probably become your new go-to bra since it works so well for everyday use.

One of the reasons that it is so comfortable is due to the wide side panels and hook and eyes in the back. This bra has three rows rather than two, which offers you sturdier support and more coverage on the back. If thinner bras tend to create unsightly bulges that show through your shirt, then this bra will probably eliminate the issue.

It comes in many different colors, patterns, and sizes and the lace trim that lines the top of the cups is very sexy.

2. Warner’s This is Not a Bra Full-Coverage Bra

Material: Nylon, Elastane

Underwire? Yes

The last bra was best for fuller busts, but what about those of us with smaller bust sizes looking for a great t-shirt bra?

Warner’s “This is Not a Bra” is the perfect match.

As a full-coverage bra, this is designed to offer you support and help prevent your breasts from spilling over the top of the bra, which can happen regardless of your bust size. It provides you with a smooth silhouette and, in the case of those with smaller bust sizes, can help give you more natural curvature if you happen to be lacking it.

If you do happen to have a larger bust size, don’t think that this won’t work for you, too. Some colors are available in sizes up to 40D.

3. Bali Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Bra

Material: Nylon, Spandex, Polyester

Underwire? Yes

Bras that can offer support and help provide you with a smoother silhouette can make a huge difference in how you feel when wearing clothing. If you are sick of back fat rolls and regular bras that cause your skin to bulge out, then try this shaping bra from Bali.

Unlike most bras that close in the back, this bra has a front closure system. It is much easier to put on and take off (you don’t need to reach back and deal with hook and eyes), and you also don’t have to deal with the typical hook and eye bulge showing through your clothing.

The back of the bra is smooth and wide to help even things out, and the cups provide full coverage, making it a great everyday bra.

While we do appreciate the support and level of comfort this provides, the lace overlay they used on the front of the cup does tend to snag on things. Be sure to hand wash this to avoid it catching on other clothing in the wash cycle.

4. Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless Bra

Material: Nylon, Spandex

Underwire? Yes

If you have a C cup size or larger, then this is one of the best bras out there.

The level of support is excellent thanks to the wide band and the nice silicone lining on the top of the cups. Most bras tend to slip down as you wear them since there are no straps to help keep them up, but this stays in place pretty well thanks to the silicone.

It’s hard for women with larger bust sizes to find a comfortable strapless bra that doesn’t cost a fortune, and while this bra isn’t exactly cheap, the wide range of band and cup sizes makes it easy for every woman to find the right one.

It also happens to be a versatile bra since you can use it with or without straps. Wear the straps in the normal position, over one shoulder or crisscrossed based on the top you’ll be wearing.

5. Vanity Fair Beauty Back Minimizer Bra

Material: Nylon, Elastane

Underwire? Yes

Our final suggestion is a minimizer bra that will help those of you who have problems fitting into clothing.

When you have a large bust size, finding clothes that fit can be difficult. They might fit in the waist, in the arms and everywhere else, but due to your abundant bosom, the top pops out.

Button-up shirts are infamous for this, but with a minimizer bra like this one, you can help reduce your bust size just enough to fit in it comfortably.

We love that the back has three hook and eyes and wide side panels that cover more of your body (no bulging). The front offers full coverage of your breasts and lifts them comfortably without creating a uni-boob.

The only thing that we were disappointed about was the fact that the material is a bit thin. The support is still great, but the thin material might be a problem for some.