12 Best Boot Laces in 2018

There is nothing like a great pair of boots. They can give you a lift in height if you are vertically challenged and allow you to traverse through muddy conditions with ease. Obviously, we’re not talking about cowboy boots, but rather those that require actual laces.

Even the greatest boots on earth need solid ties in place, so join our experts as they share a list of some of the best boot laces currently on the market.

We included various styles to help everyone find the right pair, so whether you are in the military, work construction or sport stylish dress boots, you will find what you need here in this detailed guide.

Top 12 Boot Laces Ultimate Table

DesignNameAdditional ReinforcementColorRating (1-5)
  1. Round Boot Laces Nylon Black/Brown 4.8
  2. LOCK LACES for Boots No Camo 4.7
  3. Tofl Leather Boot Laces No Multiple 4.7
  4. Heavy Duty Kevlar Reinforced Boot Laces Shoelaces Kevlar Rust 4.6
  5. OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Nylon Shoelaces No Multiple 4.6
6. Kevlar proTOUGH(tm) Reinforced Heavy Duty Boot Laces Shoelaces Kevlar Black 4.5
7. Ironlace Lace Yes Black/Brown 4.4
8. Kg’s Boot Guard KG-XTREME Kevlar Heavy Duty Boot Laces Kevlar Black 4.4
  9. SGT KNOTS® Paracord Boot Laces No Black 4.2
  10. Sof Sole Round Boot Laces No Multiple 4.1
  11. Rhino Laces – Unbreakable Shoelaces No Multiple 4.0
  12. Shoeslulu 20-50″ Premium Flat Waxed Cotton Bootlaces Shoelaces No Multiple 4.0

What Type of Boots Do You Own?

As mentioned, cowboy boots don’t have laces, and the same can goes for engineer boots and most pull-on styles. That means if you are reading this, you probably have hiking, casual or work boots. For consumers that wear casual boots, you’ll want to choose something that matches the style of your boot – more often than not it’s Brown or Black. Contrasting styles can look great as well, so keep that in mind if you want to do something different.

When it comes to the best boot laces for work boots, look for something robust and sturdy. Most are rounded to a degree, and some are treated to resist heat and other destructive elements. With hiking boots, many of the same rules apply, but you’ll want to ensure they won’t unravel and are tough enough to handle thorns and other hazards that can “pick” away at fibers over time. With either of these styles, look for reinforced laces if you want the toughest.

Consider the Sizing

Lace sizing is one area that can throw consumer for a loop more often than not. Just like with regular shoe laces, boot laces come in different sizes, but it’s tougher to nail down the size you need. Some manufacturers will give you an eyelet measurement which goes by a number of holes on your boot; this is the only way to go if you are looking at laces and know how many eyelets you have on your boots. If you are dead set on a style that uses inches instead of eyelets, there are still solutions.

The most obvious route to go in this case is to measure your old boot lace and match the size. If that isn’t possible or you just don’t want to unlace, you can opt for laces that are “cut to fit.” These are not going to work for everyone, but are long enough to allow you to cut the ends, so you’ll get the perfect fit. This style also gives you the advantage of being able to set your preferred length whereas you may still have left over laces to tuck away otherwise.

You Need Reinforcement

We’ve got one word for you here – Kevlar. Kevlar can be woven into almost anything these days and adds a degree of strength to any fabric it meets. That includes laces for your boots, and you will find several Kevlar threaded laces on our list. Other companies will use Nylon or similar materials in the mix or make their laces in a particular fashion for additional strength.

Another option is to go with laces that use Paracord. It’s another super material you’ll see on survival gear and bracelets. It’s perfect for boot laces that need to be tougher than the rest, which makes them an excellent fit for hiking boots. You’ll also want to pay close attention to the ends of the laces and what types of tips they have. If you’ve ever had one unravel, you know how important that area is.

Top 5 Best Boot Laces Reviews

1. Miscly Round Heavy Duty Book Laces

Our top choice when it comes to the best boot laces are these sturdy round laces from Miscly. While they aren’t overly fancy, they are not supposed to be, and we are pleased to say they perform as advertised. That means they are going to hold up for years, but that’s not the only perk this pick provides.

Miscly’s laces are made from a blend of Polyester with a bit of Nylon thrown in for good measure. Two cords run the length of the laces while a tight Polyester weave jackets the outside. They are of average thickness at 3/16, ” and the construction allows for some great knots. In other words, they are unlikely to come untied, even in the toughest of circumstances. That’s assuming you’ve gotten the right length, and you will get four different sizes to choose from out of this particular listing.

According to the company’s eyelet chart, boots with 8-9 holes will want a 72” set of laces while 45” laces take care of 5-6 eyelets. There is a 54” set rated for 6-7 holes and a 63” pair of laces best suited for boots with 7-8 holes. The space between said holes may vary on your boot, but it’s a good guideline nonetheless. These laces are available three to a pack and are guaranteed to be replaced by the company if they happen to break!

2. LOCK LACES for Boots No Tie Boot Laces

If you enjoy hiking, are into outdoor sports or just really hate tying your shoes prepare to be thrilled. LOCK LACES are going to be your new best friend by eliminating that action altogether once you’ve properly set up your boot laces for the first time.

You may have seen these in disguise under another name, but the LOCK LACES are the real deal. This pair is made specifically for boots and fall into that “trim to fit” category we discussed in our guide. They are only sold in one size, but that’s all you need as once you lace up your boots, it’s time to cut and clip. A little lock system at the top allows you to adjust to tighten or loosen things up while a clip takes care of the cut end of your laces. Just remember to put them first to ensure a snug fit.

While the LOCK LACES are said to be one size fits all, they are actually 72 inches but can stretch up to 108” due to their construction and the materials used. They essentially turn your favorite boots into a pair of slip-on shoes and are a wise choice for hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

3. Tofl Leather Boot Laces Cut to Fit

Now we are going to take a quick look at something a wee bit more casual and a whole lot more colorful. Tofl’s boot laces would stick out like a sore thumb on dirty work boots or hikers built for the trail. They are the perfect fit for casual boots, however, including the popular style known as Desert Boots.

Leather laces have been around longer than any other type of shoe or boot lace. They are known to hold up better than other types of materials although thin leather is no match for Kevlar reinforced laces. That said, the company promises these won’t melt under heat so they should last for years as long as you treat them properly. Their style makes them a fabulous option for consumers with Desert Boots, and we promise there will be a color to match.

These tanned leather straps are available in boring old Brown, and Black is standard as always. Wilder hues include Orange, Pink, Red, and Blue for a total of 11 colors in all. They are also cut to fit but sized at 72” so there will be more than enough length for almost every style of boot.

4. Sport28 Heavy Duty Reinforced Boot Laces

We briefly touched on Kevlar and how tough it can be when added to other materials. Now we are going to look at the first set of boot laces that make use of the substance as the Sport28 laces are made from a blend of Polyester and Kevlar.

Sometimes simple is better, especially when it comes to laces for your tennis shoes or boots. Simple is what you’ll get from Sport28 as their boot laces look like an ordinary pair that you’d scoop up from a rack. Looks can be deceiving. These are Heavy Duty laces made from polyester and have Kevlar strands throughout to increase their durability. Their construction makes them perfect for all types of boots, and while we don’t have the diameter, you’ll want to have large eyelets as these are thick boot laces.

It’s hard to go wrong with these laces if you need a sturdy set of straps that won’t snap under pressure over time. They are only available in one color but come two per pack and in sizes ranging from 36” all the way up to 102” so there is a length for everyone.

5. OrthoStep Thin Round Athletic Boot Laces

Last, but certainly not least are a set of solid laces from the folks at OrthoStep. These are dubbed “Athletic” Nylon or Work Boot laces, and we can attest that they will work in both styles of footwear. They are versatile, but only 3mm wide Nylon laces and not reinforced with any unique material.

Nylon is a far cry from Kevlar but is sturdy enough and used in a variety of applications including boot laces. The end of each lace has a heat fused tip but with a rough end and no cap. They will work for certain types of dress shoes although they are best suited for work boots that need a thin, sturdy lace. There are no additional features to speak of, but you will get to choose from a slew of colors and lengths.

The OrthoStep Boot Laces are sized from 32 inches up to 120 inches which covers a broad range of sizes and boot styles. They come in 11 different colors with the standard dark hues, and while there is nothing too wild or bright, their two-tone laces are quite stylish.