12 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets in 2018

Motorcycle helmets are utilitarian in nature as they are designed with one purpose in mind – protecting your brain. All DOT certified helmets can do this, but the degree of protection varies depending on the style and the manufacturer involved. Like many products, some are going to be better than others – especially when it comes to helmets with Bluetooth baked in.

When looking for the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, we found out two things rather quickly. There are not many helmets with Bluetooth built in, and there are thousands that are “built” for Bluetooth but don’t come with a headset. We don’t care about those however as we chose helmets that are ready to roll out of the box.

See which helmets made the cut and then head down for detailed reviews of our five favorite products.

Top 12 Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Ultimate Table

DesignNameMultiple ColorsTalk TimeRating (1-5)
  1. Hawk H-66 Glossy Black Dual-Visor Modular Motorcycle Helmet No 5-6 hours 4.1
  2. Motorcycle Helmets,FreedConn Flip up Dual Visors Full Face Helmet Yes 12 hours 4.1
  3. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet Yes 4-6 Hours 3.8
  4. ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Flip up Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Yes 8 hours 3.8
  5. Torc T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet Yes 6 hours 3.6
6. AVE A-20 Atom Modular Flip-Up Motorcycle Helmet No 10 hours 3.6
7. Origine O528B Pilota 3/4 Helmet Yes 8 hours 3.5
8. VCAN Blinc 136 Full Face Helmet No 8 hours 3.5
  9. Sena Cavalry Matte Black Bluetooth Half Helmet No10 hours 3.5
  10. Bilt Techno 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Yes 8 hours 3.4
  11. HJC SY-MAXBT III Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet Yes 5-6 hours 3.3
  12. Sniper M14 Bluetooth Half Helmet No 6 hours 2.4

Buying Information

When looking for the best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet, safety is first and foremost, but there are still several things to consider which we will briefly touch on below.

  • Safety – If you are buying a motorcycle helmet, you are doing it for safety and not coolness although you can have the best of both worlds. In the U.S., DOT certified is one tag to keep an eye out for as that means the Department of Transportation has signed off for road use.

This is usually clearly noted on the manufacturer’s website and should be on the helmet as well. High-quality helmets will have that stamped on, while lower-quality models will use stickers. Be wary of the latter if you are unfamiliar with the brand as stickers can be removed and slapped on in an instant.

Snell certification is another type and is seen as more strict by some consumers. They are not a government agency, but a private non-profit origination that was setup to test helmet safety in a variety of ways. If your helmet is certified through both standards, you are definitely good to go.

  • Style – Looking for a helmet with a built-in Mohawk? Well, you won’t find one here, but it’s not because we don’t like them. As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so style comes down to your preference. For the purposes of our list, you are going to see three styles with the traditional full helmet, modular helmets, and half helmets.

If you’re zipping down the road at a high clip, you want a shield on your face – it’s good for more than just bugs. That means a full helmet with a flip down visor is your best bet although there are some half models with clip on visors as well. If you ride a thunderous hog, you may want a half helmet as that’s the going trend, but there are plenty of riders with newer Harleys that have full helmets as well. It all comes down to preference and our next section.

  • Comfort – Regardless of the style, you don’t want a hot box strapped to your head all day. As long as it’s safe, you want it to be comfortable. All motorcycle helmets have padding to protect your brain, but the amount included varies wildly from one manufacturer to the next. Some will have removable liners as well, a perk for sweaty headed folk.

Weight directly plays a part in comfort as well. Obviously, full helmets will be heavier, but the materials used can lighten the load considerably. Modular helmets may be the most popular, but they are also the heaviest so make sure you think about size if you’re going on long rides where comfort is key.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Reviews

1. Hawk H-66 Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Looking for a large full-sized helmet with plenty of protection for your noggin and Bluetooth? The Hawk H-66 may your best option as it’s modular with a flip-down visor and pretty stylish to boot. It has an ABS thermoplastic shell on the outside and several vents to allow the air to flow and keep your head cool.

On the exterior of the Hawk H-66, you will find controls for the Bluetooth setup on one side. They are deemed “glove friendly” by the manufacturer for easy access and are waterproof as well. The other side features a drop-down button for the visor. It is anti-scratch and smoke tinted to help with the sun but can be flipped up in an instant while you’re on the road.

Hawk’s helmet is DOT certified and weighs in at around 6.8 lbs. so it may be a little hefty for some. It comes with a charger, battery and manual for the included Bluetooth setup and is available in Black. You can get it in several different sizes however with Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large.

2. FreedConn Dual Visor Motorcycle Helmet

The second entry on our best Bluetooth motorcycle helmet list comes from FreedConn and is another full helmet. The Bluetooth on this one is rated at up to 500 meters and allows you to keep in touch with your buddies that have gone ahead of you on the road. It is Bluetooth 3.0, something to keep in mind as most smartphones are on 4.2 now.

When it comes to the safety tech involved, this one has a solid ABS shell that meets DOT’s standards for safety on the road. There are several vents for cooling as you would expect, but you’ll get a perk with the lining. The lining and cheek pads are removable and deodorant absorbent. You can wash them out when they get funky, something you don’t always get the luxury of on some helmets Bluetooth or otherwise.

The FreedConn Bluetooth helmet is available in three sizes with Medium (54-55cm), Large (56-57cm) and XL at 58-59cm. It is available in six different colors as well including Red, Blue, Black, and White.

3. TORC T27 Full Face Modular Helmet

TORC has produced some head-turning helmets in their time, and while the T27 isn’t too decked out, it has a clean style that is easy on the eyes. The sleek helmet is light at 5.2 poundsand comes with Bluetooth 2.0 installed. Again, it isn’t the most current version of the tech but will do on the road as long as the distance isn’t too great.

On a positive note, the TORC T27 is certified by both the DOT and ECE, which is the Economic Commission for Europe. In a nutshell, this helmet has been cleared in both Europe and the U.S., so you know it’s safe. Other features to note include a one-button release for the front chin bar, Venturi venting and a battery that is rated at around 8 hours of talk time.

This lightweight Bluetooth helmet is sturdy and has the same features as the others in the connectivity department, just not the range. It is available in sizes X-Small to X-Large and comes in six different colors including a Star pattern and bright Yellow.

4. ILM Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle Helmet

The ILM Bluetooth Modular Motorcycle helmet isn’t quite as sleek as some of the brain buckets from the big boys. It is just as safe thanks to meeting the ECE and DOT standards however and offers up some nice tech in the Bluetooth department as well. You’ll get DSP Echo Cancellation and Noise Suppression tech, which provides clarity even when you’re breaking the speed limit.

Want to take a call? Not a problem as there are one-touch controls on the side for taking calls or rejecting them when you need to focus on the road. GPS navigation, Music playback and a rating of 8-hours of talk time round things out in the when it comes to Bluetooth and audio. As for the Bluetooth 2.0, it is listed with a range of 1000 feet.

From the washable microfiber liner to the Bluetooth tech, this helmet has about everything you could want from a full flip helmet, and it won’t break the bank. It is only available in two sizes however with Medium and Large although you can get either size in White or Red.

5. Torc T14 Blinc/Mini Full Face Helmet

Our second choice from the folks at TORC is the T14 full-face helmet. It is a slight step down from the T27, but just as safe if you reside in the United States or Europe. The main difference is the fact this one is not modular and has a different, but arguably cleaner style. It also has Bluetooth baked in courtesy of Blinc and is one of the lighter models on our list at 4.9 lbs.

The TORC T14 won’t weigh you down on the road and will keep your head cool on long trips or short jaunts. If you do get sweaty, you can pop out the liner for a quick cleaning. While we aren’t sure how much it actually affects the comfort, we’d be remiss if we did not mention the “laser contoured” liner inside as well. The TORC T14 goes from an X-Small all the way up to a Double-XL and comes in four colors with Black, Flat Black, Flat Black Flag, and Flat Grey Nuke.