12 Best Black Pumps in 2018

Let the hunt for the best black pumps begin!

This classic piece of footwear is a staple item in every woman’s wardrobe, and if you don’t have some in yours, then you’re probably here because you want them to be!

In our guide below, we’ll be pointing out all of the particulars you need to know when it comes to choosing this type of shoe.

There are many finishes and options available, but with our help, you’ll be able to find the right pair without a problem.

Top 12 Black Pumps Ultimate Table

DesignNameStyle# of Black Finishes AvailableRating (1-5)
  1. Jessica Simpson Women’s Kelii Dress Pump Peep Toe, High Heel 3 4.6
  2. Sam Edelman Women’s Hazel Dress Pump Closed Toe, High Heel 5 4.6
  3. Ivanka Trump Women’s Kayden4 Dress Pump Closed Toe, High Heel 3 4.5
  4. Calvin Klein Women’s Gella Dress Pump Closed Toe, Strap, Medium Heel 3 4.5
  5. Comfort Plus by Predictions Women’s Karmen Pump Round Toe, Medium Heel 3 4.4
6. Clarks Women’s Brier Dolly Dress Pump Round Toe, Medium Heel 4 4.3
7. LifeStride Women’s Parigi Pump Semi-Round Toe, Low Heel 8 4.3
8. Breckelles Isabel-01 D-Orsay Pumps-Shoes D’Orsay, High Heel 2 4.2
  9. Nine West Women’s Flax Dress Pump Closed Toe, Medium Heel 5 4.1
  10. Jessica Simpson Women’s Claudette D’Orsay Pump D’Orsay, High Heel 3 4.1
  11. Riverberry Women’s Gaby Pointed Closed Toe Stiletto Pump Heels Closed Toe, High Heel 4 4.0
  12. LifeStride Women’s Seamless Dress Pump Closed Toe, Straps, Medium Heel 3 3.9

What is “The Pump?”

Pump” is not just another term for high heels; it is a specific type of heel that often looks like this:

The toe shape is usually pointed, but you’ll also see peep toes and rounded toes; the heel height varies since some pumps are higher and others shorter.

So what are high heels?

They are as the name states: dress shoes with a very high heel! A pair of heels can have thin, narrow heels (stiletto) or thicker, wider heels. Not all high heels are automatically pumps, however.

Variations of “Pumps”

Many shoemakers have created different variations of the pump, which makes choosing them a bit difficult since there are so many combinations of styles, heel heights, toe shapes, and textures!

  • Straps – Some pumps have straps that you fasten around the leg; just above the ankle.

Others have straps located creatively across the top of the foot such as numbers 4 and 12 in our table, which give you options.

  • Peep Toe – The classic peep toe hugs your big toe and pinky toe while allowing the middle toes to peep out.

These are more formal and give a sexy edge to your footwear.

  • Rounded Toe – Pumps with a rounded toe are definitely best for casual settings or for those of you who are wide in the toe.
  • Pointed Toe – The classic pump has a pointed toe and can look good in a variety of settings, especially more formal settings.

These shoes are usually more appropriate for formal settings or special occasions.

The Finish

What are the best black pumps for the occasion?

That is the question.

It depends: do you need something with a matte finish for a more casual look or something high-gloss for a special occasion?

  • Black Suede – Suede is beautiful, soft and feminine: it can give the right touch to both casual and formal outfits, but just remember that suede is a hassle to clean and care for.

If you aren’t in the good habit of cleaning and caring for your shoes between uses, then this probably isn’t the right option for you.

  • Velvet – Velvet is fuzzier than suede since it has a higher nap. Velvet shoes can date you terribly, and we wouldn’t exactly consider them “in” at the present moment.
  • Black Patent – This is what most manufacturers refer to when they are talking about a high-gloss finish. High-gloss is usually reserved for formal settings or a night out on the town, but in certain work settings, they might work.
  • Leather – In this category, you may have a shoe made from real leather or faux leather, but the finish is usually the same: semi-matte.

They are neither high gloss nor warm and fuzzy like suede; they feature a very dull shine that works great in the workplace but might be too matte for special occasions.

  • Satin – Satin is great since it is both matte and formal at the same time. Think of all the wedding dresses that are made of satin!

The Sam Edelman Hazel Dress Pumps (number 2 in our table) are a great example.

It really depends on the outfit you’re wearing and the occasion, so choose accordingly!

Top 5 Best Black Pumps Reviews

1. Jessica Simpson Kelii Dress Pumps

We start our list off with this gorgeous pair of peep toe pumps from Jessica Simpson.

These pumps feature a 4 ½-inch heel and a 1-inch platform, so if you were looking for something that would make you taller, these definitely do.

The peep toe is sexy, and we like that they used memory foam in the midsole to offer extra padding for the bottom of your feet.

So, what about the fit?

Sure, it might fit our feet, but obviously, shoe shopping is a lot of trial and error.

What we can tell you is that some find the shoe to run a little narrow in the toe.

Plenty of women who wear these find them to be comfortable and that the fit is right if you follow the sizing. The main reason why these are some of the best black pumps on the list is because they are well made.

They are also available in a suede finish or high-gloss finish; we thought the faux animal skin print was a bit more exotic and exciting. If you don’t agree, check out the other two!

2. Sam Edelman Hazel Dress Pump

When was the last time you tried a pair of satin pumps?

We actually liked these, and as you can see in our table, there are other finishes available if you don’t dig the satin.

In terms of comfort and construction, Sam Edelman does know how to make a good shoe. The goal of this shoe was to offer the wearer a stiletto heel mixed with a low-cut vamp that will help make your legs appear longer: shorter gals, these are your new best friends!

They provide you with 4mm of cushioning for the foot, and for a pair of 4-inch heels, they’re pretty comfortable even if you have to wear them for hours at a time.

Yes, these shoes do cost a bit more than anything that you would find at PayLess, but you get what you pay for: the designers pay attention to even the tiniest details so that your purchase is worth it.

For most users, these are true to their regular sizing, and we wouldn’t mind getting them in a few other colors and patterns that Sam offers.

3. Ivanka Trump Kayden 4 Dress Pumps

Ivanka is a fashion icon and has good taste to boot.

These are your classic pair of closed toe black pumps, and if you’re not a fan of toe cleavage, these sit far enough up on your feet that they cover everything for most women who wear them.

Just like the Jessica Simpson pumps we looked at, these have a 4 ½-inch heel, so if you know that you can handle high heels well and feel comfortable in them, then these will probably work for you. If you want something with a shorter heel, then try her Boni 7 pumps. Same great quality; easier to walk in!

The quality is there and so is the comfort. If you don’t have an extremely tight budget and you’re sick of wasting money on poor quality pumps, give these a try.

4. Calvin Klein Gella Dress Pump

We wanted to throw these Gella pumps into the mix since they are unique and well made.

Sometimes the classic pump just isn’t enough: you want something with a closed toe that kind of looks like sandals, but that also has a heel…just like these!

Technically they are half pump/half d’Orsay, but the asymmetrical band that stretches across the foot gives it a very feminine, classy look.

The heels on these pumps are shorter than some of the others at 3 ¼-inches; the uppers are made of leather, and they have a synthetic lining with rubber sole. No slipping and sliding with these pumps!

You will probably have a bit of toe cleavage with these, but they are comfortable and elegant and perfect for women who don’t want or need a high heel.

We weren’t too crazy about the large plate with the Calvin Klein logo on the back of the heel since it can limit you to certain outfits (it is gold), but if that isn’t a problem for you, then you’ll love everything else about them.

5. Comfort Plus by Predictions Karmen Pump

Our final pair of pumps is a bit more casual due to the round toe and thicker heel.

They also have a shorter heel – just 3 inches – and they’re a bit more budget friendly when compared to the other heels we looked at in our top five.

The uppers are made with faux leather (that is to be expected at this price), but they did throw in a memory foam insole to provide you with cushioning throughout the day.

We can see these working well for casual errand running (sneakers aren’t always the answer) or a coffee date with friends. You could definitely wear them to work, too, and some have even been able to make them work with dressier looks.

The fit is great for most who try them, and they are comfortable, which is hard to find in a pair of heels for many of us.

These won’t outlast any of the other shoes we looked at, but they are great for those of you who rarely wear pumps and want something comfortable when you do.