12 Best Belts for Men in 2017

Men should be able to enjoy accessories just as much as their female counterparts, but there are only a select number of accessories to get specific about. Belts are one accessory to explore and play with, and they can change your outfit and style in a subtle way.

You can make a fashion statement or simply enjoy the functionality of the belt. In either case, you need to be sure you are getting the exact belt that suits your needs and budget to feel that buyer’s satisfaction we all seek.

Our experts have compiled a list of the best belts on the market, a guide to the features you should be most concerned with as well as reviews and opinions about some of the top options. The best belts for men can be found by considering the following information.

Top 12 Belts for Men Comparison Chart

DesignNameBuckle TypeMaterialRating (1-5)
  1. Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt Ratchet Leather 4.8
  2. Dickies Mens 1 1/2 in. Leather Belt Prong Leather 4.5
  3. SlideBelts Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt Ratchet Leather 4.5
  4. BS-40 Vintage Full Grain 100% Leather Distressed Style Snap on Belt Strap Snap-On Distressed Leather 4.5
  5. Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckle with Automatic Ratchet Leather Belt Ratchet Leather 4.4
6. Dockers Men’s 1 1/2 in. Leather Bridle Belt Prong Leather 4.2
7. Columbia Men’s Military-Style Belt Slide Cotton 4.2
8. Levi’s Men’s Levis 1 9/16 in. Reversible Belt Prong Leather 4.2
  9. Carhartt Men’s Anvil Leather Belt Prong Leather 4.2
  10. Vbiger Men’s Leather Belt Sliding Buckle 35mm Ratchet Belt Ratchet Leather 4.1
  11. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Leather Reversible Belt Prong Leather 4.1
  12. Canvas Web Belt Military Style with Black Buckle Slide Canvas 3.9

How to Best Complete Your Look

If your outfit consists of only a few pieces of clothing and accessories, then they need to each make the exact right statement for your overall look.

For men, the belt is a make or break accessory; one that can bring you from looking capable and secure to looking like you need serious assistance in the wardrobe department.

Consider how you want your style to be perceived by others, and then you can be more equipped to find a belt. How do you want to look?

Making the Right Statement with Your Belt

When considering how a belt looks, there is nothing more important to consider than the style. Think about your personal style and then consider the buckle, the material and the color to match.

Buckle Type While you are examining the quality of the belt strap, do not forget about the possibilities for the buckle. You should first consider the color, the material and the durability of the buckle before further exploring the different types that are available:

  • With a TongueThe belt slides through the metal loop, and then the latch is slipped through a hole in the belt to keep it secure.
  • With a HookA plate is attached by sliding a hook on the back of the buckle and then through the front of the belt.
  • Sliding LatchThe belt slides through a latch, inside of which there is a vertical peg that keeps the belt in place.
  • BraidedThis is the same as a tongue buckle, but since the strap is braided, there are no holes. The metal piece can fit through any space in the braids for more accurate sizing.
  • DetachableThis is the kind of buckle that you can buy separately from the strap and clip the two together to provide more versatility.
  • RatchetThis is a system that allows the belt to be secured with a mechanism and thus is one of the best fits.

Material  You have limited options when it comes to the possible materials that your belt could be made of, including:

  • Leather
  • Distressed leather
  • Canvas
  • Cotton

The material comes down to your tastes in addition to durability and quality. In all categories, genuine leather comes out on top; this is only the case, however, when the leather has been well made and is well stitched to ensure it lasts.

A belt made of high-quality leather or even distressed leather will be more expensive initially but will also last much longer. The best belts for men are the ones that are made of the supple leather.

Colors  Many companies provide the same belt in a wide range of colors and metal combinations too. Regarding color, you should determine how well the belt will go with your wardrobe or how often you would feel comfortable wearing a bolder color.

Matching the Belt to the Occasion

Of course, not everyone is simply seeking a belt to add to a look but is looking for more practical uses; this does not mean that the style can be ignored, but does mean that there are different options that need to be considered.

If you are buying a belt for daily use in a professional environment, you should choose based on:

  • Durability,
  • Color to match the wardrobe,
  • Comfort,

If you are buying a belt for daily use to keep your pants secure on a work site, you should choose based on:

  • Quality of the materials,
  • Craftsmanship,
  • Comfort and flexibility,

Don’t Forget the Basics

  • Size – The length is something that is generally done based on your pant size, but there are also belts that can be cut to size. If you are ordering based on a size in inches, then you should buy a belt that is two full sizes larger than your normal waist size.

Widths can vary, but you should never venture larger than the standard width for any reason. A thinner belt can look sharp and intentional, but a larger one simply looks messy.

  • Stitching A lot of the quality of the belt is determined by its strength and durability; this is reliant upon the material, but it is largely due to the quality of the stitching. Look closely to determine the consistency, the thickness of the thread that was used and the way the edges stay together.

Top 5 Best Belts for Men Reviews

1. Marino Dress Belt

The Marino Dress Belt is the perfect solution for all of your formal and professional belt needs. The first thing to note about this belt is the fact that it is made of genuine leather. It is clear from the very first glance that this belt is a high-quality accessory.

The second advantage when choosing this belt is the innovative buckle; this is not the traditional metal and hole combination. The buckle slides over the leather and secures at any size that you want.

The ease of using this buckle mechanism and the flexibility you get with the size really makes this the ideal belt to have in your collection. Consider this and the durability that you get from the genuine leather when buying.

2. Dickies Men’s Two Row Stitch Belt

The Dickies Men’s Two Row Stitch Belt is the durable leather belt that goes with everything. The durability that you could expect from the Dickies brand is exactly what you get with this belt; this is because of the materials that are used as well as the two-row stitching.

As this belt is so solidly built, it can be worn with jeans, professional clothing and with construction pants. In terms of style, this is a standard belt, but one that looks great when it is brand new and when it is weathered.

The quality of this product is something that cannot be beaten; this is one of the reasons it stands up so well to wear and tear.

It is also a product that you can fall in love with and know that it will be available again when you need a new one.

3. SlideBelts Men’s Leather Ratchet Belt

The SlideBelts belt is one that is perfect for the man that wants to have a beautiful belt and wants to have a unique and subtle style in their accessories. This belt comes in many different colors so it is easy to match with whatever outfit or occasion you might have.

The buckle of this belt is the aspect that makes it the most unique. This is a ratchet style buckle that doesn’t have holes, which makes it incredibly easy to adjust to the perfect size. It also makes it easy to add the buckle to different straps if you would like.

The ability to change the different buckles and to adjust the size with ease is reason enough to buy this belt. When you combine this with animal-friendly leather, you really cannot find a better belt.

4. BS-40 Vintage Distressed Style Belt

The BS-40 Vintage Belt is a genuine cowhide leather belt that is the real deal when it comes to style and quality. There is not a more durable material for this belt to be made of and the craftsmanship is beautiful too.

The belt comes in a variety of beautiful colors that are subtle. These are hues that you will only find when the leather is genuine. The belt itself comes in the perfect size to be worn with work or casual pants.

It is almost surprising how heavyweight this belt is if you have been wearing anything of lesser quality. The genuine leather and the ease with which you can install and change buckles are reasons enough to invest in this product.

5. Xhtang Men’s Solid Buckle  Leather Belt

The Xhtang Men’s Belt is sleek and unique. This is a belt that has all of the style and adjustability that you could ever want or need. First off, the belt knuckle is made of zinc alloy. This means that it looks sharp and beautiful at all times; this also means that the buckle itself is durable.

The strap of the belt is made of cowhide leather; this is why it looks so great and why it wears so well. One of the best things about this belt is that it can be trimmed to fit if it is too long. You never have to worry about buying the right size.

The buckle and the belt combination looks incredibly stylish. The fact that it isn’t the standard square buckle and hole in the belt combination is really why this is among the best belts for men.

Consider This Beyond Everything Else

There is nothing more important when buying a belt than the style. You could buy the highest quality product out there and spend thousands of dollars, but it all means nothing if you are not satisfied with the way the belt accents the rest of your look.