12 Best Boots for Men in 2018

The best boots for men aren’t easy to find, particularly if we were to think of the immense variety of such products.

That makes it quite challenging to select just the right product for your needs. Every manufacturer claims the same thing: that their items are the best on the market, but that isn’t necessarily the naked truth, as we all know.

Since we have all been there, we want to ease the path for you and present you with the top 12 products we have researched and tested. Buying the best boots – no matter the season – shouldn’t be so hard, should it? Take our advice, and you’ll be good to go!

Top 12 Boots for Men Ultimate Chart

DesignNameMaterialComfortRating (1-5)
  1. Levis Men’s Lex II Lace-Up Boot Leather, Suede 5/5 4.5
  2. Calvin Klein Men’s Ulysses Suede Chukka Boot Suede 4/5 4.4
  3. Durango Men’s 11″ Harness Boot Leather 5/5 4.4
  4. GLOBALWIN Mens Classic Winter Water Resistance Chukka Boot Synthetic Leather, Fur Lining 5/5 4.4
  5. Timberland Men’s 6″ Premium Waterproof Boot Leather 4/5 4.4
  6. Clarks Men’s Bushacre 2 Desert Boot Leather, Suede 4/5 4.3
  7. Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Soft Toe Boot Leather 5/5 4.2
  8. Timberland Men’s Earthkeepers City Chukka Boot Leather 5/5 4.1
  9. Skechers USA Men’s Segment-Dorton Chelsea Boot Leather 5/5 4.1
  10. Carhartt Men’s CMS4190 Romeo Soft Four Inch Waterproof Work Boot Leather 4/5 4.1
  11. Giorgio Brutini Men’s 66014 Boot Leather 4/5 3.9
  12. Ferro Aldo Mfa-808561 Mens Lace Up Military Combat Work Desert Ankle Boot Leather Lining, Synthetic Upper & Bottom 3/5 3.9

Pre-Purchase Considerations

  • Level of Warmth – When you’re thinking of the best boots for men, you instantly think of fall or winter. The minute after the chill weather settles in; we have to put away our sneakers and go for a pair of shoes that keep us warm.

There are boots that work perfectly during autumn and winter alike, particularly if you’re living in an area where the temperatures aren’t that harsh. Nonetheless, if you’re dwelling in a colder area, you might need two distinct pairs.

The lining is, in most cases, the primary indicator of the warmth level provided by the boots. So, depending on the climate you live in, and how you intend on using the boots, you should consider this aspect.

  • Comfort – Comfort is the second most important aspect that must be considered before purchasing any shoes, boots included. Bear this in mind – you plan on wearing your boots for extended periods. That makes comfort a crucial issue.

A high-quality boot will promote good walking posture while providing the foot with the right amount of support.

The closing system and the boot insole are the primary aspects that determine the level of comfort of the boots. More precisely, proper insoles are featured by padding and arch support.

Also, many people prefer lacing or zipper closing systems, depending on their personal preference. As with any other thing, each person has his/her individual preferences.

  • Weight – One thing is for sure; you cannot expect a pair of winter or autumn boots to be as light as a pair of sandals. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean they should be as heavy as to impair your comfort while walking.

Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and the innovations in shoe making, the best winter boots are incredibly lightweight and comfortable.

  • Traction – Owning a pair of boots with excellent traction is a necessity for every man reading this. No one dreams of slipping over whenever it rains or snows, right?

Therefore, the outsole of the boot should be designed in a way as to deter that from happening. The most common material used for manufacturing the outsole is rubber. Even so, many other alternatives perform equally well.

The bottom-line is that you should definitely consider the design of the outsole and its performance on damp, icy terrains.

Waterproof – Yes or No?

By definition, fall and winter boots should be water resistant. That is compulsory because they are meant to resist all kinds of weather.

There are also some extra products you can use in order to maximize you’re boots’ water repelling capabilities. These can be found in specialized stores.

Top 4 Best Boots for Men Reviews

1. Levis Men’s Lex II Lace-Up Boot

These are classic lace-up boots, with a stylish, elegant design. These are the perfect acquisition since you can use them to accessorize a broad range of outfits.

We like the classy appeal they have; plus, they are unexpectedly comfortable, which almost makes them a must-buy. The matte finish is another detail we liked; we thought it was similar to other high-end boots that cost five times more.

The leather is high-quality, and we can guarantee that these will be your holy grail for the time to come. In other words, they are durable and well-made.

Note that, as with any other leather shoes; there is a break-in period. After a few wears, they will fit perfectly.

Considering the format and cut of the boot, we find them more suitable for people with narrow feet.

Moving on to the next issue: are these water resistant? This is a light pair of boots, which is more fitted for fall or light winter conditions.

In order to maximize their waterproof property, we recommend you to use a compound for leather that is created for that purpose.

2. Calvin Klein Men’s Ulysses Suede Chukka Boot

These Chukka boots represent an equally versatile and stylish buy. Manufactured with first-class suede, these look excellent while wearing them.

This is a dressy version of Chukka boots, if we were to compare it with other options on the market.

We liked that the attention to detailing is obvious in the manufacturing of these boots. Every stitch looks impeccable.

Nonetheless, before ordering these boots, we would advise you to go half a size smaller than you usually wear. That’s because they tend to run a bit large. Still, this seems to do the trick just well.

3. Durango Men’s Harness Boot

These harness boots have made their way into our list because they are really high-quality and well-made.

If this style is up your alley, we believe these will please you.

They encompass the perfect balance of functionality and style. Moving on to the level of comfort, these boots rank highest in this direction, as well.

At the same time, these products are sturdy and durable, which means you’ll be wearing these for the years to come.

4. GLOBALWIN Mens Classic Chukka Boot

If you wish to acquire a pair of boots that are cut out for harsh winter days, these are an excellent pick.

The fur lining will keep you warm, no matter the weather. In other words, you can definitely venture yourself in deep snow wearing these, and they’ll keep you dry. We’ve tested them, and we can tell.

The fur lining also increases the comfort of the boots. Since these come at an affordable rate, they are a fantastic acquisition, considering the quality price ratio, which is unbelievable.

These boots behave excellently in Chicago and Seattle weather. What else can you ask for?

To conclude, if your closet lacks the best boots for men, now you know where to find them. Which of our suggestions fits your style best? We would be happy to know your thoughts on the subject!