12 Best Bras for Back Fat in 2018

If your bra seems to be emphasizing all the wrong places, it’s very likely that you need to reconsider your bra choices. If you have some unruly back fat that you would like to keep under control, then some bras will always “hug” you where it’s not necessary.

Luckily, for you, there are bras out there that will fit you and help provide you with the control you need. If you are looking for the best bra for back fat that will make your back look all nice and smooth, then this guide will definitely help you. It will show you the best tips and options so that you will no longer struggle with this issue.

Top 12 Bras for Back Fat Comparison Chart

DesignNameTypeClosureRating (1-5)
  1. Warner’s Women’s Cloud 9 Underwire Contour Bra Contour Back 4.7
  2. Bali Women’s Comfort Indulgence Back Smoothing Foam Underwire Bra Contour Back 4.5
  3. Vanity Fair Women’s Beauty Back Minimizer Full Figure Underwire Bra 76080 Full Coverage Back 4.4
  4. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra Full Coverage Front 4.4
  5. SPANX Pillow Cup Signature Push-Up Plunge Bra Plunge Back 4.4
  6. Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Wirefree Bra Full Coverage Back 4.3
  7. Warner’s Women’s No Side Effects Wire-Free Contour Bra Contour Back 4.3
  8. Glamorise Women’s Plus-Size Elegance Front-Close Lace Underwire Bra Full Coverage Front 4.1
  9. Warner’s Women’s Back To Smooth Wire-Free Lift Bra Contour Back 4.1
  10. Intimate Portal Women All Over Lace Bralette Wire Free Sleep Bra Bralette None 4.1
  11. Playtex Women’s 18-Hour Seamless Smoothing Bra Full Coverage Back 4.1
  12. Lilyette by Bali Women’s Elegant Lift and Smooth Front-Close Racerback Bra Full Coverage Front 4.0

Buying Information

If we knew how to differentiate between bras, we wouldn’t have a problem with back fat in the first place. We just see that it says “bra,” and the only thing our brains processes is that it will “hold and shape our bust.”

The problem is that if it has all the wrong features, we might just find ourselves with a second set of “twins.” This is why you should consider these tips in your search for the best bra for back fat.

Look for Excellent Coverage

Have you ever bought a bra with a band so thin, that the moment you put it on, you could actually feel it digging in your back? The bra may have looked very cute on the model, but on you, it suddenly seems as if you are harboring the Grand Canyon.

Overall, the perfect bra should look like this:

  • Wide Band
  • Large Straps
  • Full Coverage

In times like these, you should look for bras that have a wider band. The more coverage it provides to your back, the more it will minimize the back fat. Keep an eye out for bras that will have at least three hooks for closure, or at least back smoothing panels for more coverage.

Look for bras that offer the most bust coverage as well. If your cleavage keeps busting out from all the wrong places, then you might want to consider a different type of cup.

Consider a Front-Closing Bra

If the closing hook is set in the front, it means the back will be 100% seamless and smooth. There will not be any unnecessary tugging and pulling, and if you add a wide band to that, you will have the perfect combo for hiding back fat.

Make sure that the material the bra uses is stretchy and supple. This will prevent any extra bulging that may appear if the band is stiff. Also, the fewer seams it has, the more perfect the bra is.

Size It Accordingly

You may be wearing the perfect bra, with all the right features, wide straps, and everything, but if it’s even one size too small, all of that will go to waste. You will literally be suffocating your back and bust, and they will scream “Let me out!” whenever you put on a bra.

Make sure to buy a bra that leaves no tissue squished around the cup or the band. If the size is right, then you should have no issues with fat distribution.

Your best choice would be a full coverage bra, but you could also go with a contour bra or a bralette – as long as you have proper back coverage.

Top 5 Best Bra for Back Fat Reviews

1. Warner’s Cloud 9 Underwire Contour Bra

Every lady with a bigger bust will have come across this problem at some point in their life. The greatness of their cleavage will be so high that it’ll want to spread… all the way to the back. Hence, you will have a hard time finding a bra that won’t make your bag look terrible.

The bra is very comfortable, and the right size will fit you like a glove. The stitching is of a high quality which will not break or be visible under a shirt.

The straps can be adjusted from the front, and as opposed to most bras, they will not fall down. They are fixed, and therefore your bra will stay secure.

The image shown on the product will have two hooks, but the actual bra has three of them. The band is large enough to cover your “back handles,” and therefore you will not have any uneven area on your back.

The back smoothing panels are also a great addition that will smoothen your back even more.

The cup area provides enough coverage so that your twins will not try to wriggle themselves out. The underwire and the padding will keep your bust in a nice shape and comfort that will last the whole day.

Overall, this is one of the best choices you could make when purchasing a bra because it will smoothen that fat that keeps sticking out like a thorn in your side.

2. Bali Women’s Comfort Indulgence Underwire Bra

If you live in an area where the heat is an issue, the last thing you want is probably a bra that will not let your skin breathe. Still, once you put on this bra, you’ll be surprised by how nice and cool it will feel to wear. That’s because the foam used to make this bra was treated with cooling agents so that you won’t feel restricted.

This bra is extremely comfortable, and you definitely won’t have a problem wearing it the whole day – because you won’t be able to tell that you have it on.

The fabric is fantastic and smooth, and the back panels work in covering a wider area so that you will not experience back fat issues.

The bra has three hooks and is, therefore, wide enough to provide you all the support that you need. Overall, it is a bra that you should really consider if you have issues with back fat.

3. Vanity Fair Beauty Underwire Bra 76080

Ever had that feeling that you wished you could get home as soon as possible, only to take your bra off and relax in the freedom? Well, while your cleavage may not be completely free, it doesn’t mean that it will not be comfortable.

In fact, its comfort comes from the fact that it offers you that exact support that you need. Since it provides full coverage in the front, there will be no “escapes” on the sides. The result will be a smooth body with natural (but sexy) forms.

This bra was made to minimize the bust line and offer a smooth back effect for the ladies struggling with extra skin. The microfiber wings will help in providing that perfect look while the wide straps will not dig into your skin.

The bra band has three hooks, which means that it’s large enough to hide the saggy skin from your back. The result will be an even look and you will definitely not think twice about buying another one of these when the time comes.

4. Bali Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra

Who doesn’t hate it when your bra suddenly unclasps itself, and you have no way of closing it without looking really obvious?

Well, this bra is the solution to that problem because it has a front closing system and adjustable straps; you’ll be in full control of your bra!

Now, that’s not the only reason we love this bra. Since the closing system is in the front, they could focus on making the back extra smooth. Therefore, it looks pretty much like a sports bra that covers all of your wild areas in the back.

And even though it may look like a sports bra in the back, it does a great job at contouring and emphasizing your cleavage.

Plus, it’s very comfortable, and most of the time, you wouldn’t be feeling as if you are wearing a bra at all. You’ll definitely love the support.

5. SPANX Pillow Cup Push-Up Plunge Bra

Those looking for a bit of a lift are going to love this plunge bra. Most of the times, plunge or push-up bras use the classic thin band with no panels, but this one is different.

It has enough fabric in the back to make back fat a thing of the past.

The stitching is sleek, and the fabric is soft and elastic, therefore not creating any awkward bulges that will be visible through your clothes.

Despite the fact that it’s a push-up bra, it won’t feel uncomfortable at all to wear. It will offer you all the support that you need while providing that extra push. The dig-free adjustable straps are also a great asset.

Final Thoughts

Many of us have lived their lives not knowing how to choose the right bra. Some of us have even bought bras the way men buy shampoo: “It says bra.” Still, if it looks good on the skinny model, that doesn’t mean that it will look good on you as well.

The best bra for back fat so far is Warner’s “Cloud 9,” followed closely by Bali and Vanity Fair. Their features such as back panels, large straps, and wide band will allow us to get out of the house without looking like we have an extra set of twins on the back.