12 Best Body Fat Scales in 2017

Body fat scales are helpful tools that allow you to stay on track when it comes to fitness goals. They can provide you with data instantly and they can also track several users at once.

Whether you’re in the market for an affordable option or want a BMI scale with all the bells & whistles, we have you covered.

Our guide will walk you through the most important buying points and ensure you find the best body fat scale to suit your family’s needs.

Top 12 Body Fat Scales Ultimate Table

DesignNameNumber of UsersMobile AppRating (1-5)
  1. Wifi Smart Connected Body Fat Bathroom Scale by Weight Gurus 8 Yes 4.5
  2. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale – Body Fat Scale 16 Yes 4.5
  4. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Unlimited Yes 4.4
  5. Digital Body Fat Weight Scale by Balance 8 No 4.4
6. Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Body Water 2 No 4.4
7. Triomph Digital Bmi Body Fat Scale with Step on Technology 10 No 4.3
8. Nokia Body Cardio – Heart Health & Body Composition Wi-Fi Scale 8 Yes 4.2
  9. Omron Body Composition Monitor with Scale 4 No 4.0
  10. GoWISE USA Body Fat Scale 8 No 3.9
  11. EatSmart Products Precision Getfit Digital Body Fat Scale 8 No 3.9
  12. Body Fat Scale by Vive Precision – Digital Bathroom Scale Calculates & Analyzes Weight & Body Fat Composition Percentage 8 No 3.8

How Many People Will Use the Scale?

Before you get excited and fall for a sleek Wi-Fi scale, you need to consider the number of people who will use the scale.

Unlike a traditional scale, new models can store your stats in its memory bank which is cool but troublesome at the same time. If the scale doesn’t have enough user slots, you will quickly find your information being overwritten.

For this class of scale, the average number of users is around eight although some that dip as low as two users. On the other end of the spectrum, some machines can hold well over a dozen or even an unlimited number of people. The best body fat scale around doesn’t have to take care of an entire village, but you do need to think about how many people will use it regularly in your home.

Measurements & Weight Limits

There are two things every scale on our list has in common. They all provide you with your weight along with giving you the scoop on your body fat. What sets them apart aside from the design are the features which can include other forms of measurement. None will tell you how tall you are, but hydration, BMI, and bone mass are all popular options you’ll come across. You are also likely to see some “exotic” measurements offered up like body age or BMR.

The best BMI scale on the list is definitely the Triomph.

As for the weight limit, that varies across the board depending on the manufacturer. There is no real average although every scale our experts checked can handle 300 pounds with ease. Many can do up to 400 pounds although you should heed the weight limit if you want accuracy and an intact warranty. No matter what your weight is, pay close attention to the top of the scale as you want something that looks good, but that isn’t slippery in socks or barefoot.


Bathroom scales have come a long way over the years, so you no longer have to stand and stare at a dial-based system. While digital scales are nothing new, the displays on today’s models are brighter, larger and easier to read. Depending on which model you choose, you may not even have to look down as the information is sent straight to your smartphone.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are two common features you’ll find on high-end BMI scales; this allows you to sync up to your scale and store all your data online which is handy for several reasons. Some scales also work with mobile applications or other types of fitness gear. A great mobile app can open things up as well by giving you access to a wealth of information. A connected scale isn’t something you have to have, but something you should keep in mind if you’re serious about your fitness and monitoring your stats.

Top 5 Best Body Fat Scale Reviews

1. Greater Goods Wi-Fi Connected Smart Body Fat Scale

This sharp connected scale comes from the folks at Greater Goods. The Weight Guru scale is designed to look great in your bathroom while providing you quick, accurate results on your weight and other metrics. That includes body fat, but it’s far from the only thing it can do.

The Great Goods Wi-Fi scale is a looker with a slick white top that’s offset by a light blue display. Your measurements will be easy to read regardless of the lighting, and there is plenty to take in. The readout itself is simple, but once you’ve set it up correctly, it can instantly send your results to health apps through Wi-Fi. That’s handy as nobody wants to drag their cellphone to the scale to weight and it keeps you from forgetting to log your results.

You’ll get a free mobile app from Weight Gurus with the scale along with access to popular options like Apple Health, Google Fit, the Echo and more. The scale can handle 400 pounds and takes your weight, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, water weight and bone mass measurements. It’s just as precise as you would expect, and can hold data for up to eight users automatically.

We feel like this one is a solid option for the best body fat scale due to its vast array of features and the fact it keeps you connected. It would be nice if it were available in more than one color, but it has a slew of features baked in, Wi-Fi connectivity, and part of your proceeds go to benefit good causes as well.

2. Yunmai Premium Smart Scale w/ BMI

Our second pick is another smart scale that comes with a mobile application and Bluetooth. The Yunmai Premium Smart Scale has some interesting features including a full-surface sensor setup which opens the doors to some unique possibilities.

This smart scale can take your body fat measurements and tell you how much you weigh in a second. What makes it stand out is its ability to measure eight other metrics. They include bone mass, visceral fat, BMI, BMR, protein, body fat, water, and body age. While we’re not too sure about that last one, this scale offers up more information than most.

That data is stored in an app which also connects with Fitbit and other popular applications. The company’s portal keeps track of your information and includes some nifty features like visual reports and social sharing. You get your custom profile although you can get the whole family involved as it can deal with a whopping 16 users at once.

The scale is easy on the eyes, extremely smart, and available in both White and Black. On the downside, Yunmai’s scale not as “connected” as other models considering you only get Bluetooth, but not Wi-Fi. That shouldn’t keep you from buying this one but is something to think about given the fact there are Wi-Fi models in the same range.

3. INEVIFIT Body Analyzer Digital Scale

Not everyone needs or wants to spend hours analyzing data each time they step on a scale. If you fall into that category, INEVIFIT’s Digital Scale is one to watch. It’s an affordable solution without as many extras as its competitors, but more than enough features to suit most consumers’ needs.

This scale does not let you wirelessly sync up to fitness apps, and it won’t shoot your information over to your laptop or smartphone. It is still intelligent however considering it can store data for ten individuals and automatically knows who you are the second you step on its surface. In regards to the measurements, you’ll get BMR, bone mass, body muscle, body water, fat grade and body fat to go along with your weight. The large display is easy to read as well.

What the INEVIFIT Body Analyzer lacks in features and style, it makes up for with performance and price. It’s more affordable than “smarter” scales and has all the features you need from a digital scale that handles BMI. This scale is available in Black and comes with a 5-year warranty.

4. RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale

The term Body Composition Analyzer is something you hear a lot of when dealing with modern scales that do more than just show your weight. RENPHO’s smart scale is another with Bluetooth built-in so that it can deliver a variety of statistics to your mobile in an instant.

We’re going to start with the design on this scale as it’s a cross between a retro unit and a modern one. That’s due to the four sensors on top which sport electrodes to break down your body’s composition – to a degree. RENPHO’s scales takes measurements of protein, skeletal muscle, BMI, water, BMA, fat-free body weight, body age, body fat, and bone mass. No matter how you feel about those sensors, it can certainly handle a lot of data.

You will need a Bluetooth smartphone or slate to take full advantage of this one and dig into the data provided by the app as there is no Wi-Fi. It can handle people up to 396 pounds including unlimited users in a household. Overall, it’s a nice entry-level scale that provides plenty of bang for your buck.

5. Greater Goods Body Fat Scale

Our second pick from Greater Goods is the Balance BMI scale. It has a large glass top with plenty of surface area and a design that lets you know that it’s more than a simple scale. It can take plenty of metrics, just don’t expect it to have as many features as the Weight Gurus model.

Whether you just want to get a quick check on your weight or dig into the data, this scale can do a little bit of everything. It measures your BMI, and those sensor strips ensure you get readings on muscle mass, hydration, body fat and bone density as well. The backlit display is easy to read in direct light or darkness, and you will get auto user detection; this means you’ll never have to worry about someone in your family overwriting your data as it can handle up to eight users by their weight and health information.

With a weight limit of up to 400 pounds, this is an excellent choice the consumer that wants a way to measure their BMI and other metrics but don’t necessary need Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. It’s an accurate machine well worth a look but only available in White.