12 Best Bike Racks for SUVs in 2018

Having the ability to take the bike tracks anywhere in the country is true freedom, even more so if you have a quality rack to store your bikes safely as you travel.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as buying the first rack you come across, especially if you drive an SUV. Many of the racks that are designed for SUVs on the market are poor quality and can be very dangerous.

That is why we have crafted this guide to provide buyers with direct access to the best available racks and all the information you need to choose one that will exactly suit your needs.

Top 12 Bike Racks for SUVs Comparison Chart

DesignNameMount Style# of BikesRating (1-5)
  1. Allen Sports Deluxe 4-Bike Hitch Mount Rack Hitch 4 4.5
  2. Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack Hitch 2 4.5
  3. Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 2-Inch Sq. 4 Bike Carrier Hitch 2, 3, 4 4.4
  4. Yakima FullSwing Premium Locking Bike Hitch Rack Hitch 4 4.4
  5. Allen Sports 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Trunk 2 4.2
6. Hollywood Racks F4 Heavy Duty 4-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Trunk 4 4.2
7. Yakima Products RidgeBack Hitch Bike Rack Hitch 2, 4, or 5 4.2
8. Thule Vertex XT Hitch Mount Bike Carrier Hitch 2, 4, or 5 4.2
  9. Saris Bones 2-Bike Trunk Rack Trunk 2 4.2
  10. Cyclingdeal 1 Bike Car Roof Carrier Rack Bicycle Racks Roof 1 3.9
  11. Allen Sports Ultra Compact Folding 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack Trunk 2 3.8
  12. XtremepowerUS 4 Bike Hitch Mount Swing down Carrier Hitch 4 3.3

Carrying Your Bike In Style

Getting a bike rack that exactly fits your SUV, can carry all of your bikes, and doesn’t break the bank, can seem like an impossible task.

It may seem complicated when you first start looking but there are actually only three main aspects you need to consider. We will go through each one here, so you can be sure you are getting the very best bike rack for SUVs and for your money.

Location, Location, Location

For any bike rack, there are three places that they can be mounted. Where you will choose to mount the rack will depend on your vehicle and how many bikes you would like to carry. Here we will go into each option in more detail:

  • Roof – Usually if your car has roof bars then this is the most practical option and the more economical. This, however, isn’t always the case when it comes to SUVs because the roof is too high.

We would recommend you to only opt for a roof rack if you already have roof bars installed and you are capable of lifting the bikes up onto an SUV roof. It is also worth remembering that many roof racks will require the removal of the front wheel.

  • Hitch – This type of rack is installed onto the hitch receiver of your SUV. They either work with a tray or an arm system. As you will be able to see from our list, there is a wide range of capacity when it comes to hitch racks.

This is a great option for an SUV as this type of vehicle can deal with the additional weight on the back, especially if you have heavier downhill bikes or taller models.

  • Trunk – If you don’t have a hitch receiver a quick fix that gives the benefits of a hitch rack, is the trunk option. These racks also tend to be a cheaper alternative. It should be noted that trunk racks have a lower weight capacity, and that is why all of the products on our list are limited to two bikes per rack.
  • Spare Tire – We have one rack on our list that is bolted onto the spare tire, and it can only be used on SUV models that have a spare tire fixed on the back but is a great option for those vehicles as it offers strength and a smaller-sized rack.

Pro Tip – No matter what type of placement you choose, you need to make sure that the rack will fit your vehicle so check carefully, especially with those models that claim to be “universal.”

Racking and Stacking

We have included on our list the capacity of each of the racks and also the options of getting larger racks from the same manufacturers. While it is pretty straightforward, we wanted to warn against one mistake that buyers make.

It is a very common thing for buyers to opt for the biggest racks they can get, “just in case” they want to take more bikes along later on. We would recommend that you only get the rack that you need as having empty slots on a rack can sometimes unbalance it.

This is one of those times that bigger is not always better.

Peace of Mind

The security of the bike rack is important, and this comes in two forms.

  • Protection Against TheftSeveral bike racks come with locks or the ability to add locks, but some do not. Think about if you will be leaving your bikes on the rack or not and make sure you have the right level of security.
  • StabilityThe other form of security is to make absolutely sure that the rack and the bikes will not move at all when you are driving. As you can imagine, a bike falling off the back of your SUV is one of the worst things that can happen.

Top 5 Best Bike Rack for SUVs Reviews

1. Allen Sports Deluxe Bike Rack

The Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack is perfect for families or professionals that travel with more than one bike as this rack has room for up to 4 bikes at once. The hitch mounted rack is easy to install and takes less than 5 minutes before you are ready to put your bikes on it.

The rack itself is easy to adjust when it is not in use too. You don’t have to completely uninstall the device, simply fold down the carrying arms, and you have a compact rack on the back of your SUV.

This the best bike rack for SUVs because it is made of steel with a sleek black powder coat finish, meaning that the rack will never wear and will never show signs of wear either. Together with the no-wobble bolts, this is a very secure option for your bike.

2. Swagman XC Cross-Country Bike Rack

The Swagman XC Cross-Country bike rack mounts to the hitch of your car and can carry up to two bikes at a time. For couples and small families, this is the perfect bike rack as it doesn’t include unnecessary space for bikes you might not have.

The rack itself is incredibly stable. It is made of the highest quality steel to ensure it stands up to the wear and tear from bikes being loaded but also to the elements when it is left attached to your car.

It is possible to fold this mounted bike rack into a vertical compact device when it is not in use. It should be noted that the style of this rack and the adjustable arms mean that this product will not wobble around as you drive.

3. Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Bike Rack

The Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse bike rack is simple to operate and to install. Every material that has gone into making this rack is of the highest quality. From the wobble-free bolts to the soft rubber cradles, your bike will be as secure as possible.

The way this arm-like bike rack operates makes it easy to access the trunk of your SUV and to load and unload the bikes. The tilt feature makes the bikes more accessible, and the straps make the entire process very fast.

While many hitch bike racks will extend a huge amount out from the vehicle, this rack has been made to keep the bikes close and secure. It also has been made to warn other drivers that there is a foreign object attached to the car with the safety reflectors.

4. Yakima Full Swing Premium Bike Rack

The best feature of the Yakima Full Swing Premium is the fact that the rack allows you to swing the fully loaded rack away from the vehicle to allow for access to the truck and all of the doors of your SUV. This saves you time and energy as you never have to unload the bikes from the rack without reason.

Assembling this bike rack and attaching it to your car is a very simple process. It is a single bolt system that quickly tightens and locks the rack to the car. With such a straightforward installation process, it is surprising how secure your bikes will stay and the entire rack.

In terms of style, you will not find a more durable and sleek looking rack than this, whether it is loaded with bikes or being folded down.

5. Allen Sports Mount Rack

The Allen Sports Mount Rack is the best trunk mounted rack option available. It is easy to install and has a patented individual tie-down system that keeps your bike in place at all times. It should also be noted that this trunk mount can be used on cars ranging from sedans, SUVs and minivans so you can buy one rack and use it with all of your different vehicles.

The design of this bike rack makes it easy to load and unload bikes. The rack also can accommodate for up to two adult bikes but has no issues adjusting to carrying children’s bikes.

The straps that secure the rack into place are well made as is the rack itself. In addition, there is paddings that keeps the car, your bike and the rack itself protected from wear and tear.

Checking the Fit

The biggest mistake that buyers make is to not check the rack is going to fit their SUV exactly. While manufacturers try their absolute best to get their rack to fit any sized vehicle, it is not always possible nor safe to do so.

Check the measurements and if in doubt consult the manufacturer’s product description directly to see what models the rack supports. You can also look at expert reviews to see what types of SUV the rack will fit, but make sure to be certain before purchasing any model.