12 Best Bike Pumps in 2018

Bicycles are a blast, and while they help clean up the environment while providing exercise, they do have their issues. You can’t call a tow truck if you lose a wheel, and anyone that’s ever ridden a bike knows tires tend to go flat. It doesn’t matter if you are just beginning your day or lose air while you are out, a bike pump is a necessity.

The traditional piston-style bike pump is still very much alive, but new types have entered the fray and are well worth a look. The best bike pump can be mounted or sit on the floor, and we have even included a few options for riders that need a quick fix on the road.

Top 12 Bike Pumps Comparison Table

DesignNamePump TypePSIRating (1-5)
  1. CO2 Inflator By Pro Bike Tool CO2 N/A 4.7
  2. Performance Bike Floor Pump Floor160 4.7
  3. BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump Floor 160 4.6
  4. Mini Bike Pump & Glueless Puncture Repair Kit Mountable 120 4.6
  5. Mini Bike Pump by Pro Bike Tool Mountable 120 4.5
6. CO2 Inflator with Cartridge Storage Canister by Pro Bike Tool CO2 N/A 4.5
7. Mini Bike Pump – Smart Knob for Presta and Schrader Valves Mountable 160 4.4
8. Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump With Gauge Floor 140 4.3
  9. Mini Bike Hand Pump By DigHeath(TM) Mountable 160 4.2
  10. INNOVATIONS Ultraflate CO2 Tire Inflator CO2 N/A 4.1
  11. Bike Pump,Compatible with Presta and Schrader Valve Portable Bicycle Pump Floor 130 4.1
  12. Mini Bike Pump, Kitbest Portable Cycle Frame Pump Mountable 100 4.0

Pump & Valve Style

Bike pumps are simple contraptions by nature as most use a cylinder and pump to shoot air through a hose and into your flat tire. There are two main types of valve stems on bikes as well with Schrader and Presta, but almost all our picks are universal and will work with either style.

  • Floor – This is the classic style of tire pump. While the design has stayed the same over the years, the tech has improved, and you won’t find any “foot” powered models on our list. Floor pumps are the largest style on our list and used for airing up before you head out.
  • Mountable – All the mountable bike pumps we chose are handheld, so you will have to use a little elbow grease to inflate a flat. They are considered the best bike pump by many riders as they are extremely portable and easy to use.
  • CO2 – While CO2 bike pumps are far from new, they have improved since they first hit the streets. They can air up your tire with no effort in seconds and will get you home until you can air back up correctly.


PSI stands for “pounds per square inch” and it is referring to how much air you put into your tire. Different size tires have different ratings, and other factors play a part in proper PSI as well. Your weight, the type of terrain, and the style of tire matter as you don’t want to roll around underinflated or pop your tube through over inflation. It has happened to the best of us.

When shopping for a bike pump, you will need to take a close look at the PSI rating on the side of your tires. Ideally, you will want to match the pump to the tire or exceed that number, which means less pumping in the long run. Some styles will have a gauge which lets you judge the air pressure range, but knowing your numbers beforehand is the easiest solution.


The first “extra” you’ll want to look for in a bicycle pump may not be an extra all. Most pumps can adapt to Schrader or Presta stems out of the box although some make it easier than others. While mini systems are excellent to have on hand, adapters are easy to lose so may want to ensure additional parts are available for the pump you have your eye on.

Depending on the style of pump you choose, it may or may not have a PSI gauge attached. While handy, it’s not a necessity if you picked the right pump based on your PSI. Mounting hardware is something you’ll need if you go portable, and most will come with hardware out of the box. It may not be the most stylish but should work on any bike. Other things to look for include long or sturdy hoses, patch kits, and adapters that allow you to air up more than just bicycles.

Top 5 Best Bike Pump Reviews

1. Pro Bike Tool Instant Inflator Bike Tool

Our top choice for the best bike pump is not going to be a perfect fit for all riders, especially ones that need to air up before hitting the road. The CO2 Inflator from Pro Bike Tool is the best solution for riders that want to keep things light, and any consumer that needs a quick fix for a flat.

This bike pump isn’t actually a pump at all although it will air up your dead tire faster than traditional pumps or even electric models. That’s thanks to the wonders of CO2, which shoots through the valve and into your tire at warp speed. The system will work with both Schrader and Presta valves while a small lever allows you to stop or start inflation on a whim. This little bugger is tough as well with a machined aluminum shell, so you won’t have to deal with breakage if it happens to hit the road.

CO2 pumps are ideal for riders that need something small and don’t want a pump attached to their frame. This one is tiny and rated to work with CO2 cartridges of many sizes, but there is one glaring drawback. When you run out of cartridges, you are going to be stuck, so you will always need to have a few on hand as you ride. You won’t be able to air anything else up with these either, so footballs or other types of inflatables are out.

2. Vibrelli Performance Bike Floor Pump Kit

Cyclists of any age will be very familiar with this style bike pump as it’s a classic that is still getting the job done today. This particular floor pump comes from the minds at Vibrelli and is in the performance class, so it’s a step up from the usual suspects. It also comes with a few extras we feel will be of use.

Vibrelli’s bike pump sits on the floor with a triangular base that helps keep things level while you pump. Slightly above the base sits a pressure gauge to give you an accurate PSI reading when airing up. It’s rated for 160 PSI with a steel barrel and tough plastic parts that should hold up well over time.

The Rapid T-Valve allows you to switch from Presta to Schrader or Dunlop with ease while a handy clip on the hose holds a needle and stem for airing up other inflatable products. This one can do it all and won’t wear your arm out.

The Vibrelli Performance Floor Pump for bicycles is the only way to roll if you want a garage model that won’t eat up much space and performs like a champ. As a bonus, this one comes with a puncture repair kit complete with patches and a small carrying case.

3. BV Ergonomic Bike Pump with Smart Head

If you didn’t fancy Vibrelli’s floor pump, you might want to consider this one from BV Bicycle. It is in line with our previous pick when it comes to functionality although with a small footprint and different style. It’s still rated at 160 PSI, and that’s not the only similarities the models share.

When it comes to bike pumps, there’s only so much manufacturers can do to separate their product from competitors. With floor pumps, that is especially true as many have the same design and features. The BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Pump has a gauge and a “smart” system of sorts that allows you to switch to different types of valves with ease. It’s also incredibly easy to use with a pivoting 3-foot hose which should keep you upright when maintaining your tubes.

What sets this pump apart is the narrower base. It measures 9.4” but is not as stable as others although you won’t have any issues when standing on the pump. Aside from that, it will be able to pump up anything you own providing you have enough shoulder power and the proper attachments. The BV Bicycle Pump is available in Yellow or Silver.

4. Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump & Puncture Repair Kit

CO2 kits have their advantages as do floor pumps which allow you to get things right before you roll out of the garage. Mini bike pumps like this one from Vibrelli fall somewhere in the middle of the pack as they still require manual power, but can easily be taken on the road.

This bike pump is not going to take up much space in your saddle bag at only 9” long. While that’s not a real “mini,” it’s a far cry from a 2-foot floor pump, and it comes with a mounting bracket that lets it ride on the frame. Despite its size, it can still put out 120 PSI with a telescopic pumping system that anyone can use. It can cover both styles of valves without any leakage and comes with the same type of patch/repair kit as the floor-based model.

Being able to air your bike up before you head out is not always going to be an option, especially for overnight excursions or wooded adventures on your MTB. That’s where a pump like this one will be your new best buddy as you’ll never have to ride underinflated again. There are no negatives to this pump, just be prepared to pump a little more than usual due to the compact style.

5. Pro Bike Tool Compact Mini Bike Pump

Is it a telescoping combat baton or a bike pump? That might be a question that crosses your mind when setting eyes on the Pro Bike Tool Compact Pump as it does not resemble a pump of any size. That’s not a bad thing if discreetness is a concern and you don’t need a pump with 160 PSI.

Like most minis, the Pro Bike Tool pump is only going to crank out 120 PSI or 8.3 bars. That’s par for the course as is the overall design that consists of a cylinder that extends when it’s time to pump.

Wondering what makes this one different? Well, that would be the tube itself which holds a small hose that works with Presta and Schrader stems. The tube gives you more wiggle room when airing up different types of tires or inflatables compared to similar models with a flush head. This one is also smaller than most at a little over 7” long weighing in at 3.5 ounces.

Riders or racers looking for a tiny, but sturdy option for the road are going to be impressed by this pump. Pro Bike Tool put out one of the smallest on the road and comes with a nifty pump mount which is also its only weak point. The mount requires holes in your frame, so you may want to look for a Velcro-based mount if you aren’t pre-drilled are don’t want to alter your bike.