12 Best Bike Saddles in 2018

It’s safe to say that even the most amazing bicycles may not be too comfortable out of the box. That’s because not everyone is the same width or shape, so what is comfortable for some may be painful for others. Comfort is key when it comes to cycling, and the bike saddle will make or break your ride.

While there are seats geared for racers and those that prefer ramps to the pavement, we have focused on seats that will work for casual and trail use. Our table below will help make choosing the best bike saddle simple, so read on to what useful tips our experts have to offer you.

Top 12 Bike Saddles Comparison Table

DesignNameMen’s or Women’sMultiple ColorsRating (1-5)
  1. Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow CS Saddle Unisex No 4.6
  2. Most Comfortable Bike Seat for Women Women Women 4.6
  3. Brooks B17 Standard Black Steel Saddle Unisex Yes 4.6
  4. Planet Bike 5019 Men’s ARS Spring Anatomic Relief Saddle Men No 4.5
  5. WOWOWO Bicycle Suspension Cruiser Saddle Unisex No 4.5
6. Diamondback Men’s Pillow Top Bicycle Saddle Men No 4.5
7. Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle Men Yes 4.4
8. OUTERDO Bike Saddle Mountain Bike Seat Unisex Yes 4.4
  9. Planet Bike 5021 Women’s ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle  Women No 4.4
  10. Serfas RX-921L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle Men No 4.4
  11. Selle Italia Diva Gel Flow Women’s Bicycle Saddle Women Yes 4.2
  12. Serfas RX-922L Road/MTB Comfort RX Saddle Women No 4.0

Bike Saddle Buying Guide

Some call them saddles, other call them seats. Regardless of which side of the isle you’re on, keep these tips in mind so that you can make an informed buying decision.

How Do You Ride?

As mentioned, some riders enjoy hitting the trails while others are more comfortable on pavement casually cruising around town. Those are the two main areas we are going to key in on with our best bike saddle list – sorry racers. While many of our seats will work just fine for folks that race or tour, they are geared more towards MTBs and road bikes.

Before settling on a seat take a look at how your bike is setup and consider your riding position. That’s key to finding the right seat but is far from the only thing you’ll need to consider. Comfort is the main thing, so a hard plastic saddle won’t do you any good if there isn’t ample padding. You don’t want to bust your tailbone going down a steep trail.


It all starts with the cushion. Some of our choices are rather sparse when it comes to padding. If you have a bony bum or a medical condition with your lower back, you will want some additional cushioning. The type offered up varies wildly, but Gel is quite popular along with the classic foam. The material it is covered in matters as well, especially if you want a seat that will last.

Our table has broken things down by gender, so we have included saddles that are specifically built for Men or Women. Any man who has ever hopped on a girl’s bike for a quick spin knows that seat makes a difference. That said, there are plenty of wider seats that are considered unisex, and just because something is geared towards one gender doesn’t mean it won’t work with the other.


Bike saddles are one component that can usually be modified to fit in some fashion due to the fact they all sit on a post. Before choosing a new saddle, take a look at your bike and the mounting system it currently has in place. They can be swapped out in some cases, but it’s easier to buy the right one the first time around unless you are dead set on a specific style. Most bikes will use a two-rail system although there are single-rail setups that aren’t quite as common.


Style is last on our list for a reason, but important nonetheless. Even though you’ll be sitting on it when it is in use, nobody wants a hideous seat on their slick looking bicycle. Classic seats will often use leather or have a leather-like covering, while many “new school” models opt for polymers and composites that generally com in Black. You may get a hint of color here or there, but most composite seats are pretty plain when compared to leather saddles.

As for those cowhide seats, leather is quite durable as we all know but still needs to be treated if you want to keep it in optimum condition. Leather is also available in a wide variety of dyed hues and can come with stylish embellishments or be stamped with patterns for an additional touch of class.

Top 5 Best Bike Saddle Reviews

1. Cloud-9 Cruiser Select Airflow CS Saddle

Cloud-9’s saddle seat is one of the simpler to make the cut, but worth of the top spot on our best bike saddle list. That’s due to the comfort it provides, and the fact that it’s a unisex seat that can be used by Men or Women along with the young and old. Regardless of your gender or age, we promise this seat will be comfortable.

The Cloud-9 Cruiser select has a coiled spring suspension on the bottom to help with any bumps in the road. The top is covered in foam with a gel foam pad between it and the actual seat. As for the mounting, it’s good on bikes with a post 7/8” in diameter or rails. The seat measures around 10.5” long by 10.75” wide, which means it’s an amazing seat for riders that need a larger seat.

This bike saddle won’t break the bank or your tailbone if you are on the road or trail. It’s available in two styles with a Tri-Color Lycra design and Tri-Color Emerald although both has the same design and provide anatomic relief.

2. Bikeroo Most Comfortable Bike Saddle for Women

The Bikeroo Bike Saddle is billed as the “most comfortable” by the manufacturer and geared towards Women. While they say it will also work for men, you can see from the design it’s not necessarily built for them. This seat has a deep cutout in the center with thick padding up top. It will also work with almost any bike on the road thanks to a universal mounting system.

If you have an MTB, road bike, touring bicycle or even a stationary bike, it won’t matter with this seat. It has a standard mounting system for rails but also comes with an adapter to boot. Need to adjust? Not a problem as the neck adjusts to accommodate different riding styles. It’s comfortable, adjustable and is a larger sized seat at around 10.2” x 7.8” with a weight of 1.65 lbs.

The Bikeroo Bicycle Seat for Women is only available in one color at this time. It does come with a free e-book however dubbed the Bike Owner’s Bible, and we feel it is one of the easiest saddles to install on our list.

3. Brooks B17 Standard Steel Bike Saddle

And now for something with some old world sensibilities. The Brooks B17 is a blast from the past and looks like a saddle you would find on an antique bike. Don’t be fooled by its style. This saddle seat is extremely comfortable and made from 100% leather by craftsmen in England. Considering Brooks has been making seats for 100 years, they know a thing or two about quality.

Brooks saddle is easy on the eyes, and like all good leather, it’s only going to look cooler with age. On the downside, this type of seat can be a bear to break in depending on how you ride, your size and several other factors. This seat has the distinction of being quite colorful as well with 7 different colors including Apple Green, Ochre, and Blue.

While the Brooks B17 is built specifically for Men, there is a ladies model available as well dubbed the Brooks B-17 S. Its design is similar, but it will be more comfortable for Women and also comes in several different colors.

4. Planet Bike 5019 ARS Spring Anatomic Relief Saddle

Planet Bike’s first entry on our list is the 5019 ARS Spring Relief Saddle. It’s an anatomic relief seat built for Men, so your prized possessions will be safe on this one. While that is never going to be a bad thing, it also helps to have gel pads on each side of the saddle to relieve any pressure on long treks.

This seat is of average size at 10” x 10” x 6” and weighs in at 1.55 pounds While billed as a “cycling” seat, we found it to be comfortable on the trail as well Pavement, not so much but again, that depends on your build and bike. Other features to note on this saddle include an elastomer spring suspension, SuperSoft padding, and a weather-resistant cover.

Like most of the bike seats on our list, the Planet Bike 5019 is only available in Black and is of the “one size for all bikes” variety. It’s adjustable, and as a nice bonus, the company donates a portion of each sale to causes that encourage bicycle use around the globe!

5. WOWOWO Suspension Cruiser Saddle Bike Seat

The WOWOWO Saddle Seat is deemed a “Cruiser” seat and we couldn’t agree more. If you are going on long rides through the city or countryside, you will be hard-pressed to find a seat more comfortable than this one. That said, folks with mountain bikes can appreciate this one as well.

WOWOWO’s saddle seat lives up to its name as it has suspension underneath from shock absorbing springs. It can handle minor bumps in the road with ease thanks to those springs and a high-density gel foam padding on the saddle. It’s ergonomically designed, but not anatomical so both Men and Women should be comfortable on this one.

The WOWOWO Cruiser SA06 is available in Black, but here is another model dubbed the SA01. Both seats have similar features although the SA01 has more of a dip on the middle and a smoother design overall.